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Encouraging young players to express themselves and to have confidence on the ball is one of the main aims of Football Development Programme skill and technique sessions. Coaching young players to feel comfortable on the ball and with possession enables players to develop their touch and technique and to build other skills on this platform. The sessions will build progressively upon each other and will from week to week develop sound technique and include more difficulty and real match play situations. As young players develop a desire to play in specific positions, helping them with positional awareness and developing the skills required to play in that position will only help them to improve as footballers. Coaching young players to know the best place to be in positionally, and how this correlates with team mates positioning will build confident and capable footballers who are able to think for themselves and work as a cohesive team. Encouraging healthy lifestyles whilst producing fun and challenging drills to work on fitness will provide a solid foundation for young players involved in competitive sport.
Using the very best fitness techniques and training methods, the young players will learn from an early age how to look after and train their bodies giving them every chance of keeping free of injuries in the future.
Excellent agility and reactions, good organisational skills and positioning, excellent at one on ones and penalties. Consistently high performance levels, dependable and solid in defence, potent attacking and goal scoring threat. Vision and awareness of team mates, ability to keep possession in tight spaces and to play a killer pass. Close control and quick feet with great balance and low centre of gravity, short bursts of acceleration with the ball, sharp changes of direction and excellent finishing. Download our whitepaper “How employee engagement drives profit” to better understand the "Service-Profit Chain" concept as well as the relationship between engaged employees, customer satisfaction and superior profits. Over the past few years, mobile learning has rapidly developed and revolutionised the way we learn. To understand this better, Prosell sponsored two Aston University post graduates to conduct an independent study of mobile learning. Provide your customer services managers and supervisors with the skills to coach and develop their staff.
Learn how to develop conversational selling skills and turn a conversation into a sales opportunity. Equip your sales managers with the skills to coach and develop their frontline staff on an ongoing basis.
Designed for frontline retail staff, this course will equip your teams with the skills to adopt a successful conversational selling approach. Appropriate for client facing staff, this course will equip technical experts with the required skills to cross-sell other departments and harness the potential of word-of-mouth referrals.
Suitable for sales and business development teams in industries where high value, low frequency transactions are the norm.
Gain the necessary skills to become an effective sales manager and develop your sales teams. This course offers a solid grounding in the basics of sales for those who are new to sales, recent graduates or people who have spent less than one year in the sales function. The club AGM will be held on Thursday 2nd June at 7.30pm in the clubhouse to which all members are invited. As always there is a plea for members to attend to make their feelings known, The committee are not faultless but they continue to work extremely hard for the benefit of the local youth and for the benefit of the club. And this is exactly what the Biggar Colts did on Saturday as they beat Currie in the final of the Edinburgh Shield Under 18 Final.
They did what was needed and took the game to Currie and were prepared to run the ball from anywhere early on and with good hands the ball was fed out their own 22 from which Henry Adams put a well timed pass to Peter Steele to allow him to break free and then power past his opponent and then when over the half way line he put a perfect inside pass to Rowan Stewart for him to stride him from 50 yards out to score a great try which was not converted. Currie knew they were in a game but were still able to gain ground as they were capitalising on the break down at times from Biggar set play such as scrums.
Although Biggar were struggling at times with the scrums and occasional line outs they made it up elsewhere with absolute determination and commitment that showed they were not let anything get in their way. What was also surprising was that Euan Bogle again missed the conversion which he rarely ever does. Currie knew they had to take the game to Biggar and this they did with them dominating the territory throughout.
For the next 20 minutes the game could have gone any way but it was Currie who maybe felt they could have done more .
When Biggar did finally get in the opposition 22 a penalty was awarded and from 40 yards out Euan Bogle put the ball right between the posts. Biggar on a fine day with weather and terrific support know they had played their own part in another bit of history for the club. Coaches Barr, Hill and Murray just could not fault the boys and were as proud as they had been at any time in their coaching time. Backed up with some Under 16 players Biggar travelled to Forresters wanting to consolidate their position as league leaders in Pool B.
Biggar took time to get into their stride and this was mainly down to impressive structures worked by the Forrester forwards who kept the ball tight and offloaded to gain continual yardage. However they were being limited when in the Biggar half by some strong tackling and no more so than Andrew Nimmo who lead the Biggar pack well from the front. It was Andrew who made a strong run to then pop up a pass to Luhann Kotze who playing his 1st game for the colts was as present as ever to go over for the 1st try. Forresters kept Biggar at bay for some time again mainly through their pack and were weakened when their number 8 got sin binned for 10 minutes. Biggar now took the initiative and the backs showed nice hands to allow Henry Adams to break out of his own 22 and run the length of the pitch to score a  try converted by Euan Bogle. It was another breakout that lead to the next try and it was down to under 16 , Stuart Forrest who as in the previous week showed tremendous strength , speed and angle running to go over from well out for another try which again was converted by Euan.
