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Nothing personal against Jimmy Haslam, and he’s entrenched as the owner, but facts are facts. Well there’s Josh McCown, the soon-to-be 37-year-old journeyman, who parlayed a competent season with Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery and Martellus Bennett into one of the more unusual late-career revivals we’ve seen at the quarterback position.
The group just fired was reportedly “so done” with Johnny Manziel after repeated off-field issues involving alcohol.
Let’s put it this way — no one in the greater Cleveland area would be mad if the team drafted a quarterback in Round 1.
The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the most well-run organizations in the NFL, and have had three head coaches… since Neil Armstrong walked on the moon in 1969. As if they aren’t enough of a perennial intra-division road-block, the Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals have become other models of stability and annual success.
A few other veterans could be let go to free more cash — like Paul Kruger, Tramon Williams, Karlos Dansby, Brian Hartline, and the aforementioned McCown — but the more players cut, the more barren the roster will be in 2016. For having a decent amount of cap space, there’s not much financial flexibility.
Whiffing on multiple first-round picks over the past few years doesn’t exactly bode well here.
Immense talent Josh Gordon returns at wide receiver in 2016, but he’s set to become a free-agent after the season and his troubled past makes him a risky long-term commodity. The offensive line has strong pieces, but center Alex Mack is currently on a one-year, franchise-tag deal and the ultra-reliable Joe Thomas just turned 31.
There are certainly worse rosters in the NFL, but not many. Given the rash of recent head coach and GM firings, unsolved quarterback situation, a roster filled with rather expensive, back-loaded veteran contracts, and the teams’ division rivals, the Browns’ gig is… let’s say, dangerous. Jim Harbaugh was fired in 2014 after missing the playoffs following three consecutive trips to the NFC title game. Colin Kaepernick went from a quarterback who looked to potentially have the ability to revolutionize the position to… benched for Blaine Gabbert.
The Arizona Cardinals have one of the game’s most creative, fun-loving coaches in Bruce Arians.
GM Trent Baalke has it right — basically, his draft philosophy revolves around getting as many picks as possible so he has more rolls at the craps table. NaVorro Bowman is still one of the best linebackers in football, and Carlos Hyde has the talent to be a Top 10 running back. Aaron Lynch is an burgeoning stud as a pass-rusher, and Torrey Smith can stretch any defense. The Eagles’ ownership hasn’t played musical chairs every season or two like some have, but Chip Kelly was axed in three seasons and just one year after he was given full control of the roster.
The Dallas Cowboys are closer to rebuilding than they are to legitimately contending, and the same can be said for the New York Giants.
With the offseason officially here for the non-playoff teams, the Eagles have just under $17 million in cap space.
Sanchez and wideout Riley Cooper may be the two most obvious releases — and they’d free $6.4 million.
In the defensive front seven, there’s a small but exciting collection of young talent, led by versatile defensive lineman Fletcher Cox.

