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One of my favorite books on coaching is Leadership Coaching by Tony Stoltzfus and we list several of his books on our resource page.  I believe that developing the heart of a coach is THE core competency of a Christian Life Coach, and this is the foundation upon which we build all other coaching competencies.
The bedrock of great coaching comes from what is in your heart for the person you are coaching. Learn more about our 16 week, intensive and comprehensive program to become a Christian Life Coach. Subscribe for Instant AccessJoin the "Christian Coach Newsletter" and Receive 7 Basic Coaching Forms Every Coach Needs In Their Toolkit! At Christian Coach Institute, we make sure our students are well equipped to be effective, successful and credible in professional coaching careers and coaching ministries.
Our studies are for Christians of all levels of learning whether a new Christian, new to God's Word, or mature but looking for answers to specific questions or needs. We would like to reach out to you with our classic newsletter based upon the Word titled, God's Actions Of Success Letters. The theme or purpose of Victory Bible Studies is to help Christians transition from where they stand in their Christian walk today to the place where God can work in their lives for guidance, spiritual growth, success, personal fulfillment and most important, God's special purpose or will for their lives. Growth always presents challenges in our everyday lives, and it's the same with the things of God as we allow Him to create in us the "new man" in Christ.
The ultimate purpose of this site is to help Christians become strong men and women of God, able and willing to help spread the Word about Salvation in their actions and in ways they are led by the Holy Spirit. Enjoy Our Praising God Video by Emily Dahl For Inspiration and Guidance To Trust God For Your Hearts Desire!
The list of All About God Bible Verses will help you see Him as a loving Father rather than distant and unapproachable.
If you haven't heard about us, Victory Thru Christ has been on the Internet since 1999, helping Christians live their salvation through Bible studies and Christian counsel. There's another side of motherhood that's important for the church to recognize during the Mother's Day services.
Jim Gloyd's New Christian book, Backsliding, reveals how Christians hooked on drugs and other addictions can use the Word of God to be set free as he has done. A balanced Christian Life is a life centered upon God, giving the Word first place in your life in all that you do. Please read our Victory Bible Studies Mission Statement to learn about our Christian beliefs and the influence of the Christian information on this site. If you're not sure how to begin your study, our Victory Bible Studies Preparation will help you start your study right. Discover a Biblical balance in your life to achieve a successful life in Christ through this exciting Bible study series. For your reading pleasure and spiritual growth, here is the latest Christian book review index of reviews written by Margaret Lukasik. By building self-esteem through God's Word you will come to know who you are with confidence. Submit your Christian articles for free on our site and get noticed by the Christian community. Let me teach you how to develop great faith for the prayer sense you need to receive answered prayer.
My Victory Coaching Program is a flexible blend of Christian counseling, teaching, and coaching. This dynamic Midas Touch Bible Study reveals the balance between teaching only prosperity or teaching that prosperity is idolizing money.
My One-On-One life coaching structure will set you on a path of continued growth and fulfillment. Learn how to succeed God's way in business for continual inner growth and financial increase through the Christian Business Success Bible Study.
Christian Dating and Sex articulates why it is important to implement Christian values over sex into your dating life.

If you don't understand the principles of Christian faith, then you are not experiencing abundant living in Christ Jesus. Salvation creates in you the promise of Christian transformation for your greatest fulfillment in life. Christian Transformation-2, the second part of our transformation series, will help to guide you into God's will for your life.
My Christian Transformation Audio will help you let go and let God take over your life with this unique and life-changing prayer. This valuable church functions study will guide you into finding the best Bible based church in your community. Do you question if there are conditions to God's love when we're taught that God's love is unconditional?
Take advantage of my ebook special offer for God's Wealth Plan Destiny Discovery Home Study. Family Bible Study Tips will show you how to study the Bible with children or teenagers in a way they can understand. Once a few easy principles are put into practice, change is on the horizon for financial recovery and continued increase.
Understand the Biblical balance of the God of now in relation to the past, present and future. If you want God's forgiveness, you must learn to forgive others by following these important steps. The process of Healing From Grief can be difficult if we don't take time to let God help us. This holiday preparation article is a blessing for growth and reflection at Christmas time.
My Victory Christian Life Coaching Course is divided into three parts which all work together to create a successful life coach. Your salvation promises great blessings and a life of great joy, peace and  inner fulfillment. My audio will help you let go and let God take over your life with this unique and life-changing prayer. Oct 27, 2015Today I have a gift for you.Last week I watched an extraordinary broadcast that I want to share with you. God is a loving Father whose deepest desire is to have a two-way conversational relationship with the apple of His eye, His beloved creation, that's YOU!
It thrills me to know that we have an invitation from God Himself into the sacred privilege of a close, intimate relationship with Him. The free resources are included for people who want to go deeper with God, and they are worth way more than the price of the book!
Neither will learning how to ask incisive questions,or how to hold someone accountable, or any of the other coaching skills. The place in our own experience that most exemplifies the heart of a coach is our relationship with God. The freedom we gain from that unconditional relationship empowers us to change from the inside out, because we want to, instead of trying to adjust how we look on the outside so we’ll be accepted. Therefore, if we’re working at change, it would make a lot of sense for us to imitate God’s approach. It will create the habit of being thankful to God for all that He has done and is doing for you. Please visit my Christian coaching page and be sure to 'like' it if you would appreciate regular inspiration and encouragement, and an easy way to connect with me. Contrary to popular belief, God isn't just the Author of a set of rules to be obeyed, or a clever philosophy on how to make life a little better. To truly tap into the power of coaching, you have to go beyond skills alone to grasp what makes those techniques important and why you are employing them.