Prior to half time and again as a result of good hands and a set piece move Henry Adams went over for his second and converted by Euan Bogle.
Good half from Biggar bit areas needed improved in the 2nd half such as keeping structure as much was far too loose for the coaches. Changes were made for the 2nd half to give everyone game time and a set  move was put to good effect which resulted in Luhann Kotze showing tremendous vision to be on hand to take the final ball and score from a pass from Andrew Jardine.
Too often players were taking the ball on and not offloading early enough which caused breakdowns in the attack.
Along with Henry Adams it was Andrew Jardine who continually was causing Forresters issues in the midfield. If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself and this exactly what  Biggar Colts continue to accomplish each game they play. With the pitch in good order at the Showfield the game kicked off at a high tempo with Biggar gaining ground and taking control at the scrums early on.
From open play Henry Adams kicked behind the opposition backs who just could not turn and get to the ball before Henry was able to kick further ahead and the ball presented itself well for him to score the 1st try which was converted by Euan Bogle. Biggar were dominating in all areas but were not taking full advantage of this due to over eagerness of some especially in the forwards who wanted to pick and go constantly which limited actual structural play.
The next try was from Andrew Nimmo who with the pack bullied up the pitch and with good driving play went over for a try.
Great to see Keir Hamilton back at this best as he really was a thorn in the opposition side all through the 1st half. Biggar knew after this try that they had themselves let Boroughmuir back in due to their own failure to not slow the game down and keep it tight.
At half time the Biggar coaches certainly let the squad know what was not going well and improvements were needed quickly. The improvements did come with a more structured half and a number of tries with no response.
Henry Adams more or less scored a copy cat try to his in the 1st half with his kick and chase game which was converted by Euan Bogle.
Mark Ewart was next on the score sheet with his typical bull dozing run which many find hard to know how to bring him down.
Andrew Jardine who moved to scrum took the ball from the base of a scrum and after throwing a fine dummy breezed over for another converted try by Euan. As the season draws to a close it is hoped that it will result in a Shield Final between Biggar and Currie. It really is fantastic achievement that Biggar continues at Youth level to be a match for anyone.
Biggar Colts gave their all on Saturday and although competing impressively till the final whistle they just couldn't break through Ayr Colts defence enough to win.
The Colts now have to regroup after their National Youth Cup Quarter Final to Ayr in a tense and highly competitive game. In ideal conditions at Millbrae on the main pitch both teams started at ferocious pace and very little was being given to each other. Biggar knew it was going to be tough early on and with a few players not at total match fitness it was going to take a big performance by everyone.
It was however Ayr who got into their stride early on and were being more effective in attack with strong hitting up by their forwards and then after a few phases ball was being moved wide out quickly. Biggar did have opportunities but at times the final pass needed was not being given and sometimes slight hesitation crept in. Where Biggar tried to find gaps , Ayr were very quick to shut it down and so the only areas where opportunities existed was wide out in loose play.
Ayr centre Paxton did however find a gap after clever back play which allowed him to go over for a converted try.
From this Biggar did start to take some initiative and worked well together and were being superbly lead by captain Ross Jackson who was starting to gain good yards.
However wrong decisions were being made and often when the ball was moved to the blindside , Biggar were being well marshalled and were forced out with good defence by Ayr. Biggar had to come out and give it their all in the 2nd half and this they did with Ayr being severely tested and it must have been a major concern to them how much Biggar stuck to it and gave nothing. To watch some players such as William Grieve , Andrew Nimmo and Stuart Affleck giving their all when carrying injuries is testimony to the team spirit within. Scrums were more solid and better lineout ball was being taken which allowed platforms to be set to launch attacks. Ayr must have thought they were going to pull away in this game but it was not to be for them and the half was end to end ferocious mature play. Ayr scored their 4th and last try again with the big boys hitting up and were offloading well to good support who then gained yards to go over for a converted try. Biggar then showed their ability to play and scored a good try well out by Aaron Dobie which was superbly converted by Euan Bogle.
The confidence was there and Biggar put extreme pressure on Ayr for some time but were not putting the ball out quickly enough and it looked rusty at times (team had not played since 12th December)  and so what opportunities given were not being taken. Biggar put in a gutsy determined performance but were overall 2nd best to Ayr when the game was fully analysed.
