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This 1 module (3 CE credit) course introduces nurses to Kurt Lewin's Change Management Theory, a time-tested, easily applied field theory that is often considered the epitome of change models, suitable for both personal and organizational change. Kurt Lewin, (1890 - 1947) a Gestalt social psychologist, has been acknowledged as the "father of social change theories" since several contemporary models are at least loosely based on Lewin's work.
This online course consists of a lesson, assigned readings and supportive media, and is evaluated by completing a multiple choice final examination.
Recognize the behaviors and actions that help to lead the change process through the three stages of unfreezing, changing, and refreezing. Describe the characteristics and factors that ensure successful change through the application of the three stages and force field analysis. Transpose Kurt Lewin's Change Management theory to their own development within the field of nursing informatics. Upon completion, learners will receive a Board Approved Certificate of Completion for 3 CE credits in digital format.
Keep up to date by following our social media on Facebook, RSS, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest! These completely on-line, self paced courses are approved by the State of California Board of Registered Nursing for full CE credit; CE Provider No. Our FAQs section offers answers to some of the questions that interested nurses often ask about our courses, such as time limits, kinds of activities, acceptability of courses for certification, payment methods, corporate or group customization, state acceptance, refund policy, how to enroll, and so on.
You may like to read some of the Feedback and Testimonials we have received from nurses who have taken these CE courses. All courses are done completely online in our learning management system, including all materials, activities, assessments, assignments and interactions. Responding to change requires a continuous change programme where the company can constantly and dynamically adapt. Going through change can be quite costly, but it is a necessary part of progressing forward. This course is designed to help the participants familiarise themselves with these topics so they can be prepared to handle them when designing or executing a change management programme. What are major established theories on change management and how do they compare with each other?

What goes through people’s mind when they are confronted with change in different stages?
What are the 8 stages of change and what should you consider in each stage to maximise the likelihood of success? What are the common problems when managing changes that if neglected can seriously impact the change process? What are various options in filling these skill gaps and what are each methods advantages and disadvantages? What are the tools used for brainstorming ideas on change and structuring your plans and activities? What tools can you use to monitor the scope of change and make sure that your plans are consistent and are applied at the right level? Change management is an extensive field as it touches on many aspects of organisational management including psychology, behavioural studies,  general resource management and project management techniques. The course can also be used for people who are subject to change and not necessarily in charge of a change programme.
Once payment has been processed, you will receive instructions by email and will be given links to the download pages. Skills Converged is a unique company that provides professionally designed fully-customisable training course materials based on the latest research in learning & development. We can also provide this training course for your staff or your organisation anywhere in the UK. We are happy that many nurses have found the courses useful for their own learning, to meet their CE requirements and to prepare for ANCC and other certifications. Our technological progress is affecting every area of our lives and as a result of that, the markets are changing quickly too.
Alternatively, an organisation may need to go through a major change programme periodically to remain competitive. People in charge of a change management progress must consider a variety of areas such as organisational change, persuasion, how to communicate the need for change, how to gain momentum, how to overcome resistance to change and how to deal with powerful resisting stakeholders to succeed. Participants will learn about established theories of change management and reasons for failure.

As a result, this 1-day course is designed to focus on critical parts of this field to swiftly familiarise the participants with important areas, guidelines and techniques that are well-established in the field.
This course will help this group of people to better understand what goes through a change programme and how they can contribute.
Courses are designed with attention to detail both on content and style so that you can deliver unique state-of-the-art courses to your clients and get maximum results.
Download our training resources and extend your portfolio to meet market demand and deliver state-of-the-art interactive training courses.
Organisations that want to remain competitive in this ever changing market need to be one step ahead of the change or risk losing out to those who do.
They will learn what is involved in each stage of a change programme and what they need to consider to maximise the likelihood of its success. Exercises are also designed to help delegates systematically discuss various aspects of dealing with change. Please note, if you elect to pay using e-check, check or money order, there will be a waiting period before enrollment, until the payment has cleared. This is then complemented by people management techniques such as skills management, persuasion techniques, coaching, mentoring and motivating. Through these discussions delegates will learn from each other on different trends and techniques in change management and also practice persuading others on what they think is right. Once registered, you will be manually enrolled to access the course within the learning management system, and your user name and password will be emailed to you. The trainer can then relate back these discussions to persuasion techniques discussed in the course for further training on the subject.

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