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Christian is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has done tremendous things in the field of resiliency work. To hear the podcast interview and read the full article, click below to be taken to the Coaching Through Chaos Podcast webpage. Some shows to look forward to will feature stories of resiliency, money management, creating balance in your life, how to resolve conflicts, recovery from addiction, and relationship struggles.
One major roadblock to change is what coaches call self-talk: the messages we habitually or unconsciously tell ourselves about who we are and how life works. Michael is the founder and president of the Ascent Coaching Group, Inc., and also serves as the Leadership Development Coach for Gateway Church in Austin, Texas. For me though, teaching others to build their own resiliency is one of my passions – It’s one of the reasons I even became a therapist.
He wrote the book, “The Resilience Breakthrough: 27 Tools for Turning Adversity into Action” for adults.
She is a licensed therapist who has been helping people make positive or necessary changes in their lives for over 10 years.

So, they do evangelism, baptize and disciple believers, and preach during worship services.
With over 20 years experience working in Christian ministry and with Christian leaders, Michael brings a unique understanding of the special challenges and dreams of those called to leadership in the Body of Christ. I learned early on in life about my own resiliency through some less than pleasant circumstances in my life. The book is a reference for corporate trainings, therapists working with individuals and for any adult interested in expanding their own resilient strengths. She has held positions such as the Director of Rehab, Team Lead and Adjunct Faculty before starting her won private practice. To focus on helping kids build resiliency, he founded the Why Try program which is now implemented in over 22,000 (that’s 22 THOUSAND) schools in the U.S. I’ve learned first-hand how important being able to pull from our inner resilient traits is.
Christian is a busy man – he has been known to book speaking engagements over 260 days a year.

Now, a lot of my work is focused on teaching people how to identify, build and utilize their own inner resiliencies. For as much as he has done a lot of radio interviews, this was his first venture into the podcast world and I was thrilled to have him. My guest today is a very like-minded individual who has made his life work helping EVERYONE build their resiliency. The interview (as well as this article) spans from Christian’s personal story of overcoming adversity to developing the 4 resiliencies he defines in his book, to exactly what Why Try is and the benefits kids, families and schools find when they implement the program.

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christian coaching business mentors

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