Biggar need to playing at that level each week and along with the Under 16 team are one of only 4 clubs in Scotland where both Under 16 and Under 18 had got to the National Quarter Finals.
So when one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the next one opening for us. Neil Jones, Andrew Nimmo, Mark Ewart, Keir Hamilton , Craig Shearer, Gavin Rafferty, Kyle Anderson ,Stuart Affleck, William Grieve, Ross Jackson (c) Angus Kerr, Euan Bogle , Andrew Jardine, Simon Denholm, Peter Steele, Marcus Dobie, Aaron Dobie, Henry Adams , Craig Allison, Jack Court, Calum Dunlop and Alex Toal.
Their nearest rivals GHA and Hamilton have both lost 3 games so with only 2 games left for Biggar it can be assumed they are Champions.
On a cold day on Saturday the game kicked off and it became apparent early on that Whitecraigs were going to give them a very stern test as they were very well drilled and organised. Whitecraigs came back at Biggar and managed to gain ground into the Biggar half but only to have the ball ripped from them by ever present Ross Jackson who then broke away to then feed the ball to Peter Steele who then set on a run to go over for a score.
Whitecraigs answered back moving well up the field and when awarded a penalty, they kicked to put their 1st points on the board. Biggar did then answer back and it was down to Keir Hamilton to power over for a well deserved try as he was hungry for the ball throughout the game. Biggar have to take some credit for getting these tries on the board as they were actually struggling in certain areas which were causing problems such as the scrum where they were being pushed off their  own ball and also the line outs which were not often going in their favour. Towards the end of the 1st half the blind side was being exploited well by Biggar and a chip kick by Euan Bogle over the defence heads forced them to turn but not quickly enough and Henry Adams chased at speed to then kick ahead and then be 1st to the try line. Biggar were going to be facing the conditions and instruction was that thus need to be a controlled and structured half.
For a while it was not and it was Whitecraigs who took the upper hand early on to score due to mistake from Biggar on their own line. Yes Biggar did respond with a well taken try following some strong running by the forwards which allowed Mark Ewart to go over. However in Biggars own 22 the type of game wanted was not being implemented and too often mistakes were being made such as running out of their own 22 and then passes were either going astray or knocked on leading to Biggar putting themselves under unnecessary pressure. When Biggar did get out their own 22 they started to show some excellent attack running form Ross Jackson in the forwards and then Andrew Jardine and Henry Adams in the backs. Andrew Jardine broke from his own half with some lovely angle running and then timed his pass perfectly to Henry Adams who came at speed to then run in for another try. With 20 minutes to go Biggar put in their best period of play and were showing better game structure , kicking well out of their own 22 and making the right decisions at the right time.
The next try was scored by Euan Bogle who showed good speed and agility to go over for a fine try.
Andrew Jardine and Henry Adams were linking well at 12 and 15 and this partnership was very much in evidence for the last try when Henry broke and with the defence approaching he passed to Andrew who came in at an angle to then run in for the score. If not they could well put themselves in positions where stronger opposition will fully capitalise. As usual Ross Jackson put in a performance but it although only on for the 2nd half Calum Dunlop came on and ran well with the ball and took some good ball at the line out.
Biggar Colts travelled to Dumfries on Saturday and showed the belief in themselves to again put in the performance required.
They want to make sure that they take all opportunities to improve on the field and they know that they have to do it themselves. With the weather favourable Biggar kicked of with a slight wind advantage but were nor using it to their advantage and in fact had to encounter some effective driving play by Dumfries.
Biggar did weather the storm and from a scrum Ross Jackson at No 8 picked and went and when halted , Henry Adams came running in at speed to take the pass and then run in from 40 yards out to score the 1st try of the day. Biggar should have then taken full control but a total switch off in the centre allowed the Dumfries centre to seize on a loose bouncing ball to make a break and outpace the last defence line.
Biggar now knew they had to take the initiative again and this they did with the ever impressive Kyle Anderson showing tremendous pace and agility to go over for a converted try. This was then followed up with a try  by Peter Steele following some very strong running who was proving hard to bring down. When they did get in the opposition half then the style of attacking play was being utilised well and no more so than when ball was being put to Jack Court who scored an excellent try with fast running and good foot work showing some 3 or 4 sidestep to cause problems to the Dumfries defence.

Although the tries were being scored it was often too lethargic and the back line was not running at speed to be more clinical.
