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The course is structured so that each segment covers the neccessary theory, as well as demonstrations and practical exercises. November 17, 2012 by Fred Phillips 3 Comments There are thousands of coaching training activities that can be utilized to help expand your coaching expertise, skill, and knowledge. Here is a selection of three great coaching training activities that can be used when mentoring or training other coaches.
By the way… you’re invited to claim your FREE step-by-step “Master Coach Blueprint” video toolkit. Dat Building Bridges u een compleet pakket kan aanbieden bewijst het feit dat u voor training en coaching bij ons ook aan het juiste adres bent.
Lilian Grummel kan naast de trainingen ook coaching op maat geven aan startende teamleiders, supervisors, managers en overige medewerkers. Coaching is all about getting the best out of your people by inspiring and motivating them for change.
We can mentor your marketing staff with on-the-job coaching or transformation to improve effectivenes.We also facilitate in-company marketing training sessions or workshops to help you with your specific business case. Help with alignment of your marketing activities in times of acquisitions, marketing department integrations or change of business strategies.
All our courses put a strong emphasis on procedural learning: rather than lecturing, short introductions are given to each segment, followed by extensive practical work in pairs or threes. You will explore and experience rather than 'learn' the foundations and essence of coaching.
Different activities help with different aspects of coaching and it is important to try many different ones.

These exercises or activities are not only great for teaching and training coaches, they can also be implemented in your coaching practice and used with your clients. Use this one, called Instructions, to teach coaches how to clearly and competently give instructions. Building Bridges kan trainingen ontwikkelen voor uw organisatie, ze uitvoeren, ze via train de trainer overdragen aan uw trainers en een volledig trainingsontwikkelplan nalaten voor uw toekomst.
Al velen gingen u voor, zodat Building Bridges u maatwerk kan leveren, waarbij begeleiden, groeien en verbeteren duidelijk terug te vinden zijn. Coaching programs or sparring sessions about those sides of the job that were never part of the job description.
Whether your coaching practice is broadly defined or you exist in a narrow niche, becoming the best coach you can be requires many different skills and an expansive body of knowledge.
In this activity, coaches select a work-related issue and then are asked a series of predetermined questions.
Poor performance can relate to any aspect of coaching – not enough clients, not making enough money, poor results with clients, career dissatisfaction, etc.
In most aspects of coaching, you should be helping clients find their own answers instead of telling them the solutions, but there are times you need to instruct client how to perform a task or do an exercise – “Instructions” will help with that. Clients need to know that they will be working with someone who is dedicated to the profession. De trainingen en coaching worden op een effectieve manier gegeven, zijn helder, verhelderend en begrijpelijk. Together we determine the objectives of the coaching program and what you would consider to be satisfying results.

What do you want your company to be known for, and how do you convince your customers and employees of that? A constant pursuit of new knowledge is essential in the coaching industry and learning new tricks of the trade will keep your practice fresh and innovative. Coaching and Training can be done individually or in a group setting, at your offices or ours.
Questions are designed to determine goals, assess the current environment (the reality), and delve into the potential options.
These three super coaching training activities will help you grow as a coach and add something new to your coaching practice.
This provides an atmosphere conducive to problem solving because none of the problems are discussed in relation to a specific person. If someone brings in a digital camera, they will need to teach everyone in the class or seminar how to use all features of that camera. This exercise is one of the most enjoyable and interesting coaching training activities and can expose some of the weaknesses we all have when attempting to instruct others about how to do something for which we already have the knowledge.

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coaching training activities games

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