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Throughout the series' history, The Sims has had two very different (and not necessarily equal) versions: console and PC. Of course, the saving grace here is the online integration, which allows you to download content from other users while in the game.
The PC versions have always featured open-world, infinitely expandable, and customizable utopias where you could pluck in Sims and have fun in the game's sandbox-style world. If you really liked The Sims 2 (or any of its expansions) on consoles and like your simulation-style games extremely linear, then The Sims 3 will bewilder you at first. Your first goal is to create a sim, and in the Sims 3, you can create up to six (which is quite ambitious but can be done in the span of a few hours).
When I was dressing my character for the first time, I noticed a lack of basic tee-shirts (who wears long sleeves all the time?), but I was easily able to hop on the online community space and download a striped tee-shirt with no hassle whatsoever. Buy a house, find some friends, get a job, and of course, take care of your Sims' needs (bathing, eating, etc).

However, console versions have always been completely different, following a single sim through a linear progression of goal-oriented events. The game basically throws you into the open world, with only a few pop-up tutorials letting you know how to move around your house and change modes to get you started. If you have multiple Sims, this can feel hectic at first, but I noticed if you left them alone, they tended to take care of themselves. While the console offerings were always fun on a base level, they never had the scope of the PC version and players never got to experience the true freedom that came from the open world gameplay that was the PC's hallmark. If you are used to jumping directly into the creation mode, getting a job, and spending your entire sim life at your house, the switch to the completely open world is jarring at first. However, with the Sims 3 on consoles, console owners will finally be able to experience The Sims in its true form.
In fact, I would venture say that big fans of the console iterations may even be turned off by the completely open world at first.

Raw, but just having a few hairstyles and clothing options (with no customization options) felt hollow. It seems that even if your sim has the hard-working personality trait, they'll still need a kick in the rump to get to work every morning. But I would advise those people to stick with it, because the Sims 3 has plenty of rewarding gameplay under its hood.
Of course, you can unlock more clothes as you progress through a career and accomplish goals, but even the simple facial feature customization palette felt a little underwhelming.

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change life goal sims 3 cheat

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