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After 11 years at Everton (He was the 2003, 2005 and 2009 League Managers Association Manager of the Year) and following Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement as Manchester United manager after 26 years in the position, Moyes was appointed his successor since the 1st July 2013. We interviewed three Principals who were leading their school’s development by a strategic and sustained approach to coaching conversations and skills.
Linda, the Principal of a School for Special Purposes (SSP), wanted to build distributed leadership. Principals were asked whether any particular elements or aspects of the coaching model stood out as being important. I think one of the best things that anyone involved in school leadership can do is to get someone to support them.
The problem is that since school leadership is a very particular type of job, it’s often hard to find support that really gets what you’re going through. There’s a huge learning curve involved in being a school Head, especially when you first start out.
And that’s not even considering the isolation that comes when you’re worried about the people above you looking for a reason to replace you at every OFSTED inspection. Even if you’re unfamiliar with the terminology, I bet you know this type of situation really well. There are loads of requirements, criteria, and qualifications you have to have before you can become a school leader … and then there’s the whole world of hidden expectations that come with the job that no one ever tells you about. People will tell you things like “It’s lonely at the top”, and you’ll see those “Super-Heads” who seem to have it all together, but believe me when I say they’re all myths! When things start to get overwhelming, think about why you got into education to begin with, and try to do something connected to that, even if it’s just going to watch the kids playing outside during break time for a few minutes. After a long day at school, the last thing on earth you want to do when you get home is find something else that takes up your energy.
Are you a Head teacher who’s ready to finally make a real, lasting difference in your school ?

Can three hours change your life, help you get admitted to your college of choice, and reduce your stress in the process?  Absolutely!
High school students are invited to learn how to write a winning college application essay in this two-part class that has proved as helpful as it is popular. Effective school leaders help develop school cultures that embody shared values and beliefs and promote caring and trust among all members (Leithwood and Riehl, 2003).
Each of them had initially been interested in coaching for their own professional development but soon saw the potential it held for a broader way of working with all staff in the school. In all three schools it had become easier for Principals and executive to give feedback on performance because they had learned how to do this as part of their coach training. A fundamental belief in the potential of staff, rather than their limitations, guided this process.
Whether that’s a coach, a mentor, or a counsellor; it’s crucial to have someone who’s got your back.
If your source of support doesn’t realise that this is going on for you, they’re not going to really be able to be there for you through all the stress, fear, and uncertainty that comes along with growth. It’s hard to find people you can really share openly about the job with — even fellow Heads are often reluctant to open up about what’s going on beneath the surface. While your support may understand cognitively that you’re feeling isolated, it’s not the same as having someone who’s been through it. You’re told what to do via top-down commands, and you have very little control over the outcomes, which makes you feel resentful and totally disempowered. If your source of support isn’t clued in to these requirements, you’ll be left trying to explain them to him or her as you’re figuring them out yourself, which is no good. But it’s important to have some variety in your day, and to be able to really relax and enjoy yourself. Her supportive, clear and effective techniques evolved from her experience in counseling, teaching college English, and 30 years of professional writing as an award-winning journalist and essayist.

Moyes started his career at IBV Vestmannaeyjar playing a half season with the youth team in 1978. Each of these Principals had participated in one of growth coaching international’s coach training programs. Margaret, in a newly established school where building a whole school vision was a priority, saw this as critical. As Margaret said, “The real power of it was when it started to trickle down with Head Teachers talking to their staff.
It can also place demands on the school’s professional learning budget to meet the costs of training and in some cases, of one-on-one coaching of executive as a follow-up to training, to assist in embedding coaching into leadership practice.
Given that so many people find it hard to give effective feedback, this is a critical skill area for professional learning.
When in you’re in this kind of “can’t win for losing” situation, it can be hard to explain to your support exactly how to help you, because it seems like there’s nothing you can really do about anything. Moyes enjoyed a career that encompassed playing at a number of different clubs, beginning at Celtic, where he won a championship medal and made 24 league appearances. He then played for Cambridge United, Bristol City, Shrewsbury Town and Dunfermline Athletic before ending his playing career with Preston North End.
Coaching is about helping others take responsibility for issues rather than offering solutions.
He became a coach at Preston, working his way up to assistant manager before eventually taking over as manager in 1998, his first managerial position.

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