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Here are four key ways of relating to leadership that can open up a whole new dimension for you and your world. If any of this sounds intriguing or resonant, and you havena€™t already, check out CTIa€™s Co-Active Leadership Program. Coaches Training InstituteA®, commonly known as CTIA®, is the largest in-person coach training school in the world and the only program to teach CTI's ground-breaking Co-Active CoachingA® model in highly interactive courses. If you have ever been interested in finding out what the Co-Active Leader Program is all about, this is your chance.
Our new Business Builder Virtual course is carefully designed to help you market your coaching business and help you address your most critical sales and marketing goals. Best of all, for those of you who were unable to travel to the in-person versions of Business Builder, we now have created an interactive Virtual program. I feel the need to tell you more about my Path to Coaching Certification with The Coaches Training Institute (CTI). In this world we get so caught up in OTHERa€™s Lives that we tend to forget what is important to us, and even what our own personal thoughts are. I am utilizing these skills daily and it has a dramatic impact on my family lifea€”with my teenagers.
In Western culture, we started to actively disconnect ourselves from the natural world around the 17th Century, nature became something to be dominated and utilised.
In fact, we consume so much that if we all lived liked the average North American wea€™d need five whole planets to sustain us (dona€™t worry America, Europe is close behind!). He continues, a€?we are all here to contribute our gifts toward something greater than ourselves, and will never be content unless we are.a€™ And there lies the power of the purpose-led Co-Active model.
Karen and Henry Kimsey-House start their new book on a€?Co-active Leadershipa€™ with a chapter on a€?the leader withina€™, which is no surprise as ita€™s the most important and possibly uncomfortable element of their leadership model (in my opinion). If someone had told me five years ago when I sat in a CTI training room and crafted a life purpose statement that it really would still be resonant for me today, I am not sure Ia€™d have believed them. I attended a very different course recently and was surprised to realise that my response to new learning changed depending on which side of myself I chose to learn from (e.g. Nevertheless, in my view embracing the leader within takes huge courage because a€?we must stop holding our imperfections as a problem in need of fixing.a€™ An easy thing to say perhaps, but doesna€™t almost every professional training course suggest otherwise? As someone who blogs on leadership for a better world, I find the values-base to this leadership model extremely powerful and absolutely critical. Ia€™m reminded of something a good friend once said to me, a€?I may not know my true life purpose but at least I can try to live a life of purpose.a€™ Suddenly, as I look around me, everyone is a flower blooming, budding or waiting to unfurl. I, like most people, have a tendency to create long to-do lists that my saboteurs would have me believe must be achieved in order for me to feel enough. What happens, Ia€™ve realised, when I engage with my to-do list and my to-be list is I become uptight, and feel like Ia€™m in battle with myself.
But what I really know is the journey of doing and being on purpose is on-going, there are bumps and dips and twists and turns.
So Ia€™ve got into the habit of stopping, particularly when Ia€™m in those moments of internal battle. When I enter into coaching meetings from the perspective that everything is perfect in the moment, I am able to go to greater depths with my clients. Not all coaches agree about the efficacy of using social media as a way to build a coaching business. If you are noticing some resistance to using social media, or if your saboteurs are kicking in, this could be a great opportunity to practice co-active principles.
When you empower yourself and tweet or post a blog, what perspective do you want to consciously choose to come from? So, now youa€™ve aligned your goals with some methods, and are willing and ready to jump into the social media pool. With each of these venues, you can use automated posting tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer so that you can do a batch at once and post them over multiple days. As you use these social media tools, notice where you may be feeling overwhelm, and stop and breathe.
I totally get it a€“ I mean it wasna€™t too long ago that I was starting my own business and had the exact same concerns. The vision for my business didna€™t come to me overnight; the vision and the exact business model took a while to formulate and implement.
Well there are a number of steps that I recommend you take when defining a vision for a company.
Resonate with external and internal stakeholders a€“ Your vision should resonate with your external and internal stakeholders a€“ if you are a sole proprietor, ita€™s easy, simply ensure that the vision is close to your heart. Speak to the core values and beliefs of your business a€“ You know the feeling you get when you hear about a business that lives and breathes its core values and beliefs, it makes you want to be a customer a€“ right? Develop a business model that represents the values of your organization a€“ A business model balances the income stream and the resource side of your business.
