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Wenzel Coaches have been helping athletes since 1994 with their fitness and performance goals and issues.
Join myself, Charlie Sharpe for a week of trail running and coaching later in 2015 in southern Spain. If the week sounds like something you might be after, use the contact form below and Charlie will be in touch to have a chat with you about different options available and to see if it's going to fit your needs.
Angelina has worked with all levels of athletes from Olympic competitors to those who just want to get in shape, stay fit, and have fun.
Angelina was a NCAA D1 competitor at Florida State University (FSU) for xc AND track - the team were 3 time D1 national champions and the girls won 2 bronze and a silver on the women's side for xc. As a former medical assistant of physical therapy for three summers with Spine West, in south Boulder, Angelina has developed an adept capacity to be pro-active towards preventing sports injury as well as knowledge of rehabilitation techniques.
Her coaching motto is, a€?ita€™s never too late to become what you might have beena€? and loves inspiring and motivating athletes to meet their individual goals.
I’m home from the whirlwind coaching tour of Ontario and Quebec including Toronto, Kingston, Ottawa, and Montreal. The flight from Calgary to Toronto on Sunday was thankfully uneventful as was the taxi ride from the airport to the hotel. On Monday, I woke up bright and early and met my hosts for the week, Benoit and Trish from In-Sport Fashions. After our personal coaching session, we said goodbye to Christine and headed towards Ottawa for our third coaching event of the trip.
From weight loss to beginning riding and racing, to personal records, to World Championship competition, we’ve been there. September 19th to 26th I've combined my knowledge and experience from over 4000 miles of races and years of successfully coaching hundreds of clients in my training business, into an intensive coaching week where we will discover together what it takes to take your performance to the next level. Most meals are included too so aside from any souvenirs or odd snacks and drinks that you fancy you'll be taken care of.
In the past five years, she has coached 14 running programs consisting of youth, mastera€™s, and high school athletes alike. As a medical assistant, she rehabilitated patients, performed diet assessments, advised on nutrition regimes, instructed in core work, assisted administrative duties, and much more. She is assistant cross country coach for Niwot High Scool - the girls team won the regional cross country championship, with one of the girls winning the individual tile as well (2010).

Angelina has been an assistant coach for 2 women's running camps in 2010, and has impressed with her boundless enthusiasm, energy and teaching skills. It was warm, sunny, and a whole lot more humid than I’m used to in my somewhat desert-like Calgary area. We shared a lovely breakfast at the hotel before heading out to Red Point Ventures for our first coaching event.
I quickly went through some theory on the biomechanics of running, foot anatomy, and the common forms of their running and their common injuries. Benoit, Trish, and Christine were excellent students who each achieved Natural Running form in less than an hour of coaching. We had lots of time so had a leisurely lunch in the sun on a patio beside a number of changing busking musicians.
In the morning, I was introduced to the wonderful staff and immediately felt like part of the family. Thank you Benoit and Trish for everything and thank you again In-Sport for making the trip possible. Wenzel Coaching provides road, cyclocross, mountain bike and triathlon coaching and clinics for clubs of all sizes, abilities and ages. I've teamed up with local runners who live out in Spain and have an amazing knowledge of the area to ensure we hit the best spots. If you're not sure, please just ask, I'll personally be jumping on the phone with each applicant to check we're a good fit and to ensure this really is going to be a great week for you, There's no pressure to 'keep up with everyone else' nobody will be left behind in the hills! I hung out at the hotel, reviewed my coaching presentations, and went to bed early that night to get as much rest as I could before the busy schedule for the following days.
There we met Christine, our Toronto host, and set up the showroom with the TV and treadmill for that morning’s event. The audience had a wide range of backgrounds from new runners, experienced runners new to minimalist footwear, and experienced minimalist runners.
It’s always interesting to me how within small groups, each person will have their own aspect of form they need to focus on. Our Ottawa coaching event was at Sports4 for a staff presentation on an Introduction to Natural Running. We set up the TV and treadmill again for the morning’s presentation and group coaching event.

She has an extensive background in coaching, sports journalism, and in both competing and training for cross country, road-racing, and track and field. In Toronto, the Introduction to Natural Running presentation audience included representatives from Adventure Guide, Sojourn Outdoors, as well as the editor-in-chief and gear editor for Canadian Running Magazine.
Everyone was given the opportunity to try on a VIVOBAREFOOT Evo for the night and we all headed out to Skeleton Park to practice some Natural Running skills and exercises. For some it may be a specific aspect of their posture, using hamstrings vs hip flexors, or relaxing a certain area of their body where they hold tension.
Alongside their extensive selection of running shoes and impressive array of minimalist footwear options, that presentation was less formal than the previous day’s as the staff was all very well versed in running technique. In addition to the In-Sport staff, the group included two special guests, Martin and Francois, who are both extremely accomplished Montreal runners.
After the presentation, we had a lovely volunteer demonstrate her running form on the treadmill (thank you Shannon) and we all practiced our barefoot walking skills. It is a fun element of coaching to pick up on what skill each person needs to develop and to figure out an exercise that will help them improve it.
At the end, we discussed some of the finer points of coaching and the differences between some of the various minimalist footwear brands. We finished the night with a discussion on how to transition to Natural Running slowly and safely.
Following the Sports4 coaching event, we headed out on the road again that night to Montreal. As a group, we then practiced our posture skills with barefoot walking and squatting, rhythm skills with jumping, and then I worked individually with the volunteers on the treadmill. After the presentation, we packed up the van and headed out to Kingston for the second of the day’s coaching events.
The whole day was fabulously fun spent with a wonderful group of people who made me feel like family.

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