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At times, I wonder if pursuing my own agenda of becoming energy self-sufficient is a selfish thing to be considering. Individual Energy Self-Sufficiency - if you purchase a house on an empty lot and you want to have landscaping of mature trees, you can either purchase the mature trees and take care of them so they transplant well, you can plant trees that get to maturity fast, or you can plant slow growing trees and plan to stay in that home long enough to enjoy them when they get to maturity.
Myth 2 - Ethanol Will Set us Free - Summary of Article - States that there is no other fuel that offers the same combination of massive energy density and ease of handling as oil. Individual Energy Self-Sufficiency - This is flat out false, as many other fuels offer better energy and handling characteristics - especially biofuels.
Individual Energy Self-Sufficiency - I never started the pursuit of energy self-sufficiency as a personal virtue.
Myth #4 - We Can Go it Alone - Summary of Article - What we decrease in our usage of oil, other countries will just pick up. Individual Energy Self-Sufficiency - this myth fails to recognize the power of innovation or game changing technological changes. Myth #5 - Some Geek in Silicon Valley Will Fix the Problem - Summary of Article - Energy innovation relies on vast investment dollars from venture capitalists and the government.
Individual Energy Self-Sufficiency - well in the internet model of the world, we need more geeks in silicon valley putting their creative talents to becoming energy self-sufficient and sharing what they are learning with others (the purpose of this blog by the way). Myth #6 - Cut Demand and The Rest Will Follow - Summary of Article - tax the living daylights out of us to make us conserve energy to develop energy security. Individual Energy Self-Sufficiency - my gosh if Mother Jones Magazine is proposing taxing us to get us to comply with this or that government energy initiative - I thank my lucky stars I have an engineering background to pursue energy self-sufficiency.
There are some fascinating schemes out there to use solar power for your electrical needs with very little upfront investment - some appear more ready to go than others. HOWEVER, I didn’t see in their marketing material where  they have installed one solar system yet.
I was researching what others were saying about Citizenre and found this blog post written two years ago about Citizenre.
One of the things they do emphasize in their marketing materials is that if people have the ability to put solar panels on their homes and pay the upfront costs, they should by all means do this. If you really want to do solar but you can’t afford the upfront costs, there are other ways to get into this for low cost - finance it with a home equity loan, or go with a long term lease that some of the larger solar installers offer. If you want to go solar, I’d recommend you go with a company that can deliver on that arrangement today rather than waiting for a promise to deliver sometime in the future. For the past six weeks, I’ve been doing feasibility analyses for adopting solar power for properties in Nevada, Connecticut, and Alaska. After doing my research and learning what is involved, my decision is do one installation on my own to learn more (and possibly see about creating a system for people to learn how to run the business of installing solar systems). I have had major gut dissonance over the global warming issue as a driving factor in becoming energy self-sufficient.
Interesting Wind Mill Design that Can Handle High Gusts and Wind Coming from All Directions. It can’t disturb your neighbors - think barking dog here from a nuisance perspective.
This will limit the amount of electricity you can generate from wind power - most likely less than 1 kw. Make sure you site the windmill in a location that gets the most consistent wind.  (I am on my way to a property in Alaska to put up a web-based weather station to evaluate the consistency of the wind speed over several months). Of the three property locations I manage,  I am considering wind power on two properties that are consistently windy - one in Nevada and one in Alaska.   The property in Connecticut is unsuitable for wind power as is not windy there - it is Connecticut after all - peaceful tranquil, bucolic. In Nevada, my primary concern is the permitting process as no one in my neighborhood yet has a wind mill and it is a pretty tight home owners association to contend with.
I was inspired to become more energy self-sufficient after experiencing one 20% price increase after another with my local utility company, living through $5 per gallon gas prices, watching the tundra around my brother’s house in Fairbanks, Alaska turn to swampland because of warming global temperatures and watching my retirement savings take a nose dive in late 2008. Tankless Hot Water Heater Uses Half the Natural Gas as the Old Water Heater and 75% of the Natural Gas of a New Water Heater. I started with the heavy hitters first - the natural gas I was using to heat the house and the water. Next I am making warm window shades to reduce the heat loss through my windows, improving the insulation under the house, and swapping out light bulbs with LED bulbs as they burn out.
To evaluate which options are best for you with becoming energy self-sufficient, it helps if you define what success in being energy self-sufficient looks like to you. Then I assign a measurement to these criteria so when I’m evaluating options, I can make an assessment of how probable it will be that each option will meet each criteria. I then list all my options and rank how probable each option will meet each of my success criteria, using the measurements created above.
