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Coaching Techniques Definition : To allow individuals to realize their potentials and capabilities without demoralizing them.
Often the difference between the two types can actually become a difference in terminology and expertise. As we’ve seen, coaches may or may not be formal, and in fact some coaches may be performing these tasks naturally and providing valuable guidance simply by behaving in a way which comes naturally to them.
In a business environment, it can be helpful to act as a mentor, passing on solid experience to the mentee, whilst at the same time using coaching techniques to help the mentee to find their own route to achievement, within the best practice of the mentor’s knowledge.
Request that the mentee describe how the task would have been performed differently if the score had be a 10. Welcome to TYB, I enjoyed your post, especially the difference between coaching and mentoring – there are clear differences.
It is important to acknowledge our own biases and to separate them from the coaching process. It is interesting to see how a big publishing house like Random House is investing heavily into global ebook distribution. Thanks Niall – it took me a while to put the monster together so hope it provides value. What’s the Importance Of The 3 C’s In Business – Communications, Coaching And Counseling?

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I mean that unlike on the sports field, coaches might not even know that they’re coaching people.
When we look at this, we realise that each group can learn from each other, and, more importantly, we can all learn from the methods, orientation and success of coaches to improve the success of our team members, or in fact anyone in the organisation. A mentor uses his or her expertise in the field to guide others along a path which they know, from their own experience, will be successful. These people coach others towards success through helping them identify their own values, align goals to these, and then self-analyse in order to modify performance and behaviour to achieve success. Dedicated to business success by putting the customer first.Salesperson, sales leader, sales trainer.
This is why I always recommend that new coaches create and use a reflective journal as part of their own personal development. While making sure that you have the infrastructure (finance, staffing and such) in place is certainly a part of this, it is also important for the emotional infrastructure to be put in place. The reactive habit is definitely a tough one to break – and can be very dangerous to a small business.
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What they are doing, however, is guiding others towards success by using the right ideas, words and motivators to help others to achieve success.

This is either their job, or part of another role, and they’ll be thinking a lot of the time about the steps needed to bring others to certain goals.
In a sales situation, for example, the mentor might accompany the mentee to sales meetings, then de-brief afterwards to suggest areas for improvement, in a structured way, based on the mentor’s own experience as a salesperson.
It is not necessary for a coach to have any expertise in the field in which they’re coaching – the task is instead to ask pertinent questions and give valuable feedback to the client to enable that person to identify the steps needed to be successful. Neil is director of Naturally Sales Ltd, which helps businesses around the world to sell more through improved sales, leadership, customer service and team-work.
In this way, the mentor passes on his or her expertise to the mentee, guiding the mentee towards success. A great compilation Sian, and thank you for introducing other blogs and sites that are helpful for businesses globally. Instead they either get satisfaction from helping others towards achievements, or they realise that in order to reach wider business goals, they need others to be performing at their best.

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