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Robert Price leading a Collegial Coaching session with Yvette Jackson, Excecutive Director, National Urban Alliance.
Robert Price facilitating a fifth grade classroom who are developing ideas and a storyboard to document their school with Thinking Maps.
Robert Price leads a fifth grade classroom through a variety of community exercises for short term focus and long term team building. Robert Price introducing Thinking Maps to an eighth grade class at Higashi-Monzen Elementary School in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Robert Price works with first graders and third graders in different classrooms on using Think-Pair-Share to unpack and surface information about attributes of a topic they are beginning studies on.
We are delighted to announce the launch of our online Voice-Over Master Reel, which showcases professional voice artists in the commercial, promotional, narration, and animation genres.

This roster provides an excellent and easy-to-navigate tool for all of your voice-over casting needs.The PDR client roster includes veteran and undiscovered talent, union and non-union, all highly skilled, reliable, and available for bookings and auditions. The collegial coaching is just prior to Yvette Jackson leading a session with new National Urban Alliance consultants. The students use Thinking Maps to develop their ideas, questions, and how they will be filming as a team. Click on the above images to read each one, or download all the students comments as one Acrobat PDF file. This example shows Robert introducing multiple exercises at one time to model the possibilities. The students learn each of the eight maps from Robert and their teacher Shunji Muroga with the assistance of a translator.

Please feel free to contact us about any of our talented voice over artists or the other voice-over services we offer including studio rental, production, sound engineering, and on site voice over coaching. After the students learn the eight maps, they then organize their thinking about a historical figure using the Thinking Map to best express their different ways of thinking.

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