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There is no doubt in my mind that Ray Edwards is one of the best modern-day teachers of copywriting that I've discovered to date. In the video that I reviewed, Ray spends several hours discussing and sharing the behind the scenes secrets for one of his websites that produces a consistent 10% conversion rate.
Aspiring copywriters should love the skill and clarity that Ray delivers in his copywriting teaching. Once per month you can schedule a time to chat with me personally on SKYPE to discuss any topic you wish.
I can discuss whatever topic you want related to copywriting or online marketing in general. Having been online since 1999, I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly and spent money on great training and shockingly bad courses.

I have been writing sales copy online and off for myself and a few clients since 2002 and have read most of what you recommend. I reserve the right to REFUSE your application if I think that you won't make the best use of the valuable information that I share! Online business owners who are struggling to make money online and understand the power of great copywriting to take their business to the next level. Business owners who are looking for an economical way to have their copywriting critiqued without paying the 'normal rate'. Those who want to make money writing sales copy for other businesses and want to find the fastest route to building a successful copywriting business. Considering the average conversion rate for the entire internet is about 1-2%, the website reviewed is definitely a cash producing powerhouse.

I can share with you the wealth of my experience gained over more than 10 years on marketing on the web. It goes without saying though, that in the few short days I've had access, I've learned some important lessons and been reminded of some basics that I really should have been using in my copy. You have certainly over-delivered here in terms of content and service and I applaud your commitment to delivering a superb product.
You want to see how good you are compared to a top notch writer, check out critiques of other letters and see if you can spot the same holes.

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coaching and mentoring program outline

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