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The biggest ever jackpot of an estimated ?57.8m is a result of 13 consecutive rollovers and now it is a must-win jackpot on Saturday night, even if no-one matches all six numbers. It is free to rollover, according to Lotto rules, until it reaches ?50m but then must be won on the draw after the figures goes above it.
But surely because it’s rolled over so many times, that means that someone is more likely to match the six? But because there are unpopular numbers, the odds of winning have become even more confusing. The chance of hitting all six number is one in 45 million but this isn’t the probability of hitting the jackpot anymore. The chance of getting five balls and the bonus to match is one in 7.5 million which isn’t as unlikely.
Which means your chance of winning at least a share of the jackpot is exactly one in however many different combinations are selected.

There are 45m different variations of number combinations but, as shown by the rollovers, it is very unlikely that all number combinations are selected. The exact odds are impossible to predict until the draw (and would require privileged information to actually work out), but it will be (very) slightly better. Are the chances of dying on the way to get lottery tickets larger than the chance of winning? Of course, whether is is true depends on the lottery, on the demographics of participants in the lottery, on their method of transportation, the duration of transportation, and probably on other factors as well. To be fair, most (if not all) people drive less than that to buy their lottery ticket, except maybe the motorcyclist.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged economics mortality gambling or ask your own question. Were more than a half of all Silicon Valley tech companies founded by immigrants between 1995 and 2005?

Do Europeans have a greater chance of making it into the top 1% of income earners than Americans? Unfortunately not,’ Dr Elizabeth Williamson, ambassador of the Royal Statistical Society, told the BBC.
However, if we take into account the age distribution of lottery participants, their method of transportation to the lottery, and statistics on the chance of winning the lottery (let's say a reasonably big prize), considering a developed, urbanised country, can we make any estimates whether this claim could be remotely true? If you make an extra trip to the store, I could see how this might be true, but most people are at the store anyway, and not making any extra trips.
Also, if you travel by bike, you are getting exercise, which reduces your chances of many other kinds of death, meaning cycling probably increases your lifespan even though you are less safe than sitting on your couch.

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chances of winning the lottery with 100 tickets

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