Following this try Jack Court was on hand again to go down the wing from his own half to score again. In the half Ross Jackson and Kyle Anderson were putting in notable performances with Jack Court and Henry Adams in the backs. It was felt that Biggar would certainly put a lot more scores on the board but in fact they had to cope with a Dumfries team who when they put phases of play together were gaining  good yardage. Aaron Dobie again took the last pass from wide out to sneak over in the corner on a narrow pitch. Too often further chances could have been taken wide out but wrong decisions were being made to try and hit up through the middle where it would have been easier just to keep passing out. A feature of the day was that both restart and lineouts were far more clinical and cleanly taken. The final try of the day fell to Henry Adams who received a high ball, attacked and then kicked to space and with his pace was there 1st to take the ball an go over for a fine try. Price of success is hard work, dedication to the job in hand , and the determination , that what ever the outcome , we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand. Although well tested Biggar were still comfortable winners by 48 points to  7 points against a team who arrived with only 14 men who although short ,worked tirelessly through the game . The next half of the league will be tougher as Biggar have to travel to GHA and also their local rivals Hamilton who gave the boys a good test on Saturday at Hartree.
From the start Biggar put pressure on Hamilton who struggled to contain an attack wide where the ball was moved out with simple clear passes and then back in from Aaron Dobie to Andrew Jardine who went in for the 1st score. Hamilton then gave Biggar a severe test with relentless attacks but Biggar held firm and major hits were going in on Hamilton which forced them often to make mistakes and drop ball. Scott Thomson was at the forefront with this and his constant big hits allowed ball to be retrieved and put up the field to ease pressure in Biggars half.
Biggar when back in Hamilton's half put a series of attacks in place and after 3 phases the ball was moved to Andrew Jardine who then put a pass back into the ever present Stuart Affleck who went clear through form some 30 yards out for a try converted by Euan Bogle. Hamilton again returned the pressure and went in for a score when their scrum half found a gap to go over. Hamilton were finding it hard to contain relentless attacks and it was not helped in that with both teams only allowed 7 in the scrum , Biggar had Stuart Affleck positioned in the backs and this advantage was continually taken with strong running from Stuart. Biggar knew they were going to have to cope with the Hamilton  onslaught early in the 2nd half and this they did by turning again their defence into attack.
Henry Adams made a great break from his own 22 and linked with Marcus Dobie who then in turn returned the pass for Henry to go in for a score that really put Biggar in a strong command.
Hamilton did not give up and continually pressurised the Biggar forwards who at times were leaving gaps to allow attacks to proceed but were able to shut it down eventually. Biggar battered up out wide and when 2nd phase ball was put out by Craig Allison to Euan Bogle who found a gap to slice through for a try which he converted . This was a good game of rugby with the forwards making improvements in areas of concern after the GHA game and the backs are proving to be just as effective in defence as in attack. Half way through the league campaign and the its not the individuals who have made it possible but the whole team who have made the difference. Euan Bogle, Marcus Dobie, Andrew Jardine , Alex Denholm, Peter Steele, Rory McGinn, Douglas Hill, Keir Hamilton, Andrew Nimmo, Craig Shearer, Scott Thomson, Kyle Anderson, Ross Jackson, Stuart Affleck, Jack Court, Mark Ewart, Craig Allison, Angus Kerr, Calum Dunlop , Henry Adams, Aaron Dobie , William Grieve, Mark Harrison, Simon Denholm, Alex Toal and Martin Hunter. The Colts are not due to play their next Conference game until 31st October which is a home game against Dunfermline.
The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a teams determination and this they proved again on Saturday with a well fought victory against GHA at Hartree by 41 points to 22 points. On a great day for running rugby and a massive support the game started with both sets of forwards putting some big tackles in and conceding little ground to each other. However Biggar knew that getting the ball wide out would give opportunities and this they exploited with a cross filed kick bouncing and Henry Adams was present to receive and run in to put the 1st score on the board .
As normal Euan Bogle converted and in fact all 5 tries  through the day were converted. Euan also put over 2 penalties early on to keep the score sheet ticking and this really does make a difference for the team.
Biggar responded when Ross Jackson picked up at Number 8 before feeding to the ever present Kyle Anderson who managed to accelerate at pace and side step the defence to go in for a well structured try. No matter where on the park the Biggar team were putting in thundering tackles and you do not need to be the biggest player son the park to do it. Form 2nd phase , Andrew Jardine drew his opposition and created a gap to then feed Stuart Affleck back inside who then exploited a gap to go over.
Biggar as usual responded working together and Ross Jackson was on hand to score after gathering loose ball as a result of continuous pressure put on GHA.