Powerful coaching comes from studying, internalizing, and imitating the Father’s heart toward us. To help you begin your walk with God we have organized important growth steps together to help you get the most out of your studies (see right column).
As coaches, we consciously choose to interact with our clients in terms of their destiny, not their problems.
Unlike the culture around you, always dragging you down to its level of immaturity, God brings the best out of you, develops well-formed maturity in you. Romans 12:1-2 MSGNov 01, 2013Don't let your past dictate your futureDon't let disappointments and mistakes keep you from God's best. Learn from the past and do things differently so you can enjoy a different outcome.Nov 01, 2013God Never Leaves YouIt's not easy to see in a storm, that's why you need to walk by faith. You can take the STEP test FREE and find out how to identify and tap into your core passions.
My friend Lisa Rae Preston developed this insightful personality test and I think you'll be amazed when you see your results.Continue reading "Free - Insightful, accurate personality test"Oct 03, 2012Christian Teleseminars to Deepen Your Walk & Help You Grow Your Christian LifeChristian life coaching teleseminars to help you become who you are destined to be. Deepen your walk with God & transform your life with the help of Christian seminars from the comfort of homeContinue reading "Christian Teleseminars to Deepen Your Walk & Help You Grow Your Christian Life"Jul 06, 2012How do you build your faith?"Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God"You build your faith by reading and speaking God's word. The Bible tells you that as you renew your mind, you will be transformed.Let God's word tell you who you are and what you have. SEPTEMBER If you want to pin point what you were put on earth to do and discover your God given life purpose I will be partnering with Jerry Graham to help you Discover YOUR Life Purpose If you want to add life coaching skills to your tool box to equip you to be a more effective people helper I will be offering Life Coach Training mid September. If you don't know what God is saying how can you know really know that what you are doing is His will? If it is not, we will find ourselves burned out, broken, lame, and empty because it is not good for man to be alone.
You can listen in for free as experts at the Divorced Parent Telesummit share proven strategies to help you and your children thrive.
When you trust in God and put your hope in Him you will always have what you need to bear fruit. Join us and discover how even small changes can lead to big breakthroughs.Mar 07, 2011How Many Ways Can You Say Amazing?The reaction to the recently launched How To Hear God Coaching Program has been amazing and we would like to share with you some of the highlights so that you can be blessed too. To register for our no cost call click this link now How To Hear God HighlightsWe've now recorded 7 of the 8 weekly sessions for the How To Hear God Speak Coaching Program. It's wonderful to see how the people who opted to join us for the program are growing in spiritual awareness and progressing in hearing God. We invite you to join us at 8pm UK time, 3 pm EST, on Tuesday March 8th for a NO COST virtual seminar.
During this seminar, Joseph and Lynne will be sharing some of the highlights from the How To Hear God Speak coaching program.
This free presentation will help you to see how you can harness the power of social media to extend your influence and grow your business. I'm honoured to be part of this eventas one of the featured speakers.It features nine savvy Christian women entrepreneurs who will share insider tips with you. You will have an opportunity to listen to the replays for a limited time.Mar 25, 2010How to Hear God's Voice - God is Speaking All the Time and You Can Learn How to Hear His VoiceGod is always speaking to you and even if you don't think you have ever heard God's voice you can learn how to hear Him speak. If you want to hear God's voice more clearly you need to identify the obstacles that are getting in the way of hearing God and remove them.
The run up to Christmas was very busy then on the 28th December I broke my ankle, began a 6 day hospital stay and am now recovering at home.
You'll find the full story and what the Lord has been saying to me lately hereWhat Good Can Come From Having A Broken AnkleIf you have emailed me and not had a reply, I am slowly working through the backlog created during the Christmas period and my accident.

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