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Financial assistance is available toward tuition for students from Kindergarten through Sixth Grade. If a parent is currently serving as a pastor or missionary, an additional discount in tuition is given. Trinity Wealth Management is a firm of Christian independent financial advisors (IFAs) with their head office based in St Albans, Hertfordshire, as well as advisors in Norwich, Twickenham, Aylesbury and Chorleywood.
We believe in clarity and accountability, so our financial advice is independent and fee-based. By meeting with each client and building up a relationship based on confidentiality and trust, we can offer holistic financial advice that takes into account your lifestyle, goals and dreams, and what God might be calling you to do.
We will work with you on determining these objectives a€“ an approach that sets us apart from most financial advisers. Our clients also have the benefit of being able to use Trinity Ministries’ Clearing Trust for their personal charitable giving.

We strongly believe that the ongoing use of God-given resources to achieve God-given goals is the key to successful stewardship.
Bespoke Financial Planning: A You need a top-class bespoke schedule due to the complexity of your financial affairs, such as for estate planning or retirement planning. We invest in the causes our Members care about such as: Family Life, Canadian Lutheran World Relief, World Vision, The Freedom Initiative, conferences, Christian events, disaster relief, Christian ministries, international outreach, and Lutheran seminaries and lectures.
Many of our clients helped to build this school - Espace da€™Amour (Space of Love) - enjoy the tax benefits and also make a difference.
Our values for all aspects of financial planning and investment advice are rooted in Christian biblical principles coupled with a personal and individual service to our clients. Our team of IFAs is qualified to address all of your financial planning and investment concerns, from efficient tax planning and asset management to pensions and retirement plans.
Christian financial planning can not only make you a more effective steward of what God has given you but also help release you from fear about money.

In our experience, financial decisions made today will impact your life in the future as well as the present.
It is usually the case that you are better able to make decisions if you have a long-range perspective.
Each year we support a variety of Christian events and organizations in order to help them build a better world.
However, tax-efficient financial planning and judicious investment strategies help to free our clients from financial worries and general anxiety about money.

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