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B) Teachers who establish routines for success, are consistent with consequences for students who don't respect other students, and design lesson plans that are so engaging that the students won't want to be off task. 2) One-Two-Three-Freeze - The One-Two-Three-Freeze approach is a quick and effective way to get your talkers back into the lesson.
3) Ten Second Countdown - Getting kids to move quickly can be a challenge if the transition isn't coordinated. 4) Grandma's Rule - "If you finish your dinner you can have dessert." If you want kids to do something, you need to find their currency - the thing they are willing to trade for the thing you want them to do. 6) Manipulative Lessons - Manipulative are wonderful tools because they get all of the kids actively thinking about the lesson and they provide physical activity - at least on a small scale. The following list begins with a few general music classroom management tips, and are followed by our favorite strategies for keeping kids happy and engaged - avoiding the need to modify behavior.
Giving them clear instructions and then telling them that they have 10 seconds to get to the next place is incredibly effective and fun. If you can find their "currency," students will be consistently motivated to meet you expectations. Ask your students to sit in a circle and place an Orff xylophone or metallophone in front of every other student. From the moment they are old enough to hold a crayon, they are creating masterpieces for mom's refrigerator.

For example, "When I say 'Go' you will have 10 seconds to put your rhythm sticks in the box and get back to your place in the circle.
If you're teaching a lesson on music form, create a dance that defines the sections with distinctly different movement.
Including opportunities to draw or color is sure to keep kids on task, and provide you with another lesson that you can use for student assessment. Even though you really love to learn, really love to teach, and really want to bring out the best in your students, you may have started to dread going to school each morning because you are fed up, frustrated, and fearful.Somewhere along the line, your students have become more defiant, less attentive, and off task. If you're introducing a rhythm, find a variety of ways to express that rhythm through movement. The next time you introduce the instruments of the orchestra, consider having your students draw them while recordings play in the background. It can be difficult to know who to turn to in this situation because you don’t want other people you work with, or for, to know about your struggles.If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Give the first group of students a few opportunities to master the part, then pass the instruments to the right.
In this day and age, classroom management has become much more complex and all the more important to ensuring success in the classroom. A huge responsibility that comes along with the job of being an educator is classroom discipline.
Having effective discipline techniques and strategies can make or break the success you achieve as a teacher and of course, the success of the students you teach.

Finally, assign select students to each part with the correct instruments for a final performance.
The one thing that many teachers have in common is that at one time or another they have struggled with maintaining complete control of their classroom.Nowadays, students seem more defiant, troubled, and zoned out than ever before.
A variety of reasons may be the cause of this, but it is affecting their ability to learn in the classroom as well as your ability to effectively teach.Bad behaviour is now a huge problem faced by everyone who deals with children, whatever the causes. We cannot admit defeat because that would be failing the children whom we chose this career for. We just have to be more creative in the ways that we approach discipline and it will take more effort on our parts to reach each individual child.This means discipline techniques used in the classroom need to reflect today’s students. Well, the ebook called, “Classroom Discipline 101” can help eliminate classroom discipline problems quickly and permanently. All Teachers' Career Edge Guides View the complete series of our A+ Teachers' Career Edge guides.

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