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Breakthrough Made While Training for the Boston Marathon Helps His Clients Discover How to Harness Inspiration, Confidence and Desire to Achieve Goals and Dreams. Starting Today, You Can Experience World Class Life Coaching -- with World Class Results - At Home, From the Comfort of Your Easy Chair!
Napoleon Hill tells us that, "Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything," and I won't dispute that concept.
I’m sure you’ve heard all sorts of people and programs claiming that such-and-such will change your life. The simple explanation for how affirmations work is that our universe works in a very specific way. The Durban North Coaching Academy will endeavour to keep everyone up to date with past pupils that have been coached by us at a young age. In Grade 10, he made the KZN U19 Schools side as well as the KZN U19 provincial side and was awarded Honours for Cricket by DHS. Played a warm up match for the Mumbai Indians did not bat, but bowled (4o-1w- 15r) for IPL in SA. The Coaching Academy trainer Jacky Leonard specialises in working with companies in the active leisure and learning sector, offering learning and development consultancy, coaching and training services. Thanks to community leader Caroline King for sharing the key information about the group that she runs in Ashford in Kent. Susan Granfield, trainer with The Coaching Academy has kindly written this very topical article all about finding your inner balance. The Beautiful You Life Coaching Course is for people just like you – people who want to make a difference, see others grow and shine, work with people they love and feel connected to – and yes – create their own business and a life they love. When you study with us to become a life coach you will learn that we are passionate and proud about life coaching and the life coaching industry. Have you been thinking about the type of life coach you want to be and how you know in your heart you will best work?
Using all your current skills, gifts, talents and life experiences in a way that feels inspiring and meaningful for you? In every Beautiful You Life Coaching Course you have the support of not one but three trainers. Are you the sort of person that likes to have even more detail about what you are going to be doing throughout the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course? The following are the fourteen core modules of your Beautiful You Life Coaching Course training all of which include dedicated modules in your printed materials, an audio lecture, an in-depth question and answer call and incredible online support as you do so.
And as well as Julie as your lead trainer, take a look at who makes up the Beautiful You Coaching Academy faculty! Can you imagine assisting people to move forward in their lives, become a greater version of themselves, and achieve amazing goals, and how good that feels for you? That’s what being a success coach is all about. Weight Control - (as seen in Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine) You’ve made up your mind to get fit and get your weight back on track.
We really do love this industry, and we love being able to show people how to be highly successful in our industry. Our commitment is to give you the very best coach training, so that you feel completely comfortable getting out there and coaching others to reach their goals. We will support, guide, mentor and teach you, and we will be proud to have you as a graduate of our program!
Do you know that understanding your values helps you live authentic and happy lives much easier? Tony Robbins describes values as ‘belief systems about what’s right and wrong, good and bad’, which is why they’re so powerful and important. Examples of values: friendships, growth, freedom, honesty, recognition, purity, status, responsibility, reward, stability, wisdom, patience, awareness, self-respect, learning, health. The personal and professional relationships you have, the work you do, the company you work for, the customers or clients you serve – all must somehow align with your personal core values. When you are not living according to your values, or when your values are threatened, you will be in conflict within yourself and at all levels of interactions. For example: one of your core values is family, and you accepted a good job with many days of an international travelling. If you are not honouring your personal core values in your work and your life, what’s stopping you? You have an opportunity to consciously choose the values you wish to live by and to create a career or life that builds on those values. Once you’ve identified your top 3-5 values from the list, think about several ways you can express each of those values in your work or in your life.

