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It appears as though Stephanie from 3rd Grade Thoughts and I shared a brain today, or great minds think alike because I intended on posting on Whole Brainish Rules today too. Part of the reason I started looking at blogs in the first place was to drum up new and fresh ideas for writing lesson plans. I thought I would share with you some of the mitten ideas I have found so if you are considering a Mitten Unit, you can use some of these great ideas too. Designing Mittens is a cute idea for creative art so I might plug it in under creative art.
A Little bit of Low-Mess Mitten Painting might be fun so I just might include it under creative art too.
For science, we can put a little ice in the sensory table and try picking up the ice with our mittens on and off. For music – well there are plenty of mitten or winter songs out there to include in my lesson plans. And sometimes I add make a drawing activity or puzzle activity on my computer to go along with my units too!

We can marble paint some mittens, make mitten patterns, compare mittens to gloves, and the list goes on!
Next week, some of these mitten activities may be included in our lesson plans – I will be sure to take a few photos of the children in action as they do!
I was just reading this and thinking you could do lacing around a mitten made of card or even a felt one. Depending on how old they are you could also do a bit of skip counting 2, 4, 6 etc using pairs and some numeracy sharing out pairs of mittens to an odd number of children.
I don’t know if they still have them, but Michaels had small wooden mittens on clearance last week (15 cents each). Oh and an idea, if you have multiple pairs of mittens, then fill them up with different contents, like a crumpled up newspaper, an empty chip bag and a sealed bag of rice and then have them match them up (not by color) but by contents.
I love meeting people like you who are so dedicated and enthusiastic about teaching young children:) I am not sure that I know the Mitten Song – I will have to look that up and we will wear mittens too when we sing it!
Hey Deborah, I also did an activity about mittens last Christmas that you could add to your list.

In preparing lesson plans, I spend a lot of time searching out ideas and then figuring out how I can use them or plug them into my overall planning. But for today, I thought I would just share with you what I am currently working on from home. Also, I love The Jacket I wear in the Snow.- not specifically about mittens but it works, right?
I want to do an owl theme in my classroom, and I couldn't fall asleep last night because I had been searching for owl graphics and my brain was overwhelmed with owls!
I have read all of her books, including Darcy's Diary, and patiently awaiting her newest novel.
I started teaching my kids WBT actions at the end of this past school year to prepare them for next year (I am in a looping school, so I did 2nd last year, 3rd this year, with most of the same kids).

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classroom management plan art teachers

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