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Train smart for Ironman racing for anywhere from three to five years, complete around five Ironman events and you'll see what I'm referring to. Athlete A, in my philosophy, should have a very short off-season if they wish to see improvement next season. So, in the "old days" it was not uncommon to see athletes completely hang up their bike and their running shoes during the off-season, relax like kings and queens and gain five to15 lbs. Train smart this winter and decompress from your long season of training and racing with a short break. Coaching Services Offering quality coaching and training products for endurance sports athletes since 1992, choosing your ideal training package from Coach Troy's menu of services is quick and easy. Maximize your Training Time and Energy by following a customized training program designed specifically for you by one of the most seasoned and successful Multisport Coaches in the World, Coach Troy Jacobson. These coaches are hand picked, many of which have been with the coach for over 10 years delivering the highest quality of coaching available for athletes of all levels.
Get on the right track this season with an affordable and effective training program created by Coach Troy Jacobson, the Official Coach of IRONMAN. Before you get started on this program however, it's very important that you schedule a visit with your doctor for a physical check up to make sure you are ready and able to train for the event. The first few weeks of your eight week training program will be an adaptation phase whereby your body gets conditioned for the more intense training later on in the program. The next few weeks will be considered a 'build phase' where you continue to increase your volume but also incorporate a few hard runs or 'intervals', known as 'tempo' training. This basic training program can be easily modified to suit your individual fitness levels and goals by simply following the workout structure but increasing or decreasing the amount of training you do each day. If done properly, you'll toe the line on race day with the confidence and fitness to run a great race and achieve your goals.
The Official Coach for Iron Girl, Troy Jacobson is a leading multisport coach since 1992 and producer of the Spinervals Cycling Workout Series as well as other training DVDs series designed for endurance athletes of all abilities.
Now with modern training technology, you can monitor every fitness metric and analyze it to death with sophisticated software.
The self-aware athlete is the one who notices the twinge of discomfort in the calf while warming up for a track workout and decides to go easy with a zone 2 aerobic run workout instead, and then stretches and rolls it out post workout.

Troy Jacobson is the Official Coach of Ironman, Head Tri Coach of Life Time Fitness and creator of the Spinervals cycling series. This swim workout for the triathlete is intended for the 'off season' phase of the training cycle. They train around eight to 10 hours per week most of the time, practicing each sport anywhere from two to three times per week.
Since 1992, Coach Troy Jacobson has offered personalized coaching services to athletes of all experience levels ranging from novices to Olympic and professional caliber. You can trust anyone of these coaches to help you achieve your goals with our Champion, Competitor and Success Training Programs grounded in science, but with a touch of artistry.
Browse our library of six (6), eight (8), twelve (12) and sixteen (16) week training plans to find the perfect program for you. This plan is intended for people with a basic level of aerobic fitness who have the goal of completing a 5K safely and comfortably while maximizing their training time and effort. The focus is on gradually building your duration and frequency of running, alternating between running on a treadmill (due to the softer, more forgiving surface) and the road (more specific to your event.). By 'aerobic', we mean running at a very comfortable and sustainable pace at an aerobic heart rate. The taper will include a reduction of training volume, allowing your body to 'absorb' your training and thereby taking your fitness to a whole new level! And just like training other components of fitness, developing a highly tuned sense of self awareness takes practice and patience. Listen to what your body is telling you regardless of what's on your training schedule that day or showing up on your power meter. At this time of the annual periodized training cycle, the athlete should be focused on mostly technique development and steady aerobic endurance building work. During the build-up weeks to Ironman, they'll boost training volume to 15 to 18 hours per week, with the bulk of their workload happening during longer workouts on the weekends.
After their last big race and a break of four to eight weeks to decompress, in which they remain in good shape with low volume sport specific training and other random "fun" activities (i.e.
If you fit the profile of athlete B, rest a little more so as to take a step up to the next level.

Ranging from plans for the beginner to the elite, from the 5K Run to the Ironman Triathlon and even the Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race, we have an effective plan for you available at an affordable price. By doing this training program, you'll take your fitness to a new level and be able to use it as a stepping stone to longer distance races like the 5 Miler, the 10K and eventually even the marathon distance (26.2 miles)! You'll also notice that I've worked some 'strength training' and 'cross training' into your program in order to balance your fitness and achieve better results.
On a scale of perceived effort from 1-10 (10 being a sprint), 'aerobic' runs will be done at a 6 or a 7 pace. A cautionary note howevera€¦whenever you boost your intensity, you need to be more careful than ever and watch for signs of overtraining (like constant soreness, poor sleeping habits, irritability, etc.) and repetitive motion injury. It's that intangible quality that's critical to success in long distance endurance sports events that often times makes or breaks a result. Power and speed should not be neglected however as one should include short and focused 'sprints' in workouts during the week in order to stay sharp, maintain speed and get prepared for the next phase of faster training. In fact, one of my favorite definitions of exercise is that it is "controlled injury."  Exercise for Ironman competition and you're injuring the crap out of yourself each and every day per that definition!
And, if you continue to do it week after week year-round, you'll traumatize your tissues to the extent that they'll break down and you will get hurt. And if you are newer to running, you are welcome to 'walk' every few minutes for up to 30 seconds at a time, in order to bring your heart down a little bit and reduce the accumulating fatigue so that you may comfortably complete the intended training volume for the day. Well, I'm going to confuse you a little more as well as, hopefully, give you some clarity at the same time. Being in Ironman shape is a special kind of "drug" but, if we truly want to improve year after year, we need to get off of that "Ironman High" for a while every year and allow the body (and mind) to rest in order to take fitness to the next level.

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