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Thousands of pastors and leaders in East Africa face this struggle, and since 1993, CMA has conducted intensive Leadership Training courses, with a mission to equip pastors and other church leaders so that they might be empowered to serve their communities. This four-year program covers topics such as Bible study, hermeneutics, community development, and evangelism skills, and graduates leave with a renewed passion for the Word of God.
How far through rough terrain and inclement weather would you be willing to walk to go to church?

Many become leaders and pastors of their churches, and some have even gone on to Bible colleges to further their training. The pastors and leaders we train are encouraged to plant churches in their area so that more people have the opportunity to receive the Gospel and follow Christ.
Oftentimes, these churches are the only place of worship in their areas and believers faithfully walk for miles and miles to come to meet with other believers.

From there, these churches serve as a hub for supporting the needy and for lasting development in the community.

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christian leadership training international ncs

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