I’ve created a template that you can use to rank how well your energy self-sufficiency options meet your success criteria. But I realized as I got into this drive to become energy self-sufficient, that some efforts would generate much faster paybacks, far more savings, for a lot less effort and costs.   Not every action you can take to become energy self-sufficient creates an equal and opposite reaction   I developed a pay back analysis template to understand the benefits for pursuing one energy self-sufficient effort vs.
Special Note - sustainability is incredibly important in the pursuit of energy self-sufficiency. Clocking in at speeds up to 16 mph and featuring a coil-over shock suspension system, the Cheetah is truly a remarkable zero-turn mower.
The Operator Suspension System isolates the operator platform via a coil-over shock and provides additional comfort via rubber iso-mounts.
The ZT-5400 transaxles have two-speeds, Low Range (up to 12MPH) and High Range (up to 16MPH).
From the heavy-duty, Tri-Plate Velocity Plus™ side discharge cutter decks and the 61" Velocity Plus™ Rear Discharge Decks, to the various high-power engine options, there's a Cheetah that will increase your productivity and leave your competition in the dust! Internal 16cc pumps and 21cc motors, transaxle's design greatly reduces hoses and possible leak points. 61" or 72" Velocity Plus decks deliver an amazing quality of cut, and a wide, even discharge. Ultra-tough cast-iron housing, tapered roller bearings, top mounted grease fitting with a relief valve to prevent over greasing.
The low-hinge point ROPS design folds away without adding height or length to the mower for transport and storage or when traveling under trees or low overhangs. Adjust the height-of-cut in seconds from the seat with the improved vertical facing, foot-operated cutting height adjustment with convenient adjustable, three-position foot pedal. The industry leading 61" Velocity Plus™ Cutter Deck is now available in rear discharge (RD) on the Scag Cheetah.
Operator Suspension System isolates the operator foot and seat platform via a coil-over shock and rubber iso-mounts.
Choose a 61" or 72" Velocity Plus™ cutter deck and match that with a Kawasaki FX series, Kohler EFI or Briggs Vanguard Big Block engine. Double tube steel main frame construction delivers superior strength and ensures years of trouble free service.
Easily adjust cutting heights from the seat with the convenient, easy to lift, 3-position adjustable foot pedal.
Custom-Cut Baffle allows you to customize the cutter deck to your individual cutting conditions.
Quick-Fit steering control levers with dual steering dampers for smooth, precise responsiveness. The steering dampers have three mounting positions (requires tools) to customize the resistance on the steering levers. Foldable Rollover Protection System (ROPS) is standard equipment and easily fits into enclosed trailers. Extra large 24 inch drive tires and up to 13 x 6.5 - 6 caster wheels ensure better traction, less turf tearing and easy curb climbing. Flat-Free front caster tires virtually eliminate downtime and expense caused by flat front tires.
High-quality bearings and bearing debris guard on idler pulleys ensure long, reliable service. Flip-up footplate panel for access to center blade spindle, blade bolt and the top of the cutter deck. Operator friendly instrument panel includes an ammeter, ignition switch, mower engagement switch, separate choke and throttle controls.
User-friendly mower design allows quick, clean access to the engine and filters, for easy maintenance. Spring loaded idler arms effortlessly keep belts in constant, optimum adjustment for maximum life and minimum maintenance.
Excellent hillside stability due to an exceptionally low center-of-gravity and extra wide stance. The Scag "Simply the Best" commercial warranty stands behind you and your mower for years of profitable service. High quality electrical components such as switches, wiring and harness looms are used throughout the Scag mower line for trouble-free service. Digital hour meter displays maintenance reminders to help ensure that routine service is completed.
There are many time saving, money making accessories for the Cheetah like the Tiger Striper lawn striping kit, spindle driven grass catchers,halogen light kits and more. 3- Bag Collection Systems are perfect for easy dumping into containers or the back of a truck.

Complete mulching systems with individual chambers for the best possible mulching performance.
Two super bright halogen lights deliver 38 watts each for a total of 76 watts of lighting power.
Operator Controlled Discharge Chute allows you to quickly and easily block off the discharge chute while mowing. Slide the Blade Buddy over the end of your cutter blades during blade changes to keep the blade from turning.
