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Just as making a piece of pottery requires procedures, managing a classroom also demands them, too.
What happens when the structure of the fresh piece of clay, as it is being thrown, falters, or is too weak? By following a routine with procedures, the students will have a strong support structure that becomes the backbone to their success as they learn any subject or ceramic technique.
When effective teaching occurs in the classroom, you will find happy children, and the finished product is a successful classroom!  Or a pretty cool and functional ceramic piece! The prior teacher allowed students to do whatever they wanted—had yoga on Fridays and allowed 2-liter soda and candy and snacks.
My mother, who is a teacher, said that I must have a plan and how important it is to be prepared. Finally, at the end of the school year, some of the most resistant students thanked me and gave me big hugs.

Two weeks into the school year, we received an email from Amanda and she said, “I am in the middle of my second week of school, and I couldn't ask for a better beginning to my career. This past year, Amanda completed her fourth year as a teacher and during the summer, the district hired her and her teaching partner to conduct a workshop for 28 new teachers coming into the district.
Please read pages 213 through 218 in The First Days of School to see one successful teacher’s classroom management plan.
Click here to see how some universities prepare their teachers with a classroom management plan. Today, that one binder has grown to two binders—one for how to manage the classroom and a second for how to manage the instructional program. Report or Discipline slip with the office.) Consequences are logical for instance if a student is using an object inappropriately it will be removed.
As a staff and classroom family, we do everything possible to be proactive to assist students from having behavioral interventions.

Individual Incentives: An "Outstanding Day" note will go home for above and beyond behavior.
When students struggle with classroom and school expectations the following plan will go into place. Please be sure to check the newsletter that is sent home each night in your child's communication folder. As always if you have questions regarding the communication or newsletter sheet please feel welcome to e-mail or call.

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classroom management plan binder

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