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Eye color is considered to be one of the most compelling things that highlight one’s personality and beauty. Even though the color of the eyes is a genetic trait, it does not rely solely on genetics as is wrongly believed by people. If you and your partner both have blue eyes then there is a high chance that your baby is going to have blue eyes, but ita€™s not a dead certainty. Similarly, parents having brown eyes can expect their child to have brown eyes, but nothing is guaranteed. Babies whose parents have brown and blue eyes respectively have 50% chance of getting either blue or brown eyes. Babies born with one blue and one brown eye might be suffering from Waardenburg syndrome which is a rare genetic condition. Here is a chart showing you the likelihood of baby eye color based on the eye colors of you and your partner. Heterochromia iridium is a rare occurrence in which a baby ends up having eyes with two different colors. Another reason why a baby might have Heterochromia iridium or Heterochromia iridis is Waardenburg syndrome in which a gene mutation occurs, causing changes in the pigmentation levels of the hair, iris and skin. Heterochromia iridis usually does not require any kind of treatment since it is not harmful for your baby.
There are cases in which the child is unable to see or has eye impairment because of the Heterochromia.
Even if you chose to not treat Heterochromia iridis, it would not have any effect on your childa€™s health what so ever. However, if you are unsure about what to do, it is better to consult the help of a pediatrician. Mine are true hazel--light brown right around the pupil, olive green with gold and brown flecks in the main part of the iris, and a darker olive green ring. Just know that a lot of these pictures are digitally enhanced, contact lenses, or people who were born that way. It is an important fact people observe when meeting a new person and accountable for presenting a major feature of character.
It has been studied and found effective that changing your emotions and sensations always brings considerable change to the eye color.

This pigment is generated by cells and plays a very important role in determining baby eye color. By this time, the iris would have stored melanin in a sufficient quantity and it will be easier for you to ascertain the color of eyes your baby is going to have. However, if the Heterochromia is accompanied with other symptoms such as swelling or inflammation, it becomes necessary to treat the inflammation first and worry about the Heterochromia afterwards.
There are many people who have Heterochromia iridis and are still living a healthy and happy life.
In the sunlight, they look stunning green, but I've always been told they are boring brown. My mom has grey eyes that appear to change based on what she wore and I thought it was so cool. It might take some time before all of this revealed, particularly if the childa€™s eyes are of a very light color at the time of their birth. Melanin production in the iris is initiated when the bright lights of the hospital hit the newborna€™s eyes. The reason for both of these occurrences can be a gene alteration which results in excessive pigmentation in one of the irises.
These contact lenses can be used either to darken the complexion of the light-colored eye or to lighten the complexion of the dark-colored eye. However, if you or your child feels it disturbing or concerning then you can always start using the tinted contact lenses to hide away this fascinating abnormality. People have always told me I have pretty eyes, and I do agree that they are my best feature!
If you have decided to make the changes in the eye color then you must focus on the essential steps introduced by the experts. Medical science tells us that the looks of the baby are a mixture of the genetic material of both parents; however, the mixing of the two genes can take place in a number of ways.
The lesser the melanin production, the lighter will be the eye color of the baby; while the more melanin is produced, the darker will be the color of your babya€™s eyes. Besides this, these occurrences might happen as a result of taking medications that are used in glaucoma treatment, a trauma or accident suffered at the time of birth or congenital pigmented nevi. If wearing a single contact lens is difficult, two contact lenses having different colors can be worn instead, which brings down the color of both eyes to a single color.

I was always so envious of those with green or blue eyes, and I used to think there was no hope for gals like me in terms of makeup colours that could look becoming on us.
But I've come to realize through research and observation, that I have eyes that are definitely more green than hazel (I rather thought so even at a young age).
Like looking into an ink well when I look into his eyes.I love green eyes, I have always been so envious of the green eyed girls I have known. Numerous generations pass the matching genes in order to make a gene combination perfect and dominant. Thus, do not expect the eye color of your baby to suddenly change from black to either blue or gray. Just like the top-most soft green eye—with more saturation of green on the rims and within the iris. In fact, I was only naturally attracted to guys with either green or blue eyes because of my great dislike for my own eye colour.But after realizing how terribly immature, shallow, and even ignorant that was, I quit looking at outward appearances, accepted myself as I am (more or less), and now find myself naturally attracted to those with personalities I find attractive. You can change eye color naturally by consuming the food items containing high amount of serotonin and norepinephrine. But with me letting go of my own self consciousness, I also let go of the constraints I had on others.  Right on, Robyn! I found out that some eye makeups look better with brown eyes than with blue, and vice versa. Sorry, I don't have any picture without makeup, so they still look more blue than IRL. So it's actually the best thing that we do, to empasize what we have and not to hide it!
Also I colored my hair years and years with black and hated my natural ash medium brown hair (you can compare crazy makeup with black hair much better). But now I found out that I look much better if I don't color my hair (I look much more healthy and not pale anymore).

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change your eyes color in a picture

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