To increase the amount of power my panels were going to create and get the maximum rebate possible, I had to chop down one tree (in a stand of about ten other trees).  Small price to pay. A few years back a friend who specialized in remote power generation in the Air Force was testing out the generator.
What is amazing is how the various states create electricity and who owns the power companies. What is so amazing about this house design - this house was off the grid when it was built.
I am in the process of changing not only light bulbs in this house, but also lighting fixtures. I received an email from Barbara MacDonald of Spot that Zebra - a management consulting firm located in South Africa.
So what is Patagonia doing with their 55KW of power?   How are they storing any excess they create?   What are they doing at night?  These are all things you need to consider when creating your own solar energy electrical system. I recently spent $200 to swap out all the high wattage incandescent light bulbs in my home with low wattage compact florescent and LED task lights. The US Fish and Wildlife Service has wind energy guidelines for the placement of large wind turbines. Yes, indeed, sustainability is still about creating the capacity to endure – for profit, planet, and people.
Like choosing the best child in the family, the latest online issue focuses on Flywheel energy storage.
The benefit during short-term power outages is immediate discharge of power from the Flywheel that supports the energy load required by the UPS (uninterruptable power system). Energy storage can help us shift the times we get energy from renewable sources to the times we need to use that energy; store now, use later.
Your ideas and commitment to learn will bring relief instead of just living with the problem.
Sustainability creates the capacity to endure today, without compromising future generation’s ability to meet their needs. Get the tools to become the influential powerhouse organizations need to achieve better bottom line results with their projects. Do insurance agents, financial advisors and other professionals in the financial industry consider the whole person?
Striving to become energy self-sufficient includes consideration for mobility – how will we get around?
Before security measures, road taxes, and other regulations, the 1925 model consumed 15% of the average income.
Can we expect to be living like people did back in the old days, when a car in the family meant fairly significant wealth and was only used for special occasions? What has been especially exciting is seeing how well Connecticut is doing with respect to setting energy policies and incentives to help individuals and businesses adopt more energy efficient practices. We are also installing sealed gas fireplaces in the two fireplaces that currently exist for the most part to just suck warm air out their stacks in the winter, have a weatherization maintenance plan in place and expect to reduce the heating costs by at least 30%. Lily is a laid-back risk taker, and can be extremely stubborn sometimes, so she can get her way. Availability of Grid Tie Systems - In Nevada and Connecticut you can tie into the grid and get credit so it makes it more cost effective to use solar panels.
Department of Energy’s Solar Energy Technology Program for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, John. Having earned my first engineering degree in Aerospace Engineering, I tend to prefer the more high tech designs. Next I created my first project plan, and then started by reducing the energy needed to heat the house and the water. I had a very old natural gas water heater and with my travel schedule, I was paying to keep a lot of water hot that I was never around to use. Long Term Sustainability - the solution doesn’t take much effort on my part to sustain after it is implemented. I divide them equally into three categories - most important, medium important, lower importance. Long Term Sustainability – measure by recurring cost (includes cost of personal labor at $10 per hour) (Less than 100 per year – 5, less than 500 per year - 3, more than 1000 per year – 1).
Long term reliability (lasts for 20 years or more – 5, lasts 10 – 20 years 3, lasts less than 10 years – 1). Maintainability (one year or less system maintenance – 5, bi-yearly maintenance – 3, monthly maintenance – 1). Ease of Implementation (can do on own– 5, can easily find others to do in less than 3 months – 3, need specialized, hard to find people to do– 1). As a way to generate a better and lower risk return on investment than I can currently get in any other investment vehicle. As a way to learn how to make long term decisions that will create improved security for all and give me more financial independence - this is especially important as I have to cover the cost of college for my children AND prepare for retirement. HOWEVER, I don’t pretend to have all the answers to save the planet from climate changes that are either part of a cycle or man made from fossil fuel pollution. This innovative, adjustable system soaks up the bumps and keeps things simple with only three moving parts. The Cheetah is pure Scag quality with ultra-fast ground speeds, a soft ride and a cut that is "Simply the Best." The Scag Cheetah equals productivity. Depending on engine selection, a wide variety of systems are monitored in real-time, giving you valuable information in just a glance, right from the operator's seat. The Scag spindle easily handles the high horsepower and torque requirements of this powerful mower.
Steering levers are adjustable (without tools) to fit a wide range of operator sizes, increasing operator comfort.