One of my clients, despite of her busy work schedule, decided to make a daily 10-15 minutes phone call to the member of her family abroad.
Immediately she felt happy and fulfilled, as she started honouring her core personal value: family connections. Imagine how your life and your work would look if you decided to honour just one of your values? In another words, your work and life will be most fulfilling and satisfying when it is an expression of your core values. Massive congratulations to Coaching Academy Trainer, Ann Skidmore, who discovered just how much a simple tweet can open up several doors of opportunity.
It all started in February when the worldwide press went crazy trying to track down the outfit that Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge, wore on her first solo public outing without Prince William. As fashion experts became more and more baffled trying to track the supplier of the dress, drawing blanks with Google, Ebay, former PRs and even ex-stockists. The Royal Reporter from The Daily Express and Grazia Daily Online swiftly set up interviews with Ann and the rest, as they say, is history. However, if that wasn’t social media success enough, following on from the mini press storm and Ann further positioning herself as an Image Coach of serious status, the heady heights of TV quickly came calling. Ann is now a regular guest presenter on “Fashion Fixes” on the Ideal World Shopping channel. The TV company is in the process of launching their own fashion brand: firstly clothing, then gradually additional items and accessories and of course they wanted Ann on hand to provide commentary, live, with no room for error! It all started with a tweet so again, congratulations Ann on your social media success story. Carol Brown qualified through The Coaching Academy programme and has enthusiastically agreed to share her coaching experience, so we have put her in the Coaching Hot Seat. My experience of that course stayed with me and I made the decision to train to become a Life Coach. I launched my coaching and personal development business in January 2007 with the intention of working mainly in a corporate environment.
Because of a chance conversation at dinner, letting the ideas flow and believing in my skills, I now primarily work with local authorities, criminal and community justice authorities, NHS, youth groups, charities and voluntary organisations with both their staff and clients. I would wholeheartedly encourage new coaches to realise that this amazing skill of coaching can be applied in any situation and with any client group. However you choose to use your coaching skills, whether it’s by launching your own business, within your current job or personally, you’ll never be sorry you took the journey.
I remember Carol from my very first Coaching Academy event, she had such great energy and enthusiasm. It is what has kept me pursuing my dreams when things have not necessarily been going well. He then moved to Durban High School and began his journey towards making higher provincial levels. She is passionate about helping her clients achieve success through a commitment to continuous improvement and a customer centric approach. When was the last time you did something to add value to the work that you are doing with your clients? And that’s why we have undertaken the rigorous pathway of applying for certification of the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course through the world’s peak coaching body – the International Coaching Federation. It must meet high level standards relating to content, ethics, materials and qualifications of trainers and support staff. Julie and two of these amazing women and Certified Beautiful You Life Coaches who come to you with a wealth of coaching, counseling, career, event, and business skills and experience that YOU get to access every step of the way. They can be elusive, because much of the time they operate ‘in the background’, out of conscious awareness.
Your personal values are those qualities and attributes that are most important and meaningful to you.
Your values will govern everything you do, and are a very useful guideline for measuring your behaviour and choices. Your success in life can be attributed to your level of self-awareness and understanding your values. This means that you must set goals that are consistent with what you believe to be good, right and important. Setting your goals, which are congruent with your values, is not easy, but is extremely rewarding. About to have session with a client who wants to change his career to be more in line with his values so a good reminder of how to tackle.

As the largest UK school for coaches, The Coaching Academy has developed a reputation for quality training and has trained over 30,000 people in coaching skills over the last ten years. It was the world of social media and Ann that confirmed the dress was no longer available to purchase but was bought several years ago in Jesire. I was working as a Senior Trader with a multi-national paper and plastic merchant when the company decided that all staff, from all branches were to be sent on an ‘Introduction to Sales’ course.
I researched courses available and decided that The Coaching Academy was the organisation that stood out from the rest.
I was working full time and also teaching as a fitness instructor part time but the coaching slotted in well. Wow, this was something that really consolidated all of my learning with a heightened understanding of myself and others. Coaching allows you to connect with people from all walks of life and the privilege of being part of some huge life changes and successes. You are right, it can be used so well in such a breadth of environments and with people within different contexts.
At the end of the weekend I asked her if she would be my coach as part of the pro-bono practice sessions. If desire was all it took, Mariah Carey, Tiger Woods, Sasha Cohen, Yao Ming, Dustin Hoffman, Oprah Winfrey, Shaun White, Deepak Chopra  and Michael Dell would just be "average Joe's" in a world teeming with stellar achievers. But I have to tell you that about six years ago, I made a decision that flipped my life upside down and made all the difference. When was the last time you invested in yourself and your continual professional development (CPD) as a coach? And so we are proud – very proud – to have received certification through them to become an ICF Approved Education Provider.
They are also a ton of fun, inspiration and guidance and continually go above and beyond to ensure you have an amazing experience. All of a sudden, they feel like they are doing exactly what you should have been doing all along. Do your staff need a bit of motivation, and to take more ownership of their roles? Perhaps you need to try The Coach Approach. more….
Your life is happier and more fulfilling when you consciously live out your values, act on them and honour them.
Also, when you need to make a decision, ask yourself first if your personal core values will be honoured?
Initially, I felt a bit miffed at that, I had been working in a sales environment for 12 years by that point. It gave me plenty of opportunities to use the new skills I’d learned when I got home, trying them out just to see what happened. Well done on launching your own business and I’m sure the adventure of learning and development will remain to be valuable and fun for you. I remember Carol being a fantastic coach and she helped me keep on track setting up my coaching business. They know that they enjoy helping people, they know that they want to work their own hours, and they know that they want to do something fulfilling… But what exactly does that add up to??
It’s highly likely that you will be not coping with the lie well, and would be not able to handle the conflict.
However, after my first one and a half hours of that course I realised what job I wanted to do. The training days were inspiring and the material was presented in a way which made it interesting and fun to learn.
Thank you Carol you helped me at a very important time in my coaching journey and for that I am truly grateful. I now had the confidence to use and hone these new skills and adapted them to suit my style until they became natural to me. This meant that by the time I enlisted the help of my training clients, I could concentrate fully on them, not on the methods and models.

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