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When you become a Gold member by making your one-off payment of $ you get LIFETIME member rates on all PitchVision Academy online courses. I used to love those long summer days fielding on the Trent Bridge outfield for Nottinghamshire. I believe anyone can become an excellent fielder and that good fielders often get selected for higher honours because of their skills. Find out the key drills and fielding games I used to hone my skills to perfection and still coach today. Any player or coach at any level who is serious about success must treat both the skills and psychology of fielding seriously.

An audio discussion on how to become a better fielder, including some little known tips on improving your anticipation.
In this interactive presentation we look at videos and diagrams of essential drills and games to make your side alert and agile in the field. This section contains downloadable and printable copies of all the drills in the presentation above. A game for 4 players that practices picking up the bobbling ball and throwing at the stumps.
A circuit that improves fitness and allows you to practice a range of fielding and running skills.

Exclusive Course ForumDiscuss fielding drills and tactics with Derek and other Academy members here. I was proud of my fielding skills and worked hard to improve them throughout my professional career.

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coaching class name list

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