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Many new coaches base the success of their season solely on how many trophies they accumulate. Since there is no exact formula for success, coaches can have a hard time determining the best leadership style for their teams. In order to get your cheerleaders and dancers to perform as a team, you must first understand how to pull what you need from the individual athletes. You might want to consider getting your squad together at least once a month to perform an activity that does not relate to your sport. The first step toward personal or team improvement is to recognize that things can be improved.
It is important to understand that just because you talk to a coach, doesn’t mean that the change will automatically occur. The coaching staff works hard to put you in a position to be fully prepared to play the game. Coaches who have been around for longer will tell you that there are other aspects of coaching -- especially building strong relationships with your squad members -- that are equally as important to a successful season and a successful career as a coach. The tactics that may motivate one participant may not work on another cheerleader or dancer.
You’ll want to be sure that motivation comes from within the team as well as from the coach.

This could be the reduction of a disliked task, or the addition of something that the cheerleaders and dancers enjoy.
By acknowledging the athletes activities outside of the practice gym, you are demonstrating a sincere interest in their lives.
It is important for your team to create long lasting bonds that will tie them together outside of cheerleading.
You must understand that when a coach comes to you about an issue with your attitude or performance, the coach is communicating with you to try to help. It is up to you to take the responsibility to implement whatever plan of action you come up with. It is their job to develop game plans and strategies, but it is up to you to motivate yourself to be determined to win. Parents, teachers and past coaches can supply pertinent information because they are familiar with the work habits and personal style of the individual.
If the reward is visually accessible, like a cheerleader or dancer of the month poster hung near a lunchroom, library or gym, people other than the recipient will take notice and this will cause positive attention. Your cheerleaders and dancers will reward your dedication, and you’ll have a happier, more successful team. With this in mind, it is important to recognize that you are not being attacked and to engage in a constructive conversation instead of reacting defensively and shutting down.

It might sound great and make you feel better to tell your coach that they will see a “whole new you,” but if you don’t take the responsibility to do what is best for you and the team, then it was all wasted.
The simple fact that your teammates—your brothers—are depending on you should be all the motivation you need. They may need individualized specific directions about the job that you want them to perform.
Once you get to know both the strengths and weaknesses of each cheerleader or dancer, you can take the next step in successful coaching, which is to make sure you create a plan of action for the team as a whole. If Saturday morning comes and you still need a rousing speech or a pumped up crowd to get you going, then you are already behind. Other cheerleaders and dancers may only perform well if they are given the freedom to discover the proper method on their own. Performance is enhanced most readily when coaches and athletes work together to create a positive environment and share responsibility for pursuing the mission and improving ongoing communication.

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coaches getting fired

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