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Win the Lost: I truly believe that Christ is going to return for the Church in the near future. It is for this reason that we must finish the work that the Body of Christ has been given for these last days.
Prepare the Church: God sent seven letters to the seven of Asia Minor in the Book of Revelation.
It is for this reason that the Church has a tremendous obligation and opportunity to win the lost.

The book was written to expose the deception that has caused many Christians to believe a lie that could cause their family and friends to be lost forever.
Unfortunately, many Christians believe that if their loved ones and friends are not taken in the Rapture, they will have a second chance during the wrath of God to repent. We have little time left, and we have a great evangelistic work to do before Christ returns.
In these letters God shows a distinction between those that participate in these sinful practices and those that do not.

He says He will protect obedient Christians during the Great Tribulation (tribulation and wrath are not the same thing) but Christians who do not heed the warnings contained in His letters, will suffer greatly during this period. John the Revelator says three times in the Book of Revelation that during this period of time NO ONE repents, there is no second, chance!

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christian book that changed my life

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