Create an implementation plan a€“ I suggest that you create a rough plan for 3-5 years but a much more detailed plan for the next 12 months. Write it down a€“ Studies show that you are 42 percent more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.
For more information on how to create your business vision and business model or how to get your business online, stay in touch with Petra through Strategy News.
So I learned everything I could about outsourcing, automation and systems theory, to make sure that my organization could literally run without me. Little did I know, that this skill of building automated systems and business structures would be one of the most important skills that I could have ever learned in living a life of freedom today in my heart driven coaching and consulting practice. In fact just in the last 6 months I have been able to travel to the Bahamas, prepare a home cooked dinner consistently (we all know how long that can take) and volunteer for causes that light me up, all while helping my clients achieve awesome results and bringing income into my business every single day, with integrity and love. Here are my top 3 strategies that you can implement in your business today to both bring you more time and freedom to support you in living life fully and doing exactly what you love a€“ on your terms.
Consider an email automation system that allows you to preschedule all of your emails and sequences so that as soon as you add a potential client to your email system, their onboarding experience becomes synonymous with everyone else on your email list. This also makes it super easy for you to gather reliable data on the conversion rate of your list.
Videos are a really strong way to consistently build your a€?knowa€™, a€?likea€™ and a€?trusta€™ factor. These are just three of the hundreds of ways available to support you in creating more time and freedom in your life and business. In May I got to celebrate a decade of work as a Business Coach in Self-Employment Programs by having my contribution recognized as a finalist for the 2014 Business Coach of the Year at the ICF Vancouver Chapter Gala. When I started work as an administrator for a government funded Self-Employment Program in Vancouver, BC back in 1998, I hadna€™t even heard about coaching. We could teach them what they didna€™t know about running a business, but they were independent and didna€™t always like being told what to do.
I saw an opportunity to contribute and discovered coaching while seeking out practical methods to guide people through transition.
At first, I kept my Program Coordinator job and started my coaching business Living In Vision Enterprises part-time.

Whata€™s more, coaching became a container for building resiliency on the emotional roller coaster ride through that first year in business.
One of the 230-odd yearling business owners Ia€™ve coached in the past decade is Judith McLean of Hi-Q Training Systems, who shared her experience of my coaching for the nomination.
While we were preparing for the Gala presentation, Judith had some tough business decisions to make. Today, the efficacy of Business Coaching in Self-Employment Programs is recognized by government funders.
My vision for the next decade is to continue supporting maverick entrepreneurs and emerging business leaders, in the Pacific Self-Employment Program and through my company Living In Vision Enterprises. Coaching helpsA build resiliency on the emotional roller coaster ride thru that 1st year in business. Whether you lead organizations, teams, families, or yourself, there are some common denominators: you are responsible for direction and success. Notice where you hold yourself back as a leader a€“ where are you playing it small?A You may be worrying about judgment or criticism, which can stifle your fullest expression and power as a leader. Improv comedians and actors have long known what the leadership world is now catching up to: that embracing failure is the surest way to learn, grow, and create. More than anything, leadership is about impact on the people in your world.A Be mindful and intentional with the way you create experiences, initiatives, meetings, conversations, and communications. Experience the first powerful leadership training called Leadership Discovery: Creating from Self, without committing to the full four residential retreat Co-Active Leader Program.
Ita€™s a strange concept really isna€™t it, that there is one day in the year when we celebrate the Earth? Thankfully it is now starting to dawn on us that this culture of separation has led to the severe degradation of our natural capital – healthy soil, clean air, freshwater etc. We should be celebrating Earths Day but of course, there is only one Earth (close by at least), so in effect wea€™re stealing from future generations. Ita€™s a refreshing text because finally wea€™re freed from the common belief that leaders need to be certain people with particular traits and qualities. However, I have come to realise that 10 simple words never fail to offer me direction and inspiration as life moves on.
