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Coaching Philosophy is a set of values, governing principles and beliefs, which determine why you do what you do and how you behave in the context of your coaching role. Your philosophy should be a long term project, in which you never stop learning and adding to along the way. My philosophy teaches success is many different ways, getting a group of kids to play together, as a team, play to their very best, and reach their ultimate potential while having fun. The greatest managers in the world all stick to what the believe in and instill that into their players. If a clubs has a philosophy and sticks by it, then a coach who is serious about developing his players will benefit from this.
It is the clubs responsibility to challenge the players and progress them to the next level.
To often what happens within the club is coaches stay with the same year group each year, without a clear idea of what they need to teach in order to progress the players.
Having a proper philosophy will attract people to your club, you only have to look at some of the best youth soccer clubs in Ireland and see why they are attracting good coaches and players.
I read a lot of Horst Wein books and use his Guided Discovery way of teaching, a teaching model where students learn through explorations, but with directions from the coach, these I believe is a great method for coaching. I coach players to play not to win but to give their very best and when you do this they win most of the times.
I always strive to make my session an enjoyable experience that both develop skills, game intelligence and provide positive life long memories for every player involved. By making a distinction between which values you want to have, but could perform your coaching role without, and those which you must have, you are able to evaluate how your coaching behavior is impacted by these values. Many players can talk about a coach who they did not feel had shown the correct behaviour nor treated their players well and as such, you may use these coaches as a reminder of what type of coach you want to become. What are your Coaching Motives – The reasons why you took up coaching will affect how you coach. Your Knowledge – The more knowledgeable you are as a coach, the more options you will have available to you to plan and deliver effective sessions. You will then develop a style that you are comfortable with, every coach has a coaching style which is largely defined by their Behavioral Style (Personality). Your philosophy will be ideas that determine everything you do as a coach; from how you speak to your players, how you handle the parents and communicate your coaching style. As you gain more and more experience coaching, your style of play might change but how your direct and coach the kids, your core values and beliefs as a person should stay the same. If you start you use words and actions taken from other coaches, that are not consistent with you, the players will expect the same in the future.
Repeating the same things over and over again until the players themselves are the ones repeating it back to you.
If a club does not have a philosophy or fails to stick to it’s beliefs then they are on the road to failure and disruption within the club.
They have a philosophy and someone who makes sure it is adhere to, this in turns creates the culture and ethos of the club and improves the performance of all the members. I want every player to enjoy their experience as part of the team; everyone on the team is expected to put the best interest of the team first, before any thought is given to individual accomplishments. For me it’s about getting a group of kids to play together, as a team, give their very best regardless of the score, play with desire, and reach their ultimate potential while having fun. I firmly believe in repetition as a key tool to prepare players to be the best they can be. I try to instill in every player, that hard work pays off and the harder players work, the more they will achieve. Goals should be challenging enough to require players to extend beyond their present skill level, they must look to improve year on year and develop game intelligence. When they make mistakes I’ll give them feedback in terms of advice or instruction to help them improve, but always looking for the positives from every outcome and always guided by what they think and say.

It is a critical component of any coaches careers and if you want to be impactful, we are always learning and evolving. The lessons we learn outside our coaching courses as well as on our courses will allow us gain a better idea of what we want from our coaching. The list of what different coaches’ value is as diverse as there are different types of coaches. Some coaches may be extroverted, outgoing and lively in their approach to coaching, while others may be more introverted and go about their coaching in a quiet, calm manner.
Understanding the behaviour you wish to exhibit consistently, how you wish to conduct yourself, how this behaviour will impact on your players and the results of this impact, you can then create a the foundations to control your conduct in your coaching role.
This is a big part of your coaching philosophy and should link to where you discovered your core values in relation to being a coach. This is linked to your values, people will always keep score and define success by what you have won but defining what truly is success is often not a simple matter of who has more goals at the end of a game.
This in turn will allow more coaches and the club to create a clearer development path for their players, therefore allowing coaches to set more effective, measurable and attainable long and short term goals. Knowing the way you want your team to play provides a clearer outlook on how to structure your sessions and what you work on over the season.
If you have a philosophy, the only thing that should change is what you believe in, never try to be anyone else.
If you expect your kids to behave in a certain with respect and dignity then you too must also behave the same.
Everything you do will rub off on the players, that’s why it is so important to stick to your philosophy.
Each and every club should have a clear pathway from the small kiddies in the academy all the way to the senior team, this will be the key to the success, not to mention the respect the club gets amongst it’s pears and within the community.
That’s why the philosophy should be the same from bottom to top in order to develop and maximise each and every playing members ability.
Either way the players are the ones who are losing out and soon will be come disheartened with the game and give up altogether. I’ll always start with the fundamentals, work on techniques and individual skills and teach team defense in depth. While being successful is a goal for everyone, at the same time each player should focus on effort – not outcome. So it is important once you have established your values, to identify which are your most critical values to you.
Personality does not matter, provided that appropriate actions and behaviours are maintained, which relate to the every single situation. A coach lacking in knowledge may come across as low in confidence and may be perceived as lacking skills or the ability of knowing how to deal with certain situations, they will more than often have a direct approach to coaching and not very good at listening. Essentially understanding you coaching style will help you to comprehend you motivations, the environment you perform best in, and how you communicate best with your players. The dropout of kids in Irish sport is huge and one of the main reasons is because their mentors haven’t a notion what they are doing nor do they ever intend too. I take every opportunity to coach and demonstrate teamwork, sportsmanship and respect for everyone, starting with the coaches, teammates and the opposition. Most coaches learn from others, they are usually the example of what to do or what not to do. Every session was planned always with a different possession exercise that challenged the kids both physically and mentally.
Having a plan for the season you will give you clearer idea on what goals you want to achieve as individuals and as a team.
Every child must appreciate each other, respecting each another is fundamental part of my philosophy. Combining several Age-Old health care modalities together we tailor fit yourA individual wellness needs and goals.

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