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After my last post “10 Steps to Getting off the Hamster Wheel” my friend Lynn, who writes this awesome blog Not Drinking Coffee, suggested that I write about why I decided to take the step to change my life and follow my dreams. I only used to be on the computer during work, hardly ever in the evenings and never on the weekends.
So in order to gain some balance towards simple I’m making some changes. I’m going to start scheduling in quiet time and social media time. I don’t know if doing those simple changes is the answer to slowing down my days and once again remember what day it is, but I do know that being more intentional with my time and creating a better balance can’t be a bad thing. Isn’t it funny if you forget your phone you will turn the car right round & go get it!!
I always kept my options open and worked various jobs and freelanced so that I would have plenty of time to go travel and play. Because despite living a great life it is also not a life I can see myself in decade after decade. But eventually you just need to say enough is enough and figure out a way to change your life and start designing it in a way that is authentic to you.
I kick people in gear, help them get stuff done and show them how they can work less and play more, because life's too short to sit in an office all day!

Then as the world advanced the days started to get more busy, more complicated and exhausting. Thinking about iPhone free days, that will be a challenge for me ?? I need to plan my time more carefully, I haven’t figured it all out yet, but some changes are happening.
Some days I am so buried in the day-to-day paycheck to paycheck mentality that it’s impossible to see the forest through the trees.
I think a big part of why we now feel like this is because of something called smartphone, social media and endless amount of emails.
It gives me a lot of flexibility but it doesn’t allow me to go travel for months at the time. Plus once accustomed to making a certain amount of money it’s hard to think of going back to “college day broke” and the inconsistent income freelancing or starting a business will bring so the tug-a-war of what you should do starts. Other days when the weather gets warm, or I get outside, or I have a particularly tough day at work, I am able to step back and think about what it is I want next. I’m going to train work not to expect an email response in seconds but it’s okay to wait an hour. During this process it’s so easy to focus on what you have instead of focusing on what you could have.

For many of us our schedules has gotten so busy we even have to schedule in seeing friends.
I hardly ever sent a text and email was still new enough it didn’t jam up your inbox. That in itself is the hardest part ?? So my strategy is to have as many possible irons in the fire at once…not to count on the day job and to always be thinking of that next idea. Eventually though something wins and gives you that nagging feeling that won’t give up even when you try to ignore it. The old world filled with fun and play and the new world that flies by in the speed of light because you’re so busy working almost every week out of the year!

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coaching tools wheel of life 2014

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