Mychal Kendricks is an explosive linebacker and Brandon Graham is one of the most underrated edge-rushers in the NFC. Shockingly, the offensive side of the ball slowly deteriorated under Kelly’s watch and a team that boasted the most athletic, routinely punishing offensive line just a few years ago needs to be rebuilt. The roster isn’t terrible, but about half the NFC has more impressive groups heading into 2016. Stephen Ross has made a variety of head-coach and GM hires that have flopped over the past decade, but there’s no worry of a sale and the past shows ownership will give an adequately long leash. He’ll be 28 in July, so there’s hope he’ll improve… or is it foolish to hope for development at this juncture of his career?
While the Dolphins don’t have a stroll in the park to win the division, finishing second is certainly doable. Depending on your view of Tannehill, the Dolphins roster is either above-average or right around playoff caliber.
There are some important free-agent decisions ahead, but the defensive line is oozing with talent — led by expensive chip Ndamukong Suh — and Reshad Jones is the most under-appreciated safety in the league. Sizable holes exist on the offensive line, in the linebacking corps and in the secondary, but a handful of clubs wish they had as much top-end talent as Miami. Giants ownership is as stable as any in NFL, and that’s a major boon for the organization when it comes to luring a fine head coach. Eli Manning has two Super Bowl rings, but he flashes inconsistency as much as he flashes brilliance and just turned 35. The quarterback spot shouldn’t be labeled as a weakness for the Giants, but a contingency plan needs to be formulated very soon… unless it is to be believed that Ryan Nassib is the future under center. Heading into the offseason, the G-Men have $35.3 million in cap space, the seventh-most in the NFL. The chance of an ownership change in the near future is the only issue with the Titans job. Marcus Mariota had typical rookie-quarterback issues in 2015, yet he demonstrated his tremendous upside on more than a few occasions in his first year as a pro. On the surface, mainly due to Tennessee’s recent lack of success, it’d appear that the club’s roster is horrendous.
Outside the most important asset — Mariota — there’s an underrated group of youthful talent with All-Pro potential.
Brian Orakpo’s there, so is Derrick Morgan, and Taylor Lewan started to look like a franchise left tackle in the latter stages of his second pro season. Upgrades are needed in the secondary and on the offensive line, but overall, there is perhaps more talent than the record indicates. Add in the absolute lack of pressure like in Philly or New York or San Francisco or, maybe, even Cleveland and there’s a strong case to be made that Tennessee is the best available job in the NFL. He’s now fired three head coaches and three general managers since buying the Browns for $1 billion in 2012.
Even in the slight chance that all the outrageous rumors and stories have been exaggerated or are patently untrue, the former Heisman-winning quarterback has shown essentially nothing that indicates he’ll be a successful NFL quarterback on the field. Ozzie Newsome has been the Ravens’ GM since the team moved to Baltimore in 1996, and John Harbaugh has been the head coach since 2008.

Cutting Donte Whitner would free just under $4 million, and the release of Dwayne Bowe would lead to another $3.4 million being made available. The defense, especially in the secondary, is devoid of star players outside of the up-and-down play of cornerback Joe Haden. However, what ultimately occurred with the two most recent head coaches would definitely create a cause for major concern. The Seattle Seahawks have been the pillar of accomplishment in the NFC over the past five seasons and the St. An unprecedented wave of early retirements really stung San Francisco’s roster, and there aren’t many stars on either side of the ball. Because the NFC East has four teams in four of the biggest markets in the NFL and will always get massive publicity. The Jets had a fantastic, 10-win season, but are in win-now mode and are a few pieces away from being ready to contend for the next five years. Will he be with $9.9 million in 2016, or should he be cut to save the team another $6 million? After that, there aren’t many legitimate stars on the Giants roster, depending on how Jason Pierre-Paul is to be viewed long-term.
While there haven’t been any substantiated reports of a sale in 2016 or 2017, there’s been speculation about it.
Defensive lineman Jurell Casey just got an extension and is incredibly disruptive. Dorial Green-Beckham showed shades of Brandon Marshall down the stretch as a rookie. Marvin Lewis is the longest-tenured head coach in the NFL outside of Bill Belichick, and the Bengals have gone to the playoffs in each of the past five seasons. Louis Rams… uhhh, they may be on their way to Los Angeles, but they certainly have a strong defensive line and a budding superstar in Todd Gurley.
Sure, he’s a talented pass-catching tight end but if released, he’d make $7.5 million available.
Robert Ayers is an underrated defensive lineman, and center Weston Richburg was sound as the team’s trench anchor in 2015. If he can stay healthy, Kendall Wright is a slippery slot receiver and Delanie Walker has quietly become one of the most productive pass-catching tight ends in the league in Nashville. You will never see any writer in the entire country, write as hard as I will write the rest of the season. In fact, the scariest team in the near-future is probably the Jacksonville Jaguars, and they still have significant issues on defense.
And you will never see someone push the rest of the team as hard as I will push everybody the rest of the season.

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coaching jobs available in arkansas

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