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Over seventeen years of rich professional experience in Human Resources both as an Internal Practitioner and as an External Consultant in times of unprecedented growth and change has given me the necessary insight into "what ails most of the Organizationsa€™ Leadership Capability initiatives". Sara Bailey Consulting helps you turn business and functional strategy into actions, at the same time ensuring that they are realistic and practical to implement. Whether you are considering a small change to one or two processes or a system wide change to an organisation, it is common to feel uneasy and intimidated by the scale of the process. You know that the change needs to happen, but don't really know how to go about delivering it. Sara Bailey Consulting will guide you through the change process using the 8 step approach outlined below, using tried and tested tools, project management and techniques at each stage.

To understand how this approach could be applied to the changes you want to make in your organisation contact us for an initial consultation. Introducing significant change within an organization invariably causes concern to affected individuals.
Moreover, managers must be committed to seeing the change effort through to the end rather than getting distracted by other change programs. Indigo consultants offer extensive experience in this area, and can advise you on how to ensure your change program is successful.
We have found that change initiatives proceed much more smoothly, however, if people understand what is going on, and have a feeling of control.

Again, ita€™s important that status-reporting include progress and risks across all 5 measurement dimensions: time, budget, business objectives, technical objectives, and human objectives.

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change management consultant definition

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