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My Citrus Story is funded in part by grants supporting the College Success and Bridges to Success programs.
The licensed vocational nurse (LVN or LPN), works under the supervision of the physician or RN. Citrus College offers a full-time LVN certificate program that conforms to the regulations of the California Board of Vocational Nursing (BVNPT). Vocational Nursing program information sheet for approximate student expenses for the program.
The youngest of five children, all of whom attended Citrus College, this was Gleason’s 5th year running for the title, and each year she competed she found a different motivation for doing so. Even though Gleason admits she first joined the program for personal reasons, such as getting over her fear of public speaking and maintaining a high GPA, as her year-long commitment to the program started, her reasons shifted. Ivon McCraven, coordinator of school relations, said Gleason has demonstrated an incredible initiative and a strong dedication to the college and the community. Gleason said that as she finishes her final semester at Citrus College, her goal is to continue to share not only the benefits of community colleges and higher education, but what the college has to offer to make other students’ educational journeys more successful. For a lot of students, balancing the demands of being a full-time student, working at In-n-Out Burger, and taking on the added responsibilities of Miss Covina could prove too taxing, but Gleason said she still manages to squeeze in some fun whenever she can. An accomplished performer, Gleason chose Performing Arts initially as a program of study, but she said as time went on, she began to feel incomplete.

Gleason has already begun her nine-week training period for Miss California, while concurrently attending events such as opening day ceremonies for local youth baseball and softball leagues and the recently held “State of the City” luncheon. Gleason will finish Citrus College with two associate degrees and multiple certificates and will be transferring to University of Nevada Las Vegas next spring, in hopes of achieving her ultimate goal of owning a gourmet food truck. Having taken a few recording classes, I knew that recording was my passion and ultimate career path.
Yet, that’s what happened to the 23-year-old Citrus College hospitality management major while on stage at the Covina United Methodist Church when she heard her name announced as Miss Covina 2012.“I was more emotional than any other girl would be,” said Gleason recalling the moment. As such, Gleason will represent her city in the Miss California Pageant this June, as well as at local functions throughout the year. Joanne Montgomery, president of the Citrus Community College District Board of Trustees, Gleason’s assertion that participation in the Student Ambassador program is a life changing experience is 100 percent correct. One of my instructors recommended that I consider the Recording Arts Program at Citrus College. The VN student is prepared for entry-level position on completion and is ready to take the California licensure examination. On the full-time track, classes meet five days a week with some evening clinic rotations or weekend experience. But, that moment will forever be replaying in my mind, because of all the hard work I put in.

Due to the demanding nature of the program, we recommend that students following the full-time track not be employed while completing the course work. Legendary producer Ed Cherney and his wife Rose Mann­Cherney, president of the world­renowned Record Plant Recording Studios, were the keynote speakers at my graduation ceremony.
This was a unique opportunity for me to speak with Rose one­on­one, schedule an interview, and ultimately gain a position at Record Plant. There is a requirement of at least 22 units of general education and a physical education requirement. I use these skills every day in my current position as an audio mixer at 20th Century Fox.
For further information, contact the Nursing Counselor, Citlally Santana, at (626) 857-4117. To schedule an appointment, call (626) 914-8720 (Health Sciences office) or (626) 914-8530 (Counseling and Advising Center).

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citrus college classes list

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