We are programmed to feel that we should always be bigger and better, that we should be more accomplished and a€?usefula€™? While self-acceptance is at its heart, Kimsey-House and Kimsey-House urge us to make a difference to the world a€?from a place of generosity and heart.a€™ Ita€™s a way of being, an approach to life. I also have a to-be list as well, an internal idea of how I should be showing up in the world, how I should be feeling. There are certainly moments where it feels IA dona€™t have a handle on anything, and there are moments when IA feel like I’mA a little more on track.
I find it easier to a€?dance in this momenta€™ and any agenda of mine that creeps in is easy to ignore. Whether you are growing a practice aimed at personal development coaching, executive coaching or other forms of coaching, social media can be an important ally. It is a great place to refine your view a€“ things that matters to you, which might resonate for others a€“ on topics such as creativity, being a€?at choicea€?, or leadership.
It is a way to market as an individual in ways that could not have been dreamt of 20 years ago. For example post original tweets and retweet content about co-active principles such as values, purpose, and transformational change. According to many research studies, tweets with images draw significantly more retweets by others than plain text tweets. Start by following those who follow people similar to you, who may like to read what you share. If you want to build your executive or organizational coaching practice, you need to use LinkedIn. One tip: dona€™t use these to post to multiple platforms at once, particularly not if youa€™re posting images or links. I knew it was important for me to be able to help my clients, but I wasna€™t exactly sure how I would do that and how I would be able to make a living from it. I knew that I wanted to be there for my clients and guide them on their journey towards developing their business models and bringing their businesses online.
Meaning, before you do anything for your business a€“ before you create your website, brand your company or create a marketing strategy, you must create the vision for your coaching or consulting company. This is especially important if you work out of a practice with several coaches and consultants.
If you have a business with several coaches and consultants, make sure that you have buy-in from everyone a€“ this is important. By defining how you plan to make revenue and the systems and resources you will put in place to support this, you are aligning your strategies to achieve your vision.
If you only plan short term, then there is no long-term vision or direction for your business.
So ensure that when you are planning your vision, you make it a living document a€“ something to come back to at least once a year to review and update. It could be as simple as a word or a phrase, but sometimes that is what will define where your business is at, at this particular point of the journey towards your overall goal. How does a women with more than enough money in her bank account to pay her rent for the entire year get a notice like this ?!?! I could not continue to do a€?everythinga€™ ALL of the time for my organization; and with a staff of 50, creating systems and delegating became more important than ever.
And within 4 years we became one of the top performing schools in the state, as I received an offer to train over 1700 leaders on how to assess systems, structures and performance in one of the largest sectors in the world.
Encourage this by making your call to action on the bottom of your free content a€“ a reminder to share. Use this approach to your advantage by creating a bath of videos and releasing them as part of your ongoing a€?onboardinga€™ email sequence. You only live once, so continue to be present and live with integrity, passion, service, love, meaning and fun! The program supported people while they made the transition from unemployment to self-employment and I noticed many had challenges making the shift. The CTI ad I read while on summer vacation included entrepreneurs in the list of those who could benefit from coaching. Then in 2004, I landed a contract to work as a Business Adviser with a different SE program and asked if my role could be Business Coach instead.
At the Gala she talked about how my customized coaching style worked for mavericks like her. Her technology got fixed, and as synchronicity would have it, ten people signed up for her inaugural Respectful Workplace workshop, plus she got her first serious fee paying order for mid-June. My reputation as a business coach has kept me working through government contract changes and program closures.
Remember, other peoplea€™s reactions to your behavior and energy as a leader are their own, projected onto you.

Once you realize what kind of leader you inherently are and the difference you can make in your world, there will be no turning back.
It made me think how important it was for the dreams to be real and plentiful and to ensure that others understood how passionate I was; not only in the process but also about how amazing I felt to be there. CTI and Co-Active Coaching during this Fundamentals class brought me back to what is important to me. What a relief to know that there is a leader in all of usA and this does not have to be manifested on a podium or pedestal. I do believe that expressions of identity are fluid and re-definable but I was reminded when reading this book that a€?we will find many different expressions of our life purposea€™ (p26). It really is a different a€?way of beinga€™ to be confident and comfortable that all aspects of self are in service of a life purpose.
I end up scolding myself for not consistently having everything together and not consistently being on top of my actions.
Being in the moment and becoming aware again of the paradox that there are a million things to do and a million ways to be, and there is also no where to go, nothing to do and no way to be.
