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In order to be certified every prospective Certified Nursing Assistant must graduate a CNA training program and successfully pass the state CNA Certification exam. State approved CNA certification training programs consist of two parts – theoretical knowledge and hands-on training. Every CNA certification training program starts with theoretical course that provides the prospective Certified Nursing Assistant solid knowledge and nursing skills that their patients will expect from them as an important health care providers. After 40 hours gaining CNA knowledge and hands-on CNA skills in the training classroom prospective Certified Nursing Assistants experience the practice of full care of patients in a long-term care facility. Usually the CNA certification training center will provide prospective Certified Nursing Assistants services such as scheduling, CNA training, monitoring academic progress and arranging for state CNA certification test.
Prospective Certified Nursing Assistants learn how to understand patient’s basic needs. Prospective Certified Nursing Assistants learn to take accurate measurements of temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure.
Prospective Certified Nursing Assistants are trained to understand and care for patients with different diseases such as cancer, heart disease,  Alzheimer’s diseases, diabetes,seizure, confusion and stroke.
Prospective Certified Nursing Assistants learn frequently used medical terminology and abbreviations.
Laboratory time allows for demonstrations of techniques and actual hands on care of patient in a nursing home under the supervision of a clinical instructor.

Upon successful completion (75% and more) of both theoretical and clinical components of the CNA certification training program certificate of completion is issued. At the discretion of the Director of the CNA training center, prospective Certified Nursing Assistants who achieve below 75% level will have the opportunity to have 5 clock hours of remedial assistance.
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An enrollment application, a personal admission interview and a physical examination with a Tuberculosis test must be completed prior to admission. Non conformity to the CNA certification center’s rules and policies regarding the use and possession of alcohol or controlled drugs. Upon successful completing of the CNA certification training program, prospective Certified Nursing Assistants will receive a list of prospective employers. If all financial obligations are met the prospective certified nursing assistant has the opportunity to take the State CNA Certification Exam.

This information will be given to the student upon enrollment as well as the ISBN numbers for books.
Hundreds of our previous students have advanced their education and are now working as Nurses and Physician Assistants. Our course is designed for those who desire hands-on tutoring prior to taking the Florida nursing assistant exam.We are owned and operated by a Registered Nurse with 15 years of clinical and test preparation experience. Other businesses may try to copy our programs but they can not duplicate our credentials nor success. In as little asA 6 weeks, you can complete our exam prep course, pass your state exam and earn your license as a Certfied Nursing Assistant in the State of Florida.i»?Want to know more about Nursing Assistants? We are also an approved Florida Board of Nursing CEU provider.Same day certifications and on-site (mobile) classes are available.

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cna training in spanish nyc

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