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The American Coaching Academy Online Coaching Certification Program As a coach, you are a teacher and a mentor. Simply enter your name, email address and the sport you coach in the boxes below, then click on the “Access The Manifesto Now!” button. Gain CredibilityGain credibility in the eyes of your athletes, parents, administrators and coaching peers.
Increase ConfidenceIncrease your confidence by having the expertise to improve the performance of your team, and make important decisions in difficult situations. Become an AuthorityAchieve a certification that identifies you as a respected authority in your field.
To dominate your competition and skyrocket your team to the top of your league's standings? Wella€¦ for starters you'll be able to get your athletes fired up and focused for practices and games as quickly and easily as pushing a button.
And parents won't only respect your authoritya€¦ they'll practically worship the ground you walk on after seeing the incredible results your team is able to achieve.
And while other coaches are grinding their teeth and pulling their hair out on the sidelinesa€¦ you'll be sitting back and watching your team rack up another easy victorya€¦ grinning so hard your cheeks will hurt! Better still, give this formula a few months, maybe a year or soa€¦ and you'll be able to get any coaching job you want. The five gurus you're about to meet have mastered the secrets of this formula and used it to become some of the most idolized coaches in the world. These guys are no smarter, luckier or more gifted than you.A  One of them grew up in a shack in the hills of Arkansasa€¦ with a bootlegger for a dad and a mother who shot herself on the front porch. And teaches your team how to make winning a habit, as simple and natural as brushing your teeth or tying your shoelace! It would be an awesome program for a new coach but even an experienced coach can get some new ideas or verification of some of what they already do.
The fact that you've read this far already tells me you're the type of coach who's seriously committed to your athletesa€¦ and you want to experience real success with your team. And what makes this coaching formula head and shoulders above everything else is how simple and easy it is to learn. Just a few short hours to discover these secrets (right over your computer screen, iPod, or CD player) and you can IMMEDIATELY start using the techniques with your team. And so, with your permission - and at absolutely zero risk to you - I'd like to share what we've nailed these guys ona€¦ so you can turn around and start winning championships with your team too. As you know, the American Coaching Academy is constantly checking out great ways to help our coaches be more effective in their jobs. Sure, these guys would speak at seminars and clinicsa€¦ write some articles for coaching magazinesa€¦ maybe even sell a few motivational books. But they were tight lipped about the juiciest nuggets in their recipe for successa€¦ this motivational formula they had. Inside, you'll discover a complete step by step formula for coaching successa€¦ covering everything from recruitinga€¦ to leadershipa€¦ to teambuildinga€¦ to overcoming adversitya€¦ installing a winning attitudea€¦ and more. And you're about to discover every last one of their nitty-gritty coaching secrets for yourself!

As head coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers for twenty-five years, this guy has one of the most impressive records in American sports history. Took his team to a bowl game EVERY yeara€¦ won three national championshipsa€¦ and ended his career with a staggering 255-49-3 recordA  -A  an 84% winning percentage.
Inside this inspirational recording, Osborne shares a philosophy you can use to create not only a championship athletic programa€¦ but also a satisfying and meaningful life for you and your athletes. 4 simple strategies that instantly build motivation and mental readiness for athletes of all ages.
Hall of Famera€¦ retired marinea€¦ and former president of the American Football Coaches Association. You might know Lou Holtz as the miracle worker who revitalized the Notre Dame football programa€¦ leading the Fighting Irish to nine bowl games and a national championship in '88. In almost 40 years in the football biza€¦ he's led six different programs to bowl appearances. And he's not just a motivational guru, he's also a best-selling author and a gifted speaker. Switzer grew up rougha€¦ the son of a bootlegger who spent more time in prison than at homea€¦ and a mother who committed suicide on the front porch when Barry was just a teenager.
But that didn't stop him from winning a football scholarship to the University of Arkansasa€¦ then going on to coach the Oklahoma Sooners to three national championships. You even get definitions of key terms, worksheets, and action stepsa€¦ all designed to drive home the most important tips and strategies, and make it easy to take this stuff immediately onto the field or court. All of these guys get paid BIG bucks to speak at coaching conferencesa€¦ clinicsa€¦ even major business seminars. Heck, Holtz alone gets over $40,000 to rub elbows with Fortune 500 CEO's and corporate bigwigs (check out the screenshot below from his agency's website). If you were to try and get all five of these guys in a room to pick their brains, it would cost a fortune. Not to mention the incredible self-confidence you'll feel after discovering these secrets.
This is the way any type of business or learning organization should operate - where YOUR word is golden - where YOU are in control. It's taught by true experts with incredible track records, who've used this formula to succeed over and over, against the toughest competition in the world. Go ahead and click on the order button now and put these magical motivation techniques to work for YOUR team today. That's $409.00 worth of top notch coaching material you can access just moments from now.
It is with great pleasure and excitement that The Durban North Coaching Academy announces that it has been offered the opportunity to expand their present service to parents by opening a Swim School at La Lucia Junior Primary School. The ethos of The DNCA Swim School will mirror the ethos of the existing Durban North Coaching Academy where every child is special.
You spend considerable time with young athletes and have the potential to greatly influence their development. Not only in coachinga€¦ but in your personal relationshipsa€¦ your careera€¦ and your life.

It doesn't matter what sport you coacha€¦ how old your athletes area€¦ or how little (or how much) coaching experience you have. Fry coached at SMU, North Texas State and Iowaa€¦ leading his teams to 3 Rose Bowl appearances and a staggering 229 wins. Every school he went to, he had different kids, with different backgrounds, different strengths, and different weaknesses. Holtz has a special knack for breaking his team building strategies down into bite-sized nuggets that are easy for anyone to usea€¦ which is why corporate bigwigs pay him up to $25,000 an hour to learn his secrets. Served as athletic director for UGA (one of the biggest and most successful sports programs in the world) for 10 years. But you might not know that he's one of only two coaches to win both a national college football championship AND a Super Bowl.
This is jam-packed with my own personal teaching notes, pointers, and hot-button techniques for firing up your athletes. Consider the fact that you're getting five step by step recordings from some of the top motivational gurus in all of sports.
If you enroll today, your entire tuition for all five groundbreaking recordings (plus the step by step study guide) is just $47. Everything is delivered to you right over your computer screen, and you can discover all of these ground-breaking techniques from the comfort of your own home!
You'll win more games and have more success with your teama€¦ and you'll also get to enjoy the feeling of watching your athletes reach their full potential and grow into productive, responsible adults. It doesn't matter how much your team is struggling right now, or how impossible it may seema€¦ you're just seconds away from achieving every coaching dream you've ever imagined. Listen, I've been studying the art and science of coaching for decadesa€¦ and have literally seen a dozen different motivation programs that all claim to be the best. If these techniques don't translate into more wins for your team, your entire tuition will be refunded - no questions asked.
This is nothing like busting your butt at night-schoola€¦ or traveling 2 states over to some over-priced coaching clinica€¦ or even reading some dull textbook full of useless theory. All I ask is you at least give everything a preview and try out some of these strategies with your teama€¦ so you can see if they work as well as I've promised. This is something that will positively impact your team (and your life) for decades and decades to come. And the balance between having fun and winning games puts an immense amount of pressure on your shoulders. If you know how to click a mouse button, you have all the skills you need to access this incredible information just 30 seconds from now.

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