From this point Biggar were wanting to exploit wide out and when Peter Steele was given ball he chose to run and then chip over the defence line and was  their to gather for a great opportunist try . It was actually GHA who had the last score and again their dominant Number 3 was on hand to bully over .
The asset is that those coming onto to the park are just a strong as those they are replacing. The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a teams determination and this they proved again on Saturday with a well fought victory against GHA at Hartree by 42 points to 22 points.
This group of talented boys each week put in every effort to improve and make sure they work for the team not themselves. Its the preparation that they put in that makes the games worthwhile and all the effort was rewarded on Saturday with a convincing away win against Whitecraigs on Saturday by 78 points to 3 points.
On a great day for running rugby and a wide pitch to be exploited , Biggar took the game to Whitecraigs early on and although some strong defence , it was the power of Mark Ewart with some strong running that put the 1st points on the board that was converted by Euan Bogle.
This was to be an excellent display of kicking from Euan who got 9 conversions out of the 12 tries. Biggar although against a sizeable team did not let this hinder them and continually showed great speed and strong play to take the game to Whitecraigs.
Scott Thomson scored the next try taking the ball  from the restart and running in from some 60 yards out. Whitecraigs were not for lying down and put in some strong running and clear ball at the rucks to go into the Biggar 22 to which they were reward a penalty which they opted to kick. Prior to half time Biggar put an other 2 tries on the board with Peter Steele continuing to show strong running going over for a try after receiving the ball from a kick to him. The next was from clever play when the boys took a penalty and from this Douglas Hill switched play to the left to find Mark Ewart who came  at speed and powered over. All the team had certainly put in a shift in this period and credit should be given to those who though not scoring the tries but made it possible such as ever present and strong leader Ross Jackson who along with Kyle Anderson and Stuart Affleck  were putting in some strong tackles and were stopping a lot of Whitecraigs attacks.
Biggar knew that Whitecraigs would have to attack straight away from the restart but were ready for it and in fact took the initiative  themselves and ball was moved out wide where Ross Jackson took the ball and then sped up the field to then feed back inside to Scott Thomson for the try of the match. Another fine try was then credited to Aaron Dobie who was able to run in from 20 yards after the centres created an overlap for him.
Next up Scott Thomson who was putting in a great performance and with his speed and strength he went over . This was a good display by the boys but they know they have to keep training well as the next 2 games will be very competitive against GHA then Hamilton.
Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." Biggar Colts proved this on Saturday by putting a strong and determined performance against Dunfermline away to win their opening league game in the Green Conference by 78 points to 12 points.
This score line did not reflect the game as Dunfermline made it hard work for Biggar in the first half with the 1st 25 minutes tightly contested amongst the forwards. Biggar had to soak up a lot of pressure and the stuck to their job and continued to try and break down the opposition wall. Dunfermline continued to press at Biggar and their forwards who were well drilled got moving and managed to power over for a score . Biggar knew they had to regain the upper hand and started to hit up the park and in turn move the ball wide out to where Marcus Dobie took a pass and ran round his man to score. It was the hard running of Mark Ewart and Scott Thomson who were allowing yardage to be gained and platforms to be set that helped Biggar gain the upper hand.
After some more powerful work the ball was put out to Andrew Jardine who showed great hands and change of foot to score a converted try. From this Biggar were now starting to find gaps in the Dunfermline defence and Scott Thomson took a pass from Rory McGinn to break through and indeed run some yards to score a converted try.
One are of play that Biggar were showing well in was defence and it was Rory McGinn at stand off who was putting in numerous vital tackles to contain Dunfermline. The next try was really just down to good hands from the backs and with Andrew Jardine finding space he was able to go over for a converted try just prior to half time. The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side and with a good squad on the day Biggar were able to bring on boys just as strong as those leaving the field and that matters. Henry Adams came on and instantly made his mark with strong running up the field passing to Peter Steele who in turn passed back to Henry who then crossed over for a converted try. Biggar then came into a part of the game where they put 3 more tries in quickly with Scott Thomson (Silver Fox) who had been excellent all day with his strong running scoring 2 more to get this hat trick.
Euan Bogle then put in a well angled cross filed kick which bounced and the Jack Court timed his run to grab and run in form half way to put Biggar into a commanding position. All the squad were now being used and although there was many changes it was not in any way altering or hindering the team display.
A quick tap penalty was taken by Peter Steele who was on hand to take the final pass again after it went through a few players.
The last score was from Henry Adams who again showed great support play to be on hand for the last score converted.
Coaches were pleased after the game but again feel there is certain areas still to work on and this will be continued at training .