Using social media outlets such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook can be an easy way to give a boost to your professional brand and niche as a coach, can differentiate yourself from other coaches, and can drive clients your way. The more consistent you become, the more you will be recognized as a source for this material and perspective. Nonetheless, more and more coaches are taking advantage of Twitter in ways that do not monopolize their time or mindspace. Pick images that appeal to you, and include a quote on the image itself (by using easy tools such as the excellent Over mobile app) or in the text body. While not everyone agrees on this strategy, growing a large following can help you expand your reach exponentially. Hashtags are even more important on Instagram, as there is not the same 144 character limitation so you can fill the space with many more hashtag topic links. It has been widely adopted by the business world, for many purposes beyond just job searching. You might want to start with a vision board exercise in which you use images, text, graphics, or pictures you draw to identify what is important to you and what youa€™d like your future life to look like. This identity impacts how your business interacts with customers and partners, and it will dictate the online persona that your business will portray a€“ aka a€“ the personality of the company.
People arena€™t going to buy into a vision they dona€™t believe in and you want your vision to be a representation of all internal stakeholders. The most successful companies are the ones that stand up for what they believe in and make it part of their vision. But if you spend too much planning the long-term vision, you might not see opportunities that exist now.
This one little a€?share if you agreea€™ prompt has helped me to reach over 70,000 people on Facebook with my content. When you couple this with asking people on your list to share the content, your marketing becomes both free + automatic.
I started Fundamentals right away and enrolled a few of our participants as practice clients through my training and certification and had positive results. I found that using Co-Active Coaching not only supported the knowledge transfer from training to individualized application, it also advanced the decision making and leadership skills required to succeed in business.
I truly appreciate the exceptional training I got from CTI: the boost coaching gave my career and the enormous contribution I get to make in supporting new business owners. Regardless of the context, the people, or the desired outcomes, there are some crucial components of leadership that you likely havena€™t heard. The coaching sessions were positive, and allowed for individual thinking, creativity, and even accountability!
Of course there is plenty to be done, actions we can take, but I believe that it is as much about love as recycling.
Many of the most successful leadership and coaching bloggers, such as Daniel Goleman, Lolly Daskal, Zig Ziglar, and Dan Rockwell post on LinkedIn regularly. Well I have been in the online strategy and E-commerce business for fifteen years, but when it came to starting my own business, I had several hurdles to overcome. Maybe it is 1 year, 5 years or 10 years, but you will need a timeline before you can start thinking about what your business will look like at this point.
Be attuned to what makes you special, and inspires others.A And give yourself full permission to channel that energy into your behavior and presence as a leader. Take these risks, get past your habitual constraints, expand your limits, and step into more compelling leadership.
When you have this impact, you are helping your people open up whata€™s deeply possible for them, as they perform, create, and inspire their worlds too. It came from someone that was speaking from his heart and saw something that I did not see.
The key is to post at least once per day, but not more than three times else you will be disregarded as a LinkedIn feed-spammer. Determining an a€?end in sighta€? will be helpful before setting out to determine your overall business goal.
In these cases and more, your success as a leader is directly related to your ability to connect with people meaningfullyA so you rely on each other. That is a lot of what coaching isa€¦Seeing something YOU are afraid of, or cannot see yourself. It wouldna€™t need to involve lavish parties and ceremonies in the woods, just a collective appreciation for our one planet and its finite resources as we go about our daily lives. Reposting other articles is a great way to start, and include some kind of 2-4 sentence comment along with it. When you think of Apple, you think of simple, eye-pleasing aesthetics, great products and customer service. Be willing to stay with your discomfort, if it exists, when you are in any of these or similar circumstances. Thank you CTI and all those who believe we are CREATIVE, RESOURCEFUL AND WHOLE this very MOMENT!
You can take one look at an advertisement, product sheet, TV commercial or product packaging and know that it is Apple. Know that your professional and personal worlds need you to stay, relate, and connect, in order for them to be stronger as individuals and teams, the calling card of strong leaders.
His brand is built on a vision of purpose and prioritization and the vision and core beliefs of the late Steven Covey are apparent in all of his products and books.

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