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Ways You Can HelpAgape Christian Counseling Services is a 501c3 non-profit organization with a mission to provide counseling services to all clients, regardless of their ability to pay. Learn listen christian bible studies christianity today, Have you ever been in a conversation with others and realized you had checked out you see their mouths moving but aren't engaged situations like this make me ask:. 1000+ ideas bible lessons pinterest bible, Discover thousands of images about bible lessons on pinterest a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas. We have an collection of Bible Based Christian Anger Management Free Online Bible Studies in various styles. Christian Conte, PhD, shares his passion for counseling violent offenders, the radical empathy techniques that help him overcome judgment, and his unique tools for working with some of the most marginalized people in our society.
Continue Reading Interview >>VY: Other than your energy going down, can you recall what other kind of initial reactions you had, thrust into that group for the first time? CC: I was studying CBT heavily at the time, so one thing I was doing was recognizing what my thoughts were. CC: I remember a guy came in who was straight out of prison, much bigger than I was, solid as a rock. One thing that my clients have always reported is that they don’t feel judgment from me.
VY: You were saying earlier that you became aware that your physicality, your presence, helped you connect with the clients and helped them relate with you, but what about your more typical counselor, who might be rather bookish, and probably not at all physically imposing—can they do this work just as well?
CC: For the groups that I ran out there in California for six years, they were mandated by the State of California. CC: We would have 25 people in groups, which is way over the standard recommendation for group counseling which is eight to ten group members. So over the course of my career I developed over 100 exercises I would do with these groups at various times and I’m actually about to publish a workbook on anger management that includes all of them.
CC: Everyone would have something written down and then we would process what was going on.
CC: Well one time this guy was talking about how he beat this guy up, which ended with him kicking the guy in the head.
VY: Any other general strategies, principles, to work with violent offenders, sexual offenders, that differ from standard therapeutic practice? CC: Something that was a typical approach for anger management for the longest time was that people would have to write letters and read them out loud to the group about what they did and why they felt so bad. If you keep going to jail over and over again, you’ve got to be doing something wrong.
VY: What would you advise students or beginning or experienced therapists who are wanting to work with this population or have the opportunity to work with them? But the reality is, as a supervisor for the last decade in this field, watching people’s tapes, listening to students, the bottom line is, the majority of people in our field are fairly judgmental.
Christian Conte, PhD is a psychologist, author, and professional speaker who specializes in anger management and communication, and was an award-winning, tenured professor at the University of Nevada, Reno. Whether children communicate their feelings or not, there are many thoughts and emotions he experiences from his parents being divorced. Here is some inspiring pictures about Bible Based Christian Anger Management Free Online Bible Studies .
Christian Conte, we’re here today to talk with you about your work with violent offenders, with anger management, and so on.
The first group I ran was an adolescent sex offender group, and the way the person who was running the group started each group was that everybody had to introduce themselves by saying what they had done to offend on someone else.

This kid was about 15 and had forced his brother to give him oral sex and his brother was very, very young, like 5. I think I realized my persona fits, so I started running a group to see if my approach could be effective, which it turned out to be, and I ended up running groups for violent offenders. My experience is, when I throw that on the classroom, that causes a discussion right there.
You had a hard life, but you also had your cognitive functioning and your life experiences. What she would do is she would handle herself extraordinarily well and then in supervision, she’d come in and say, “You know what? If you committed a violent crime, you would be mandated to 52 weeks of anger management.VY: And this is people that have gone to prison? Every once in a while, you get somebody who, if they had no priors and depending on the nature of what they did, they would just get mandated to group therapy. There were specific rules, obviously, that they had to follow for our program to maintain certification.
But even though the groups were open and really big, we would get people sharing as though it was a closed group.
Back to Top a–? Motivating Mandated ClientsVY: Would there be voluntary clients and mandated clients in the same group?
So why are you going to make decisions to put yourself in a place where they have tons of rules for you?” So I use that as a motivator for any mandated client, from adolescents all the way up.
I strongly disagree with this type of perspective, forcing people to take accountability when they’re not ready to. We just did a video series and an interview on Motivational Interviewing, and I know that was an approach originally developed for addictions.
They’re opinionated, they try to get their opinions across in therapy sessions, and I see that a ton. He co-founded a center in South Lake Tahoe, California, to work with people who have been convicted of violent crimes. For parents, it often feels daunting to discuss with their children the rapid change and and pain the family is undergoing. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Bible Based Christian Anger Management Free Online Bible Studies interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. You’ve chosen to work with a rather unusual and, most therapists might think, a difficult, challenging population. And over the last 14 or 15 years since then, I found that to be true for everybody I’m working with.
How difficult would it be to actually be saying this?” That was my initial experience and I left feeling like I wanted to do more work with sex offenders.
Except that I’ve seen it for thousands and thousands of hours of working with people.
So they had to be there at a certain time, they had to be two-hour groups, you get a 10-minute break. I thought that was profound, the way that people would share, and I believe it was due to the atmosphere that was created for them. All they do is learn how to say whatever needs to be said in front of the official people, without actually working to change. I was a school counselor at the time and I ran out of time to talk to him, so all he got was validated about his drinking. So what I wasn’t able to do back then and what I can do now is within a statement or two, get into the options.

That means when people come see you with their emotions, trusting you with their lives and telling you about their life, you’re going to give them an average response.
I like the idea of counseling as an art, and it’s never which martial art can win, it’s which artist, as a counselor, can be effective? Therapists at Agape can help children learn to express and process how their lives have changed.
I worked at a mental health institution and I volunteered extra days of the week, so I was there 40 hours a week and it was just a practicum.
And after you drive on a trip long enough with someone, they start to trust you and allow you to drive, then you can steer them down a different path. These are people that have done some terrible things and just by being compassionate, you’re going to change that? What do you need to do to not have to come here anymore?” And then we kind of worked through the goals that way. I thought he was detrimental to the group setting, so I recommended him for individual treatment.
Not make people write accountability letters that they’re faking, but genuinely change. I was doing that much time because I was so invested in it and I had the opportunity to do it. And I don’t feel the same types of judgments that I hear other people feel about these guys. You know, if males sustain eye contact for too long, their testosterone actually increases, so I tell people to avert their eyes. He was really high on drugs and he wasn’t necessarily that big but he was just an angry guy and he was really high. I think he misheard what you were saying, because I saw your face and I saw how you finally had that feeling of, ‘Wow. Because if they’re going to come back out in society, why not have more intense programs that are really life-changing and affecting their whole psychology? But given the challenges of your clients, when you’re discussing options with them do you really stay neutral? I teach a lot about confirmation bias and the idea that people get so locked into, “This is my religion.
He also maintains a part-time practice in individual, group and couples therapy in San Francisco and Mill Valley. Conte Too"VY: How did your work progress over the years, in terms of the type of population and your ideas about it? And when I started to integrate into my personal life what I believed about counseling and psychology, and I really started to integrate it through meditation, it just became a part of who I am. Well I think that’s a wonderful note to end on, so I want to thank you for taking the time to share this with us. He has conducted workshops in existential-humanistic and group therapy in the US, Mexico, and China, and also leads ongoing consultation groups for therapists. That behavior is not acceptable, we’ve got to work to change it, but I accept the essence of who you are. Any recollections of heated moments that kind of stand out to you that you were able to use in a therapeutic manner?

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