The hour meter only runs when the engine is running for more accurate recording of operation time. What the light looks like - I wanted to put lights in the house that simulated sunshine - since in the winter the lack of light sometimes makes it hard for me to stay awake.
Barbara was sharing with me that because of the rolling blackouts in South Africa that periodically turn off power to her office for four hours at a time during business hours that she has to create alternative energy solutions.
And just how did the little square house with four sides and white picket fence become the aspirational norm? So the cost savings are not just with reduced electrical costs - there are also significant savings in having to purchase and replace low life, high wattage incandescent bulbs.
If the wind is going to blow that fiercely, let it generate energy by pushing through a wind turbine. So many interesting sustainability topics arise like brilliantly shining objects, and we temporarily lose sight of the battery issue.
All progress in the direction of improved energy storage is good, but the Flywheel is noted for extending the run time within batteries and prolonging its stored energy. Without a Flywheel, the UPS fails to support the energy load because it uses up the battery too fast.
We love it when technology is developed FAST and made available to the consumer to help us in our quest for energy self-sufficiency. Speaking up and doing things that make you stand out is magic for making great connections.
You will learn personal, social, and environmental approaches that can create substantially improved effectiveness in business relationships…leading to skyrocketing business successes. If so, then why are so many individuals and businesses experiencing such financial calamity?
It is fascinating to learn the cost of items years ago, in what looked like the good-old-days to us.
Fortunately, purchasing a vehicle for $850 is still available, as quality risks are accepted. Basic living supplies - YES - we all should have a stock pile of food at the ready in the event of ANY disaster. Financial Liquidity - having gone through three banking crises in the past 12 months, I can speak with some authority on this one. Though we never grow weary of heralding forth this message through demonstration and training, this commercial delivers a concise sound bite.
Most of us are “The Doobees.” We diligently follow the old plan of scrimping and saving to afford a less stressful and fulfilling retirement. Feeling threatened causes a system of reactions, not the least of which is the clamor for gainful employment to sustain ourselves.
Taking the bus, or any public transportation might actually be the preferred mode of travel if you live in an area that has a reliable and convenient public transportation system.

Intuitively, they could see the weakening value of money and began researching Opportunities.
With the speed of the cheetah, and the quick reflexes, she never wants to stand still, and she doesn't like meditation.
When her test came to earn her stripes as master, she went up against Master Phant and suceeded. PLUS, it makes far more sense to me to invest in things that will give me a solid return on investment than investing in a very volatile securities industry.
I am eventually going to be creating my own electricity with solar and maybe wind power, but I learned that for every dollar I could save in energy usage, that was $5 less I’d have to spend with creating my own energy to power and heat my home. I also had this open natural gas fireplace that used 40,000 BTUs of natural gas and let a lot of heat out through the chimney.
For my list above the first two are most important, the second two are medium important and the last two are the least important. So this means that the success criteria that are more important carry more weight than the ones that are less important when evaluating which options to pursue.
Check out our social media page and our testimonials page to see what real Scag customers are saying about their Scag mowers.
Fuel tanks are positioned low, enhancing the mower's low center-of-gravity and giving it excellent hillside stability. In addition to the platform, Quick-Fit control levers and 3-position deck lift foot pedal combine to provide unprecedented levels of adjustability and ergonomics. High Range is perfect for traveling from job site to job site in an industrial park or subdivision or for transport back to the trailer. The main frame was designed for an ultra-low center-of-gravity to increase hillside stability. Our pulleys are strong for long life and lightweight for reduced inertia and decreased wear on the cutter deck drive system, including the PTO clutch.
Folks there with small businesses have set up simple back up battery solutions to handle these rolling black outs. For example, those compact florescent bulbs - quite toxic on disposal because of the mercury. Businesses suffered lost worker productivity and other downtime that translate into lost revenue.
Fortunately, smart people working for profitable businesses are discovering how to better tap and store energy from our only planet, without depleting its natural resources. And, if that river is going to crash downhill, rig that current to hydro-electric power for our lights.
The flywheel spins a mass around its axis, thus operating like a mechanical battery, storing energy kinetically.
For example, the leading storage contender is the lithium battery with capacity to store 1 MWh of electricity for $2 million. Cheetah listened and has created many conveniently accessible, online courses in response to whatever holds you back in business and certain life aspects. Similar to fear of public speaking, people experience paralyzing fear of complaints for even trying! Visible evidence and measurable data exists for tactically greening Profits and Planet for business sake; with trickle-down benefit to People.
