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This practical Change Management workshop is about the process of supporting a work group to operate in a team-oriented environment that is characterized by such philosophies as shared purpose, shared values, shared vision, shared mission and a performance development system that enables people to grow both personally and professionally. To equip your managers and supervisors with the must-have skills and knowledge to effectively manage continuous change. Step 2.Build the guiding team - get the right people in place with the right emotional commitment, and the right mix of skills and levels.
Step 5.Empower action - Remove obstacles, enable constructive feedback and lots of support from leaders - reward and recognise progress and achievements.
Trained by Prof Robert Flood and his faculty at the University of Hull in Management and Soft Systems Methodology, Philip Tan is a management and soft skills guru, international public speaker, corporate trainer and motivator. Philip has both academia and industry experience from a diverse range of career paths that include holding senior positions in tertiary education, dotcom, advertising, marketing and hospitality training. In his dynamic career route, he has held portfolios of dean, vice president and chief executive officer of an international professional organisation championing corporate governance. He is a very much sought after trainer and facilitator on leadership and management skills, KPIs, Competency Based Interviews, sales team building for the senior management level and above. Philip is also a registered trainer with Pembangunan Sumber Manusia (PSMB) (Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia). Herna is a seasoned trainer and facilitation professional with a track record in delivering custom training and facilitation solutions that meet the client’s needs. She is a dedicated, creative and lateral thinker who works well with a variety of stakeholders. As Head of Communication with Siemens Ltd, Australia and New Zealand she led training on communications and marketing, innovative thinking, change management and employee culture change.
Throughout her career Herna has achieved many accolades and results via innovative marketing communications strategies which have always been based on strong strategic insight and focus implementation. She is involved in her subject area and enjoys doing Industry Conference presentations and speeches about her areas of expertise.
She has special skills in facilitating sessions and consulting with various audiences to develop key messages and communicating to multiple stakeholders including, media, employees, government and the community. Bank in and then scan the Bank-in slip and email to us before the course commence to confirm your seat.

Change management is essential for the smooth transitioning of individuals or teams into a desired future state. In any organization change directly affects all departments, from entry level to senior management. TBAE’s Change Management Course offer leaders tools to implement changes smoothly and to have those changes accepted by the team. The Change Management Course is essential for every leader who wants to be successful in a modern society where the only certainty is change. This inforgraphic below breaks down the steps in which you can influence a positive attitude to your co-workers during change.  Follow these steps  to be a change management champion! Mark Williams is a learning and development professional, using business psychology and multiple intelligences to create fascinating and quickly-identifiable learning initiatives in the real-world business setting. Get the vision right - get the team to establish a simple vision and strategy, focus on emotional and creative aspects necessary to drive service and efficiency.
Communicate for buy-in - Involve as many people as possible, communicate the essentials, simply, and to appeal and respond to people's needs. Don't let up - Foster and encourage determination and persistence - ongoing change - encourage ongoing progress reporting - highlight achieved and future milestones. Make change stick - Reinforce the value of successful change via recruitment, promotion, new change leaders.
When he is not on the public speaking or corporate training circuit, Philip consults on business performance, strategic management and corporate law.
She has also worked across the entire marketing and communications value chain of Siemens in South Africa and Australia.
Presentation topics have included brand, employee communications, change management and communications, innovation thinking, training, social media use in B2B, as well as the importance of aligning brand, culture and customer experience. She works well with a variety of stakeholders including senior management, community partners, government, media, NGO’s and employees. Telegraphic Transfer- You can also opt to use GIRO or telegraphic transfer of payment via international banks. Effective change management utilizes tools and structures to achieve maximum benefits from change and minimize the negative impact on those affected by the change.

It is vital that every employee in the organization knows how to deal with changes effectively. In this course,  the participants will gain insight on how change is implemented and given tools for managing reactions to change. Mark’s role at MTD is to ensure that our training is leading edge, and works closely with our trainers to develop the best learning experiences for all people on learning programmes.
Philip continues to share his experience in academia by supervising post-graduates candidates of the University of East London (UEL) in their masters dissertations. Her experience comes from roles which have ranged from managerial positions in sales, communications and marketing to Public Relations Account Director for a variety of clients. In our constantly evolving, present day context, individuals and organizations face rapid change like never before. One of the desired outcomes of change management is that all employees buy in to the changes implemented by management.
Participants will be taught how to prepare for change by defining a strategy and building their team.
Mark designs and delivers training programmes for businesses both small and large and strives to ensure that MTD’s clients are receiving the very best training, support and services that will really make a difference to their business. We find ourselves in a situation where change is not only inevitable but also necessary to remain competitive and relevant in society. Effective communication, training and personal counseling are important tools for change management in an organization.
They will learn how to understand change on an individual level and how the lead changes in a group environment. The course teaches participants how to gain support for change through data gathering, addressing concerns and evaluations.
Further topics covered in the course include: using appreciative inquiry, bringing people to your side, building resiliency and building flexibility.

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