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The God Smiles Network, Webpage for the Book God Smiles for Me, My name is Raymond Burroughs.
In 1975, at the age of thirty-three, I was operated on for the removal of a massive tumor that was pressing on my brain stem. I truly believe all that I have, and all I have done or accomplished, all I have experienced or enjoyed in this world, has clearly been a bonus, a gift of Healing Grace from the loving God who gave me a second chance at life.

Soon after learning of the tumor I promised God I would tell the story to the world if I survived. At the height of the surgery to remove that life changing tumor, my heart stopped completely. Let me tell you a fantastic story about the power of God in my life, best christian afterlife book, best selling author, free copy of The Day I Almost Died, God, God Smiles for Me,, the god smiles network, god network, god smiles, testimony, life changing, survival story, life after death, heavenly journey, personal growth, miracle, miracle of god's grace, fantastic story, power of god, the promise, promise to god, second chance, the day i almost died, second chance, wonderful journey called life, mission, fulfilled promise, raymond burroughs, architect, dreamer, eternal optimist, christian, miracles, healing, fantastic, published, presbyterian journal, times magazine, million copies, major, international corporations, network, united states, testimony, individuals, internet, free copy, article, prayer, follow up, comments, how it began, reviews, facebook, myspace, twitter, christian profile, experience project, share our site, share site, request, leave your comments, raymond l.

Greeted by God's messenger, my deceased grandfather, I was told I must return to earth to fulfill the purpose God had planned for my life.

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changing a will after death of spouse meaning

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