For example, discovering and joining a social cause will accelerate healing, sustain People, and build a sense of leadership and entrepreneurship that so many are in search of today. The warning “failure to plan is a plan to fail” leaves out a necessary element in planning – getting good advice from reliable subject matter experts. However, the economic crisis of 2008 taught us the Weakness of building a nest egg of money. We also hope you see that our dependence on energy threatens our national security: wars, oil prices, struggle over declining resources, even anxiety at supermarkets when power outages occur.
It occurred to them that they could be investing in something today that would be more valuable to them than money, later.
Before joining the Pai Zhuq Kung Fu academy, Lily was the captain of the Cheer Squad at her High School. Her belief in Camille that she was a good person underneath it all helped Camille in joining the battle alongside them. Additionally with the prospect of looming inflation because of the US Treasury having less than 1% of assets in reserve vs. I replaced the water heater with an instant on tankless water heater that uses half the natural gas of my old water heater and 75% of the natural gas of a new hot water heater. High Range can be used for cutting in less demanding conditions, like late season cutting, laying patterns or cutting dry grass. The low-hinge point ROPS design folds away without adding height or length to the mower when traveling under trees or low overhangs. Figuratively, the planted stood by, watching this volley for energy power, while clutching its precious resources. Our hope is someday Wal-Mart will carry these batteries at a more economical consumer price. Have you experienced poorly-run projects, lowered morale, passive-aggressive sentiments, restricted opportunity, or not landing a job at all? Do you suppose that better drinking water, improved lighting, fresh ventilation systems, renewable energy technologies and company profits will help us relate to one another a little bit better? This step-by-step facilitation training, templates and techniques will help you nurture someone else’s baby ideas. But, we know most people do not make that job a goal in their overall career plan; those jobs are limited.
Theo was discouraged in revealing his true feelings to Lily when she told him they were only friends but Fran clarified he never really asked her on a date.
But with my travel schedule, it just made no sense for me to keep a tank of water, no matter how well insulated, heated.
It’s is far safer, and a more sure bet for the individual to become energy self-sufficient and the economic reasons justify it. And many other materials that go into creating sustainable energy solutions - they need to be properly disposed of. Placing all of this natural energy on demand whenever we need it has created a booming industry in battery technologies. Increasingly, these are becoming the middle-aged, career-transitioned employees with families. After her final test, Lily was chosen by Master Mao, to become a guardian of Dai Shi but with Dai Shi released and Master Mao dead she went to Ocean Bluff with her team and became the Yellow Ranger. For the fire place, that is easier, I installed a natural gas fireplace insert that uses half the BTUs, and is rated to heat the entire space of my house.
Yes the government and big business need to create their own sustainable energy infrastructure, but energy self-sufficiency is a highly desirable and attainable state for individuals. Other brands of electric clutch do not have adjustable air-gaps and once they are out of adjustment, they must be replaced. Doubling your opportunity in a well-run mastermind group is the distinguishing difference in being a certified Cheetah Mastermind facilitator. She was the first to be sent to a dimension to be tested, she had to face her fear of spiders. Plus the insert is very well insulated so I won’t have the heat rushing up the chimney when it’s not on. We need both to address the multi-faceted problems of being dependent on monopolistic utility companies AND foreign fossil fuels. Leverage your sources of capital, which costs you nothing, to help someone else reach their potential! In 1925, with the perfection of the assembly line and increased supply, Ford was able to lower the sales price to $290, making the automobile truly affordable, then. We replaced the light bulbs with compact florescent bulbs and LED lights (where they made the most sense to use) and put all the systems that were on continually on easy to turn off power strips to turn off when not needed (reduced phantom power loads).
Lily thinks of Casey as a little brother and will do anything to protect him, especially when she had a dream of the Five Fingers doing him in and went after one during an attack. Master Guin granted Lily the Claw Boosters, Jungle Master mode, and Penguin animal spirit zord.
Building Your Business and Making It Work is a course for your lifetime of independence from a traditional job. When Theo became jealous of her budding friendship with Casey, Lily had to clarify they will always be friends.
For example, when Master Phant refused to teach her how to use the Jungle Mace, she also refused something, refused to move from his house until he taught her.
She wore a motorcycle jacket, obtained a yellow motorcycle and drove Fran crazy in the restaurant.
When the boys were in trouble, Fran threatened to use Lily's Solar Morphers, Lily started an altercation.

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