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This Certificate in Wellness Coaching looks at balancing needs, personal effectiveness and sense of self-fulfillment for clients in their personal and professional lives. In the work-place, there is a high demand and an urgency for individuals and clients to be well.
We are still learning so much about how we operate as humans, the latest research on how the brain works is allowing us as coaching professionals to tailor our language, strategies and skills to support our clients overall health and well-being. Our Wellness Coaching Training is a structured one-to-one process to help clients look at and create a healthy balance in their lives leading to a better sense of well being and satisfaction.
Are you aware of how your brain is functioning  – does it currently enable or disable your well-being ? If you need some answers to the above questions – then this course will definitely  be for you.
This workbook with tasks and exercises is specifically aimed at the Indian subcontinent; it is suitable for both experienced Indian professionals and those who are relatively new to an international role.
It is designed to be a training workbook to be used in a corporate or MBA seminar; it will also be useful to a globally active Indian keen on developing intercultural competencies. This resource book is a start on the journey of cultural appreciation for everyone communicating, negotiating, and collaborating with Indians. This 5-day course will comprise a full Appreciative Inquiry into our collective experience of Appreciative Inquiry and Coaching. Individuals who participate in all 5 days of the AICT and complete & submit a practicum are eligible for certification as an Appreciative Coach. The Appreciative Inquiry Coaching Training is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) for Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEUs). Have attended an International Coaching Federation accredited course within the past 2 years or hold a commensurate professional coach training qualification.

Participated in an Appreciative Inquiry Foundations course (with a minimum of 26 classroom hours) and have submitted documentation of your experience while on your AI journey to a panel of AI practitioners from the Center for Appreciative Inquiry to review.
This Appreciative Inquiry coaching course is highly experiential – each participant pairs up with a coachee and a coach to practice and experience the skills demonstrated by the trainers. Experiencing Appreciative Coaching: inquire into the essence of ‘Appreciative Coaching’ by learning from our own collective best experiences of when Appreciative Inquiry, and coaching, is at its best. DEFINING the Positive Topic: Devote ourselves to Defining the Topic as well as establishing a coaching agreement (or multi-level ‘contract’) with the client.
DISCOVERY into the Topic: Learn to facilitate an evolving discovery of the client’s Positive Core and its implications for the future while maintaining the client’s focus on the ‘ideal future’. DESIGNING a Provocative Proposition: Convert the client’s vision into a roadmap by constructing powerful provocative propositions that are bold, affirmative, and provoke action. DESTINY: Explore living into the preferred future through on-going discovery, dream and design.
We start each day on time and work diligently to maintain the schedule, honoring the commitment to the learning experience. It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of page when looking at its layout. I was watching an interview with the West Bromwich Albion manager, Tony Mowbray on my favourite channel, Sky Sports News.
Please feel free to post your comments and share your thoughts with myself and the rest of the Soccer Tutor community. With the imbalance of too much stress and not enough coping skills,  we are at serious risk of being change averse and unable to deal with every day challenges.
This relationship cultivates new possibilities, health and fulfillment, accelerating us to our highest and deepest good.

Together we will explore and experience each of the 5 D’s as it relates to one-on-one relationships. Through the affirmative framework of Appreciative Inquiry, discover how to deepen and enhance both your personal sense of yourself as well as your skills for generative one-on-one conversations. The Supervised Practicum and Narrative Summary must be completed within one year of the AICT you attend. We have found full participation to be the most productive for the participants and the trainers. Coaches will learn how to use the AI process, originally designed for use with an organization, system or group, as a process for coaching someone one-on-one. Your trainers will provide theoretical input (supported by audio-visual material) to enhance your experience. What ever the reason – it is having a huge toll on the individuals and is an enormous  cost to employers and businesses in low productivity.
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