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Coaching tools assist your client in expanding perspective and gaining knowledge of where to shift and change to make the greatest impact toward their goals. More people are familiar with the concept.Quite simply it means partnering with the client to help reveal the answers that lie within themselves to bring about positive change. Dieting without support is a fight - against obesity, against society, against your own body - against all parts of yourself. Before starting the Dukan Diet Weight Loss Program, consult your physician or other healthcare professional.
Dukan Coaching is the only weight loss coaching that is truly personalized for permanent weight loss. The heart of Dukan Diet coaching is a unique Daily Email Return Technology system, an interactive loop that helps us keep in touch with you. The Slimming Apartment is your own personal space, with your secret corner, kitchen, lounge and gym.

We offer a unique and comprehensive weight loss coaching program, which includes the first three phases of the Dukan Diet, to reach and consolidate your True Weight. Ruth partnered with her daughter Jennie Antolak and together they developed an innovative and effective process that is now utilized throughout the world. The struggle to regain the slimmer body you deserve is too often unsuccessful as 8 out of 10 people who start a diet eventually regain the lost weight within a year. We tailor our approach to your profile and lifestyle, which is essential to your long term success. Every evening you will report about your day - your physical activity, weight and measurements, motivations, frustrations, food lapses and any foods you miss. We commit to see you through to consolidation of your True Weight and we will not abandon you in the moment you would most need support.A successful diet is one where you don’t regain the lost pounds!
Dukan has created his weight loss coaching program to help you put an end to being overweight, forever.

This program is not intended for people with diabetes dependent on insulin, who have eating disorders, problems with renal heart failure, depression, or for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Before you start Dukan coaching, you will need to find your True Weight, then answer 80 questions that will help us precisely define your program in detail. Every morning you will receive precise instructions based on your answers from the night before. This is why the price of your personalized diet coaching program is defined after calculating your True Weight. If it takes more time to reach your True Weight, we will keep assisting you and will extend your program at no additional cost.

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coaching tools company nl

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