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Coaching a Little League team can also be extremely difficult for those who underestimate the importance of preparation and education. Baseball Zone helps you plan practices quickly, giving you a solid practice plan in no time. Coaching the Little League® Fielder is filled with drills, sidebars, and special tips to help coaches and parents teach their Little Leaguers all the basic defending skills. Whether they're in the outfield or infield, players will learn how to field ground balls, shag flies, pitch defensively, and even strategize team defense. Those who are former players and avid MLB fans also need the proper preparation and education to be a successful Little League coach. Success should not be measured in wins and losses but rather the overall experience that can be provided  to the team.
Three areas that can be problems for a new Little League coach are running a practice, understanding Little League rules, and ability to recognize and utilize basic Little League strategies. This is just not appropriate for a young team comprised of mostly 10, 11, and 12 year olds. There is no need for excessive warm up drills because players of this age have young muscles that will not require much warming up.

For example, two coaches can run infield drills, a third coach can run outfield drills, and a fourth coach can run a bullpen secession with a pitcher and a catcher. Practice should be held at least twice a week before the season starts and at least once a week when the season starts.
The same practice shouldn't be run every week but aspects of practice can become routine. Examples of this would be a 15 minute break after the first hour of practice, taking a lap around the field to begin or end practice, talking about the upcoming week's games at the end of practice, etc. Creating solid rituals and routines for your team will give the young players the organization and structure that they need.Tip #4 Planning Practices in AdvanceOne of the worst things a new Little League coach can do at a practice is simply not know what to do next.
The new coach has just completed a great batting practice with the team that has lasted about an hour and there is an hour left in practice. Always plan ahead because practice time is valuable time that should never be wasted.Tip #5 ImprovisingOnly five players showed up to practice this week and you are thinking about sending them home. Run a small batting practice, run some small drills, or have a game of hits, runs, and errors.
You may not have time at every practice to practice advanced skills like executing a proper rundown, stealing bases, delayed steals, double steals,etc. Trying players in different positions should be a big part of the practice plans for several reasons.

Trying everyone at every position will help a new coach to see exactly what they have.This concept should be revisited throughout the season because some players just take a little longer to blossom. It is also fair and will help prevent players and parents from complaining about not getting treated fairly.Tip #9 Problem SolvingPractice is where a coach can directly address problem areas that will certainly pop up. If the team lost a game during the week due to a lot of base running errors then a practice with a concentration on base running would certainly be in order. Individual problems can also be addressed like mechanical problems with a swing, pitching mechanics for a wild pitcher, or even behavior.
Practice is a perfect time to address problems that there is just not enough time to address during the games.Tip #10 The Fun FactorThe most important tip that a new Little League coach should follow is just allowing the kids to have some fun during practice.
Maybe during a practice at the end of the season, practice can end early so the kids can go over to the ice cream truck that pulls over in front of the field each week.

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coaching tips for little league baseball

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