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Oakland Military Institute junior Selina Wang goes through an online lesson… (Laura A. My book Machines are the easy part; people are the hard part is now available as a free download at Lulu.
It's been decided that our district curriculum council will be making recommendations about the approach our district takes to online learning. What is our reason for providing online instruction and does it fit into our district-wide strategic plan? What does research say about the effectiveness of online learning?It is neither more or less effective than face-to-face instruction. What resources are currently available to our teachers that can facilitate online learning?Mankato Schools currently provides a number of tools that can engage students in online learning opportunities, primarily in support of face-to-face instruction. Moodle is an open-source learning management system designed to create fully online classes or to augment face-to-face classes (often called hybrid or blended classes).
Does the teacher contract address online learning - or does it need to?Past investigations into online learning via ITV have led to concern regarding teacher compensation for such classes. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
UNL  students participating in a new study on online courses said they felt less connected and had a smaller sense of classroom community than those who took the same classes in person, but that didn’t keep online students from performing just as well as their in-person counterparts. The study by UNL agronomy graduate student Robert Vavala gauged students’ perception and performance in three UNL undergraduate science courses that had both online and face-to-face class versions.

At the same time, in the portion of the survey about students’ perception of their own learning, online students reported levels equal to those reported by face-to-face students and at the end of the day, their grades were equivalent to their in-person peers. The study  is getting some decent play, including from United Press International and its member affiliates around the country. Researchers assembled the data from a survey of more than 250 students enrolled in three different entry-level science courses at a large Midwestern public university. Though the results may suggest that in-person classes are no more effective for student learning than online ones, Vavala said they also show that online courses could be even more effective if they could foster a culture of class cohesion, spirit, trust and interaction among students. I've been both the perpetrator and victim of such experiences at the post-secondary level and because of our district's size, I've never seen the kind of need some of our smaller neighboring districts have for such classes. It found that online students did not feel a sense of cohesion, community spirit, trust or interaction, elements that have been shown to foster effective classroom learning.
Perhaps more one-on-one contact and timely feedback between the instructor and online students, according to the study. One of those challenges is that community might not be as important to the online student as it is to their in-person peers,” Vavala said.
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And doing it right means identifying the "why" of online before getting to the "how." I do NOT want this to become a model for the "ready, fire, aim" approach I chide others of using. Constituentencies Effected by Online LearningEach of the following groups have different reasons for wanting online learning,1.

All three instructors involved in the study said they felt creating a sense of community in their classes was very important, and worked to simulate that experience for online students. Less than half of the spring group was enrolled in San Jose State; many taking the classes were local high school students from low-income areas.
School DistrictWe found that asking the why and what questions through the lens of each of these groups was very important.II. Of the 2,091 students who enrolled in summer classes, 71% were from other states or foreign countries and about 11% were enrolled in one of Cal State's 23 campuses.More students dropped out of the summer classes than the spring after officials relaxed the rules for withdrawing.
The overall retention rate dropped to about 60% for the summer classes compared with 83% for the spring.
While not the most inspiring of topics a mistake here could cost a district as much as 15% of their student funding in Arizona. As for teachers adding online courses to their plate, we are struggling with the idea that a teacher with a full course load can handle the addition of online courses.
There is a distinct conflict of interest.Also, across the profession it appears that online teachers typically are compensated less than their building bound associates.
The freedom of teaching from home or anywhere else has a tangible value to many that instruct online.

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