Back Row of Ross Jackson, Kyle Anderson and Stuart Affleck who were ever present in doing the rucking and defensive work. In the backs Rory McGinn put in both an impressive defensive and attacking display along with Andrew Jardine and Peter Steele showing their class. One area of the game which was pleasing to see was the decision making at Number 8, 9 and 10 with Ross Jackson as captain showing strong and clear leadership. With a week to go before the league campaign starts , Biggar Colts were looking to build on the previous week and put in a good performance against Hamilton in a pre season friendly. The match was split into 3 sections to allow the coaches to switch players and look at different combinations. In the 1st period Hamilton fielded a strong line up and it was indeed a close fought period with both teams cancelling each other out.
The Biggar back line was totally revamped and the rest of the forwards who did not start came on. Biggar moved down the park with strong running and then were using the blind side to exploit with Douglas Hill putting the ball out to Ross Jackson who positioned himself right on the touch line to then take the pass and storm up the blind with no defence to face for a try.
Biggar were now in control and Andrew Jardine broke through to then offload to Ross Jackson outside him to go over for another try which was converted by Euan Bogle. The last try of this period was from a stolen lineout close to the Hamilton line and William Grieve took the chance to go over from the drive. Right from the start Biggar took the upper hand with Scott Thomson going over due to a loose ball. Ross Jackson was ever present as always , Mark Ewart was making his mark with his bull runs which allowed him to gain yards while William Grieve and Kyle Anderson forming a strong duo in defence.
In the backs Andrew Jardine and Rory McGinn were causing problems but too often the last passes in moves was not going to hand or players were not putting the last  pass away at the right time. Stuart Affleck was  putting in his best performance to date with his running and it was down to him with the last try for Biggar as he stormed up the field before passing to Andrew Jardine who went over for a converted try. Hamilton did not give up and indeed produced some good play which was stopped by Scott Thomson initially but later their Number 8 found a gap and went over for a converted try. The Girls U-15's and Boys S1 squads meanwhile journeyed to Carrick and East Kilbride respectively for a matches which they both eventually won comfortably.
The real strength of the team was shown late on in the game, when Carrick encamped on our goal line for almost 5 mins, but determined defending resulted in Biggar eventually running out of their own 22, and scoring a further try.
Special thanks to Ewan Hannah who volunteered to play for the opposition for the last 20 minutes.
Pictured above are several of the award winners from this years Micro and Mini and sections. The Mini section held their annual presentation on Sunday but without their eldest representatives the P7 group, many of whom are in France with the Primary school.
Following on the heels of the other very successful presentation events, this latest day was well attended by players and their parents and grand parents. The plan to play some games and have some fun at The Showfield were delayed somewhat as the heavens well and truly opened just as the players were preparing to leave the clubhouse.
The Club has around 6 tickets for Saturday's Pro 12 final match at Murrayfield still available. A great night with a contrasting variety of speeches but demonstrating that despite the very serious way in which our Colts and their coaches take their rugby, its good fun for all involved. The contractors have now moved in on the new pitches and the results are there for all to see. They have also undertaken some remedial work on our exisiting pitches to ensure we have a decent surface for the start of next season - remember the new pitches won't be ready until October at the earliest - we cannot get access to ANY grass area at Hartree Mill. On the 1st of May Biggar S1s took their first trip to the seaside visiting Ayr to pit themselves against another team from the Presidents Conferance. When the squad started to play, win rucks, press the opposition and cover for each other on the wings the momentum was decisive.
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The applied nature of the course requires students to solve real-world social problems through the CIP, developing research and group project-management skills to tackle these problems. If you’re planning to follow the teaching route, this course leads smoothly into primary or secondary education-based courses such as Schools Direct or PGCE. Recent graduates have gone on to work in local education, or for sport providers such as Sport Hampshire and Isle of Wight, Solent Sport, and the Saints Foundation as sport development officers, coaches, camp managers and teachers. All successful applicants will be required to undertake a criminal record check, processed through the Disclosure and Barring Service. Alternative entry to the course is available through the Sport, Event and Tourism Foundation Year.
English language requirements Applicants who do not have English as their first language will be required to demonstrate an approved level of proficiency in the use of the English language.
Qualifications are checked before enrolment, and international students must bring their original certificates or certified copies when coming to study at the University.
Bursaries and scholarships Southampton Solent University offers a range of scholarships that provide financial assistance or waive fees for tuition or accommodation. Nearly all schools and colleges offer their students the facility of applying electronically through the UCAS website using 'Apply'; it may also be used by those applying independently in the UK and overseas.
Your application should reach UCAS by January if you hope to enter a course the following autumn.
