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At OTS, we know that effective organizational change management is a three-tiered initiative. OTS's organizational change management professionals help our clients successfully create and foster a culture for positive change. List the business processes your organization follows today in its various units and businesses. Thinking about your business top-down, list stakeholders and change agents in each location. Before implementing ERP, define performance targets to see how ERP can augment your business. Make certain that your ERP implementation team has SMEs and long-time employees who understand business operations at a deep level. Develop a change management, communications, and training program that helps employees deal with the various ways their jobs will be affected by the ERP implementation.
OTS's change management methodology implements a common platform of technology, process, and human resources resulting in accelerated change in your company that can lead to success despite tough economic times.
Let OTS help your company realize its potential by implementing Breakthrough Performance with Organizational Change Management. Certificate - Training Courses and Seminars in Labour Relations (LR) across Canada: Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Fort McMurray, Winnipeg, St. If you live in other locations such as Saint John, Brantford, Red Deer, Nanaimo, Lethbridge, White Rock, Peterborough, Sarnia, Milton, Kamloops, Sault Ste.
Across Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia (BC), Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island (PEI), our courses and custom training in Human Resources (HR) and Labour Relations (LR) show a legacy now reflected in the boardrooms of all major Canadian private and public sector organizations.
A new white paper from the UXC Consulting Business Transformation Practice Lead - 'Agile Change: addressing the people side of your Agile projects' - discusses how a lack of understanding of organisational change is one of the key causes of failed Agile projects. A recent white paper - Tired of investing resources in Business Transformation only to realise sub-optimal benefits? Without diving too far into perception, the fact that this is the reality the person creates for themselves, regardless of your best efforts to educate them to the contrary, if they perceive it as reality, it is their reality. The previous week they had lost by 40 points, and were tipped to win the 'wooden spoon', although I won't have a bar of that.

For their second game they are playing the reigning permiers, and 98% of tipsters think they will lose. Ever feel that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow always eludes you and your successful delivery of change programs? Whilst new ideas come to light, the analysis tends to bring up largely the same things, possibly appearing as a different colour or with a different texture. So if the reasons for change programs not delivering tend to be the same, is the pot of golf attainable? I was reading with interest Seth Godin's blog post on organisational change - 'The pleasant reassurance of new words'"It's a lot easier for an organization to adopt new words than it is to actually change anything. While a well managed change program can reduce the level of discomfort, I'm inclined to agree. As Change Management becomes more recognised there seems to be a shift in mentality, in the business world, from seeing it as the less worthy, slightly shy and often awkward partner to Project Management. It seems to me that Change Management is beginning to get a sense of its own worth and becoming assertive about how it can add value to the partnership.
It won't be too long before it will be difficult to talk about a project without ensuring that Change Management is mentioned.
Call 1300 138 225 to discuss your personal or corporate training needs with one of our qualified consultants. Installing a new enterprise resource management application (technology) by itself is not enough. We partner with clients to develop an approach that expedites the change process while minimizing business disruption; resulting in a fast return on investment. Doing so will enable you to make certain your support for change is at a grass-roots level and wide-spread enough to support a successful implementation. Make certain the metrics tie back to your business case and high-level strategies and your overall mission.
After ERP implementation, check those performance targets and make sure your business is moving the needle on those metrics. We offer courses, certificates, diplomas, and professional development training programs across Canada, bringing our leading research and education in Human Resources, Organizational Development and Labour Relations to participants from major cities such as the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Montreal, Vancoucer, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Gatineau, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Kitchener, London, Victoria, St.

Marie, Chilliwack, Medicine Hat, Prince George, Belleville, Fredericton, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, North Bay, Cornwall, Brandon, Vernon, Chatham, Bowmanville, Newcastle, Charlottetown, Airdrie, St.
More and more organisations are putting it on the agenda, recruiting people in to change management roles.
Every change agent or manager I have spoken to in the course of teaching the ethical science of persuasion has stated that this is a common response to their requests. Rugby League, which is a brutal game - I call it the modern day gladatorial sport - and that's partly what attracts people to it. Actively involving employees in a change program with built-in incentives for change by itself is not enough.
Doing so will ensure ERP is implemented in ways that will register the performance metrics. Thomas, Courtenay, Georgetown, Woodstock, Penticton, Prince Albert, Campbell River, Moose Jaw, Cape Breton-Sydney, Midland, Leamington, Stratford, Orangeville, Timmins or Orillia please make sure to visit our website often to find some of our top courses in a city near you. PMI®, CAPM®, PMP®, PMBOK® and the PMI Registered Education Provider logo are registered trademarks of the Project Management Institute, Inc. Defining new business processes that can transform the organization by itself is not enough. Organization change management includes all three; it is about aligning people, processes, and technology with enterprise strategy and vision to achieve business transformation.
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