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Thanks to my years of experience leading sales training programs, I have used my knowledge to coach thousands of individuals and groups as a professional motivational speaker. Regardless of your experience in any of these four areas, there's always room for improvement.
I've served as a motivational speaker for more than 500,000 people over the years, and each person who has attended my motivational sales training seminars has benefited from my skills and expertise.
Specialty Retired from a career as a Human Resources Generalist with a specialty in planning and implementing training programs with an emphasis on Excellent Customer Service. Focused on Success with Dave Romeo, a new television series will debut May 26, 2016 on Lancaster Community TV. The 30-minute program will feature entrepreneurial underdog success stories about business owners in the Susquehanna Valley area of Pennsylvania. Diane Dayton, host of Behind the Lines (BRC 11) and owner of Dayton Communications is executive producer of Focused on Success with Dave Romeo. We knew there was room for improvement in our company, and in order to improve changes needed to be made. Since our initial coaching sessions with Lynne, we have strengthened as a team, started to successfully implement our new program, and are busier than ever! Are you tired of just putting your head down and ploughing through the day … day after day after day?
Create a SOLID profit margin … to weather every economic climate, especially the one they’re predicting now? Lynne and then talking to the people she has worked with, and hearing their stories really pumped me to do it. Throughout the year we offer our members unique opportunities to attend clinics with leading experts in fields such as: nutrition, aerodynamics, recovery, race strategy, motorpacing, Ironman strategy and more. The clinic will start off with video taping (above and underwater) as participants are warming up in the pool. Once you turn onto Academy Drive off of Route 60, take it 1 mile to the very end, past several academic buildings and the tennis courts.

You can improve your organization’s productivity, precision and effectiveness with our streamlined and enriching programs.
I've spent more than three decades perfecting my approach as a public speaker and salesperson myself. From motivational sales training advice to executive business and leadership coaching seminars, you will see positive results. Whether it's cold calling or closing a sale, my sales management and motivational training courses provide the fail-safe topics and techniques you need to succeed. From business coaching to sales management training, I've helped individuals and groups working in all sorts of industries reinvent themselves and their approach to sales, and I can help you do the same as well!
Season one will have six episodes, each to air approximately 15 times per month starting in June, 2016. Dave Romeo, owner of Dave Romeo Seminars & Coaching is a motivational speaker and author. While I know many people who feel they are Master Networkers, no one has been able to earn that title since my contest began in April, 2015. The notice for the Trade-Contractors’ Business Strategies Training workshop addressed some of the issues we were facing, so we attended the workshop.  Listening to how things could be made it easy to make the decision to work with Lynne. Lynne has developed a reputation for helping small business owners and contractors realize their potential with her business analytical and coaching services. Whether Professional Business Coaching or Life Coaching, Lynne's proven method will INCREASE your PROFIT and INCREASE your INCOME, while INCREASING your FUN!
Past speakers have included: Steve Hed, Allen Lim, Tim DeBoom, David Zabriskie and Heather Fink to name just a few. VQ strives to provide our members with unique insights from experts in the endurance sports field.
Do you want to know drills that will help you “self-correct” instead of repeating the same-old same-old over and over again? Then we will make observations, provide feedback, and do drill work, offering feedback throughout. There will be a maximum of 20 swimmers allowed.

Our seminars and workshops deliver the information and facilitate skill developmentthat your employees want and need.
I share the secrets to sales success a€“ from foolproof cold calling scripts and strategies to the most effective ways of closing the sale a€“ in my motivational sales training seminars, sales management training programs and executive business coaching courses. For example, my cold calling approach involves many unique strategies, including simple sales training techniques that generate a 75 percent response rate! As a respected public speaker who shares the secrets of effective sales training programs, I can help you and your sales team today.
From creating systems, such as regular training sessions, time set aside specifically for business development – time to work on things like staffing policies, contract revision and updates, etc. This is your lucky day! On Sunday April 3rd, from 3-4pm, Marcia Cleveland and Andrea Rudser-Rusin will conduct a one-hour clinic at Lake Forest Academy.
The pool is in the northwest section of the athletic building, under the 8 panels of frosted glass windows. Enter the locker room and proceed to the pool.
The show provides viewers with coaching lessons to apply in their own lives and businesses, and turn their mistakes into masterpieces. Check our schedule frequently to stay abreast of the Vision Quest Clinic and Seminar Schedule. In their often quirky, sometimes humorous, and always hands-on method, Marcia and Andrea will be in the water with you teaching, correcting, and informing all participants how to swim better. Lynne’s persistence is what really helps us achieve these results.  She doesn’t let a topic go until decisions are made and plans created and the implementation organized in our agendas.
Get ready to get submerge yourself in this great opportunity to work with VQ’s Finest Swim Coaches.

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coaching seminars 2014

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