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Surfing South Africa is the recognized governing body for the sport of surfriding in South Africa and is a member of the International Surfing Association. NB: This accreditation will only be awarded after successful completion of all the elements of the course, proof of 20 hours of surf lessons have been received by SSA and a copy of a valid First Aid Certificate or current Lifesaving Certificate has been provided to SSA.
A minimum deposit of R1 750 of the required R4000.00 course fee must to be paid to Surfing South Africa at least 7 days prior to the start of the course. Included in the R4000 fee is the ISA Coaching fee of $125 (R2250) which SSA will make on your behalf for ISA accreditation. The minimum deposit of R1 750 must be paid by EFT to SSA at least 7 days before the course starts.
Buffalo City Surfriders takes 10th SA Masters Champs team title with a narrow victory over hosts Nelson Mandela Bay. Llewwelyn Whittaker's consistent performance ends him the SA Masters title in the over 35 men division! Free entry to County matches and to the Finals of the CheshireCup, Plate Vase, Bowl and Veterans Competitions (Tickets in the Handbook). In other words: Learning how to spot hype and sort out truth from fiction, is a wise decision.
Sometimes we all need an objective,  experienced and hopefully wise coach.  There are many good coaches out there. As far as “Real-life-experience” I was fortunate to have been directly included in helping with, starting, building, running and selling seven successful businesses.

It includes ten half-hour, one-on-one Skype (or webinar style) meetings; no more than 5 attendees at once. The course equips you with the latest methodologies, technologies, and ideas to drive new clients to your business! This isn’t just about knowing about new shifts and changes; it’s about implementing strategic changes and necessary skills  in your specific situation to make the most of the shifts. The biggest part and most essential elements of business is more about you and your real dreams and your personal integrity. People, even those who’ve done many courses on goal setting, find this information not only unique but powerful.
The question is, "Who's targeted path will your life end up following?" Too many find they are led to pursue dreams and goals that aren't even theirs.
This book often causes readers to sudenlly shake of the carefully crafted lies we constantly bind ourselves with.
Right now I’m focused on building a Marketing Force, so some of these courses and coaching items are not current.
Navigating the waters of getting a business going on your own can be very costly and time consuming.
Much of the information in this blog is about uncovering what your actual 'preferences' are, and following them.
For what I’m focused on click here (LINK)…Otherwise, this data is currently, and ONLY,  for interest only!

But that doesn’t necessarily qualify them for teaching you the realities of getting your business up and running. It’s about how they affect your business, and how to make the most of these dramatic new shifts. Somethings don’t change with the advent of technology but they tend to get neglected.
This is an on-line course that consists of eight, individual, 30 minute sessions spread out over a two week time frame. It also offers a few options for those who want to keep their job and yet make extra money on their own. It’s seems a far better choice to guide someone down more working, and less strenuous paths. This course will also be covering some of the main stops and barriers to ca$h flow (stops that are little known and yet very prevalent). The energy and massive intent that’s released when one gets in alignment with themselves is a wounder to behold.
The freedom that ensues, when one ends the nonalignment they’ve been stuck in, is an indescribable experience.

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