Student welfare Southampton Solent University is committed to giving you the best possible educational experience during your time with us. Cookies and Southampton Solent UniversityWe need to place cookies on your computer to ensure your browsing experience with us is enhanced. Since the Coach Development Programme (CDP) was launched at the beginning of 2010, this is the second course that has been especially tailored for BMX and mountain bike coachesThe course participants will take part in practical workshops given by Thomas Allier, WCC BMX coach and BMX World Champion in 1998 and 2000, and Chantal Daucourt, mountain bike coach and triple European Champion (1991, 1993 and 1997) as well as World Championships bronze medallist in 1995. However, for many organisations the key questions still remain – is mobile learning here to stay? This intensive five day course ensures that your in-house trainers can confidently plan, develop and deliver customer service training programmes throughout your business.
Appropriate for new call centre recruits and more experienced operators, wishing to fine-tune their skills. Ensure they understand how they can actively contribute to lead generation and nurturing potential customers. A good workplace coach can lead to increased employee engagement, lower turnover and improved performance. This intensive five day course will ensure that your in-house trainers will be confident to plan, develop and deliver sales training programmes. Whilst many frontline staff might not feel comfortable with what they regard as “selling” they are very happy to talk to customers, understand their needs and suggest solutions. Suitable for those moving into key account management or wishing to improve their key account management skills. Ideal for those new to sales management or for a refresher course for more experienced managers. A penalty kick awarded to Currie went wide and this was their only opportunity to get any points in the 1st half. Currie had their chances but down to a mix of excellent tackling turning defence into attack and not putting their chances way it was a continual tussle up front. Everyone of these boys played their part and each made their own input that together achieved so much. The boys did not disappoint and came away with a 47 points to 0 points win against a well drilled forward pack but who could not cope with the speed and skill of their opponents. The strength of the team is the team and the continued work rate they put in makes sure that they all play an equal part.
The backs were not immune to this as they were kicking at the wrong times and often when good overlaps were being created.
Scott Thomson was also showing mature positioning in attack coming at speed behind the centres.
Andrew was having a fine game with his ever present attack and defence which opposition find it hard to cope with. These two teams are easily amongst the top teams in Scotland and it will be an interesting encounter.
This was close encounter between 2 top Scottish Teams and Ayr knew they were in a game right till the end. Henry Adams was giving them problems with kick and chases which was forcing them to constantly turn round. Ayr knew they had been in a game and their coaches felt that Biggar gave them an enormous test that many of the teams in the Presidents League had not given them. Indeed those other 3 Clubs , Ayr, Stirling and Highland have large catchment areas to draw on and so great credit must be given to Biggar. With the forwards now in full control Calum Dunlop went on a run and then a well timed pass was put to Henry Adams who then ran in from half way to score his 3rd try of the day. Coaches Barr, Murray and Hill are clear that to be prepared for up and coming harder games the boys have still vital areas needing addressed. For a player who did not play all of last season, Henry Adams has come back with a new found energy and inspiration that culminated in a excellent attacking performance at full back on Saturday.
Biggar should have now been in a position to clearly demonstrate structured rugby but in fact they tried to play open rugby in their own half that actually caused themselves problems and continual errors. Not only in attack was Kyle present but it is ability to disrupt the opposition play with his strong tackling and ball pinching. GHA knew they had to keep the ball tight in the forwards and from clean lineout ball they powered over to keep themselves in the game. What was impressive was that most of the kicks were from wide out and he continues to impress many with this vital asset in the team. Rucks were being well secured allowing Douglas Hill at scrum half to have control and put good ball out to the backs who used it well with some lovely play and thinking to put Henry Adams in for the next try. Then some 3 minutes later Stuart Affleck too the ball at the line out and found a gap to allow him to run 40 yards to score. Craig Shearer has definitely shown impressive improvement and takes good ball at the line out. Aaron and Marcus are two quality wingers and characters who will stop anything coming towards them. The attacking threat came from all areas and this helped produced 12 tries while only conceding 2 . Dunfermline were putting some big tackles especially coming from their impressive back row. This they did by putting their 1st try on the board from strong running form Peter Steele out on the wing who broke through some tackles to go in for a try converted by Euan Bogle.
