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Italian Soccer School Coaches directly in Beijing China, USA, Middle East, Australia, Canada and Latin America. The charts above (click to enlarge) visually display my thoughts on the type of training you should be focusing on. Beginners – If you are a beginner and have only recently started to take table tennis seriously then I advise you to spend pretty much 100% of your training time working on your technical abilities.
Improvers – I count you as an improver if you can play drive and push strokes correctly and can keep the ball on the table for 50-100 shots per rally. Elite – An elite player is one representing their country, or on the fringes of the national squad.
Make sure you know which ability category you are in and roughly how you should be spending your time. January 22, 2013 by Fred Phillips Leave a Comment Some coaches called themselves a business and personal coach, but isn’t this really another name for a life coach? There are many definitions of a business coach and you can find many different descriptions online. As opposed to a business coach, a personal coach would work with a client to achieve goals in their personal life. If we combine the definition of a business coach with that of a personal coach, we get a coach that works with clients in both their business and the personal lives…just like a life coach! Though, an individual’s business life and personal life can be viewed as separate entities, there is much overlap. A business and personal coach could also be called a life coach, or a do-it-all coach, or an everything coach.

By the way… you’re invited to claim your FREE step-by-step “Life Coaching Business Blueprint” video toolkit.
In the picture from left translator, The President of D&S Mr Shine Liu, The Director of BFA Mr. Today I will be making some recommendations as to how you should split up your efforts depending on your level of ability.
You can see that there is quite a lot of variation depending on your current ability level.
You’ll want to focus on the four basic strokes (the drive and push on both backhand and forehand) and then move on to footwork.
Technically you should have nailed pretty much everything but you’ll still need to keep working on it (40%), making little tweaks and removing any weaknesses. Tomorrow I’ll be going through some applications and suggesting what you should do with this information. The Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) describes business coaching as the process of engaging in regular and structured conversation with an individual or team who is within a business, organization, or government. A client’s personal life could encompass their financial goals, their relationships, their wellness, or any other aspect of their life that is outside the realm of business.
Their technique is probably pretty near flawless but they will still need to keep working on it (30%) to prevent it from declining.
A business coach is someone who works with business people to help them develop leadership skills, ameliorate skills to manage employees, or nurture skills to succeed in business. It may even include their career if that exists outside of their current business position.

It is all about clients learning to identify, determine, and achieve personal, or life goals. They work with both sides of a client’s life – helping them determine and achieve goals in their business life while also helping them identify and reach their goals and dreams outside their business life. To achieve this personal goal, business goals can be identified and a pathway can be created that will help the client become more successful in business and make more income. But, it opens your coaching up to a large market, one that is totally immersed in the business world, yet one that also works outside of business to help individuals achieve all their goals and dreams – a life coach for the businessperson.
A large portion of your training (40%) should be aimed at helping you make the most of what you’ve got and win more matches. Physical training should stay about the same (10%) and it is probably wise to start thinking about the mental side of the game too (10%). As the intensity and frequency of training increases, most elite players do 25+ hours per week, the physical side of the sport becomes so much more important (20%). The player needs the fitness, strength and quickness to compete with the best in the world but also needs to spend time stretching and recovering in order to keep up with everything and avoid injury. There is very little difference between the top players on the face of it but some seem to be able to perform and win titles while others never quite reach their potential.

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