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Chris Petersen has left for greener, Starbucks-ier pastures - a coaching move that is literally minutes old. Harsin will be the name floated around most often by Boise State fans because he is somewhat beloved for his contributions to the Golden Era.
Coach K has long been singled out as the Next Assistant to Leave because of his wizardry with coaching up some pretty stellar Bronco defenses.
Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Buffer Print EmailThis is the question that many Husky fans will have this season. Boise State pretty much ran the table in their conference for many years under Peterson and always squawked about not getting the respect they deserved.
I could be totally wrong, but with the track record of past Boise State coaches at the next level I don’t think I will be incorrect. In today’s competitive athletic world, coaching by a sport’s expert can make all the difference in how fast and effectively you achieve your goals. Coaches: The private coaches who list their services on the CoachUp platform take advantage of CoachUp’s digital marketing, scheduling, payment processing, client review gathering, and individual profile pages to find new clients and manage their private coaching business. Tech Cocktail: Who are CoachUp’s competitors and how does your startup differentiate from them?
CoachUp was a featured startup at our Tech Cocktail Boston Startup Showcase + Sessions event. Jeff Tong is a social media strategist in Washington DC and has been a long-time contributor at Tech Cocktail. Coach Rick Giampietri is shown during practice at Central Valley High School in August 2012. It’s hard to believe, but Rick Giampietri can’t remember the last time he had to hire an assistant football coach for his Central Valley staff. The fact that his staff has, for the most part, stayed together and enter their 22nd season when practice opens Wednesday is astonishing. Rick Giampietri had already spent 22 years as an assistant coach under Jerry Connors, including a decade at CV, when he was hired to be the head coach.
Tim Connors had been an assistant with Giampietri at Lewis and Clark and CV under Jerry Connors and stayed on.
Steve Kent was a late arrival – joining the staff in 1998 after stepping down as head coach at West Valley for 13 seasons.

When you add up the accumulated coaching experience this group has amassed, you quickly discover that you’re talking in terms of centuries and not just decades. Giampietri insists that his formula was simple: find good people and trust them to do their jobs according to their overall philosophy. The coach said he has always enjoyed getting together with his staff outside of football, and he’s nurtured his relationships by being a friend and mentor.
Sloan, the head boys basketball coach, credits his relationship with Giampietri as the foundation of his coaching philosophy. In terms of numbers, Hillary Clinton’s victory over Bernie Sanders in the Washington Presidential Primary was pretty decisive. Washington State's nonconference schedule in men's basketball for the 2016-17 season features some new tests for the Cougars, who will play just one repeat opponent from last season.
If you recall, Harsin was one of the first Boise State coaches to get the full-on airport stalking treatment when he was interviewing for the Texas OC job. He left Boise State for Tennessee, realized that was a dead end, and landed in Washington where he has more than held his own as one of the West's best defensive coordinators. Boise State hired from within with Petersen and with Dan Hawkins, so it is well within the realm of possibilities that Kwiatkowski is considered to continue the trend. Would I want to go back to working for the Idaho Press-Tribune now that I've tasted from the sweet, sweet money tree of blogging? It can be relatively difficult to search and identify industry expert coaches who are also willing to coach you, but it doesn’t have to be (sorry, but winning your family reunion softball team doesn’t make you an expert).
As the nation’s leading private sports coaching company, CoachUp has over 7000 coaches in 50+ sports across the country. CoachUp provides an easy and effective way of finding a qualified and background-checked private coach.
You'll find Jeff at tech events, foodie hangouts, and possibly snorkeling somewhere tropical. The fact that they will likely pick up their 150th win together this season is a testament to their effectiveness. As a North Central grad who played football at Eastern Washington State College, Giampietri had a host of football connections to work from and he surrounded himself with people he knew and who had a wealth of experience. Brother Sam Giampietri had been a head coach at Republic, Pomeroy and Chewelah when he joined the staff, and Rick Sloan, Steve Bernard, Barry Poffenroth and Chuck Bowden are each a CV head coach in their own right.

Seems like just yesterday Koetter's name was in the ring for NFL head coaching jobs, but there is a lot to say for the draw of the Boise area. Husky fans were happy with the hire, but to many their happiness was a bit tempered because going from Boise State to a major college football conference is definitely a challenge for any coach. Sure Nevada had a couple of decent teams and beat Boise State a couple of times, but that was really the only competition they had.
Washington is a phenomenal school and  Husky Stadium is one of kind in terms of the crowd and the scene right off of Lake Washington. That they all maintain their passion for both the game and the young people who play it is remarkable only if you’ve never watched Giampietri on the practice field.
We still take golf trips to Canada together – when we do Rick and I spend the whole time talking football and our wives enjoy being together and talk about something else.
Seeing Peterson coach against inferior competition gave me a false sense of what he could actually do against quality competition every week. Could it be that Boise State and it’s competition schedule create a false sense of security for coaches coming out of there? If Peterson can not sell that atmosphere up there, he will be a failure, and I for one rather doubt he can do that. But you can do that and let them know that you’re still their friend and you’re still there for them. The proof will be in the wins he brings to Washington and that WILL not be easy considering they are in the Pac-12 North division. The Oklahoma win was the most memorable due to the hook and ladder play, followed by the statue of liberty play. The other thing that will work against Peterson is that Husky fans are not the most patient fans around. They demand quality and wins and will move onto the next coach if Peterson does not produce.

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