Stuart Affleck was continually testing Hamilton and was gaining yardage throughout the period. As the period was near completion Biggar were rewarded with the 1st score after a good build up of forwards hitting up the ball was put out to the backs but although it was erratic play Euan Bogle was able to capitalise on some space to go over for an unconverted try. Hamilton also made changes but unfortunately could not cope with the  continual strong running of Mark Ewart. Not only was Scott ever present all day but his defence was ferocious and made a real difference. We currently have teams in S1, S2, Under 15 and Under 16 age categories, as well as an Under 16 girls team. Biggar dominated play, despite the loss of captain Sarah Denholm after 14mins play with a suspected dislocation to her knee. The first 15 minutes were closely contested at 3 trys all but Biggar kept working hard and eventually scored 12 more trys without conceding any more to end the game winners 15-3.
Then the fightback began firstly with a wingers try from Fraser Simpson followed up with a mazy run and try from Ross Henderson.
Again Biggar fought back with a determined drive from Connor Lister and then Jonathan Smith. This was an excellant tough performance and given the squad was a couple of players short of full strength all the more satisfying. Students can build a strong grounding in the principles of coaching in areas such as sociology, management, policy studies, and sport development and are encouraged to put this into practice by seeking work experience through volunteering or work placements. With its focus on combining theory with practical skills, Southampton Solent’s sport coaching and development degree will help give you the knowledge and confidence to begin your career in sport coaching, development or teaching. If you are studying at a university which does not have a partnership agreement with us, then you could apply to study at Solent under our Study Abroad programme. The course opens many pathways into this exciting industry, giving you an opportunity to help shape sports coaching and development in the UK.
Assessed group activities build teamwork and time-management skills, while your practical coaching experience will help boost your confidence and presentation skills. For graduates in 2015, there is no charge to attend graduation, but you will be required to pay for the rental of your academic gown (approximately £42 per graduate, depending on your award).
As such we have a number of support services and policies set up covering funding, careers and employability, chaplaincy, counselling, international advice, student affairs, key academic skills, disability support and general student advice.
Please continue browsing as normal if you are happy for cookies to be placed on your computer. It is suitable for recent graduates through to those new to a frontline role, or who have spent less than one year in customer service.
Currie were not being allowed to  put set moves from their backs into play as both Andrew Jardine and Rowan Stewart were stalling many attacks. Currie did get a reward for their efforts with their big pack hitting up well and then it was popped to their number 8 for him to barge over for a converted try.
They might have had the biggest team but it was Biggar who had the hearts in never lying down at any point.
This group of boys have worked so hard for each other in this league campaign which culminated in another win to now be in a position to have won the Green Conference (needs clarification). It took some time before Biggar exploited wide out and William Grieve ran down the wing some 40 yards out and with a change of pace and inside step he went over for a try converted by Euan Bogle. Euan throughout the day put in another impressive display converting 7 of the 9 tries from varying positions. This was to be a day for Henry as he shone throughout the game and it is rewarding for him after being out of rugby for a lengthy period due to injury.
The gradual incorporation of full rugby union rules over the different age grades makes Midi rugby the perfect stepping stone for progression onto under 18s rugby and then to the senior game. At the end of the first period of 20 minutes the score was 9 - 6 to the hosts but Biggar thought they were on the ascendency. With one effort from each side  converted the score at the end of the second period was 16 - 13. Next Biggar started to zip the ball across the pitch with some great handling, probing for gaps with hard running on the wings from numerous players.
Studying for a degree in sport coaching and development at Southampton Solent can help students tap into the employment opportunities in this growing sector.
The aim of the CDP is to create a global network of coaches who are capable of guiding their riders through to the highest level.a€?The person managing the programme is WCCa€™s Coach Education Manager Keith Flory.
Daryl broke off the wing and through the middle off loaded from a tackle to Euan and eventually giving space for Archie Damer to go through the middle under the posts. Graduation is not compulsory, so if you prefer to have your award sent to you, there is no cost. University facilities You will have access to a modern, comfortable and efficient environment in which to study, following our extensive refurbishment and modernisation over recent years. He explains: a€?The CDP provides an opportunity for coaches from throughout the world to gain new skills and knowledge, whilst also refining their current practices on the BMX track and mountain bike trails. Ayr replied with a converted try but the game momentum had shifted and another run near the wing saw Fraser get over for his second. Some key facilities include Mountbatten library, a wide variety of sports and watersports facilities, plus superb IT and media facilities. Our aim is to develop coaches who have the expertise to work with riders and maximise their performance potential.
Then the forwards set up various position's and Jonathan got over for 2 more with the score ending 20 - 29 to Biggar. Living in Southampton Southampton is a vibrant student city and studying at Solent means that you will be at the very heart of the action.
Once the course is finished, coaches are able to keep in contact with each other and with the WCC, which provides on-going support for any specific questions or problems.The course beginning in September will be held in English.

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