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Holy Is a Four-Letter Word responds to the need for an accessible and simple articulation of the holy life, and what it means for the collective church as well as for individual believers. Setting the concept of holiness against the backdrop of modern (and often profane) media culture accomplishes two objectives: (1) it reveals the relevance and urgency of holy living amongst a super-charged, secular media culture, and (2) defining holy living, first and foremost, by what it is not thereby accentuating "holy" as being set a part for the purposes of God.
Growth Ministries' Executive Director provides a tool for deepening your understanding of corporate and private worship.
Training for Spiritual Fitness is a nine-week systematic tool to inspire daily disciplines for spiritual growth.
Four nine-week studies teaching the basic Christian values as taught by Christ in the Sermon on the Mount.
Growing Together Individually, Loving One Another Realistically, Dealing with the Enemy Within, Growing Together as Servants, Expressing Our Love to One Another, Growing Together through Conflict, Growing Together as Stewards, Edifying One Another with Wholesome Communication, Marriage Reinforcers - Where Do We Go from Here? A nine-week study for parents teaching basic biblical principles for rearing godly children.
GROWTH TOOLS is an eleven-week study which can be used for an individual, a class, a small group study or a discipleship program with Scripture memory and accountability.

A nine-week study for small groups on the Book of Nehemiah written by Growth Ministries Editor Vicki Lake. Growth Ministries has created a solar-powered device for use in discipling literacy-challenged believers. Growth Ministries is providing the players, in English and Creole, free to pastors, missionaries and Salvation Army personnel. Growth Ministries is an evangelical, Christian, not-for-profit publisher dedicated to helping churches fulfill the Great Commission of making disciples of all nations. Turn your lay people into effective lay leaders with this complete eBook, Video Training, and Support Kit.
LXConsultants: Canada, USA, Toronto, New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, London, Newark. This goal is accomplished by taking the fundamental tenents of holiness doctrine and shaping them around twelve four-letter words: (1) Holy, (2) Self, (3) Full, (4) Pure, (5) Will, (6) Mind, (7) Body, (8) Love, (9) Rest, (10) Life, (11) Sent, and (12) Call. The spiral-bound course provides not only biblically-grounded instruction but also tools for accountability in daily quiet time, scripture memorization, weekly Bible study, and a weekly time with a prayer partner.

However used, the study is written for those who desire to grow in their relationship with Christ and daily bear the fruit of the Spirit as a witness to those who do not yet know Him. The tool is an eighteen-module program with five sections: What It Means to be a Christ-Follower, Dealing with Sin: Our Number One Problem, Dealing with Life Dominating Sins, Dealing with Family Matters, and Being Dependent or Independent? Any dictionary of famous quotes says it is leadership excellence nurtured with value and caring for phenomenal, measurable enterprise and personal growth. Each chapter deals with holy living according to scripture as it pertains to each four-letter word.

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church leadership training resources videos

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