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Being the holiday season of office parties,  Secret Santas, and gift lists for all those who have been naughty and nice, the practice of "re-gifting" gets a  somewhat of a bad wrap. We have a responsibility to pass on what we may have learned from an older generation to the younger generation. There was a trend for a while in the cutthroat world of coaching that coaches were becoming a little secretive and were not as willing to share as the generations before them. When a novice coach struggles, slips up, or if things really hit the fan they need someone to turn too.
Safe means understanding, non-judgmental, and the ability to help coaches talk through a problem to come up with their own answers.
Helping these young coaches make it through the first few years may put them on the path to long-term success. Recently I was shopping and ran into a youth baseball coach I had when I was 15 who I had not seen since that time. After a 20 minute or so conversation while we blocked the aisle in the store, I realized he may have a very early mentor of mine. If coaches coach as if they are developing other coaches, they are going to end up with smart teams and teams that are prepared.
What all these men were very comfortable doing was sharing the knowledge they were given by others and giving it to the next generation of coaches, leaving it in quite capable hands. Related Holding David's Slingshot: Are Southampton FC Legit EPL Title Contenders or Nah? Underdogs no longer, these teams have disrupted decades-long balances of power by beating down on their former oppressors. In recent years, the Hawks and Southampton eschewed their expensive stars to thirsty teams for opportunities to build more complete squads. To the same effect, Southampton dumped Adam Lallana, Dejan Lovren, and Rickie Lambert last summer when Liverpool offered $77 million for the lot. The Hawks, a cultureless, long-time lost-for-love symbol of Eastern Conference mediocrity, could use the bump in sex appeal too. In terms of leadership, one cannot ignore the two groups of men responsible for how far the Hawks and Southampton have gone thus far. Budenholzer and Koeman, simply put, represent two of the finest sporting minds on the planet. This is especially true in the coaching profession.  If seasoned coaches all accept the challenge to nurture a younger coach we can help those coaches flourish. I got the sense some felt that helping someone else improve wold somehow make their star shine less bright.
I wrote about a few of them in the multi-part piece on Developing a Coaching Philosophy and I have had others as well.

Sometimes you just need to know where to get the keys when you forget yours, what to do when the bus or referees don't show up, or how to find out how to process a check. There are times when that coach may not want to go ask a superior because they may feel it could be a sign of weakness or ineptitude. Have you ever heard the saying, “Your best ability is your avail-ability?”  Being available to coaches who need help is the simple first step. Safe does not necessarily mean telling the “men-tee” what you think is wrong, or even recognizing that a mistake may have been made. I looked similar enough that I knew exactly who he was, but put 35+ years on a 15 year old and not many would recognize him. Head coaches could give their assistants responsibility ion practice, games, and the off season to help them grow as well.  If those coaches actually become head coaches down the line, that coach may develop a “coaching tree” that will pass the knowledge on from generation to generation. They recycled that money to sign eight players, including half of their new-look defense, their new leading goalscorer, and new their leading assist man. Before taking over the Hawks in 2013, Budenholzer had been on the Spurs’ staff since 1994, starting as a video coordinator before joining the bench as an assistant in 1996. SokolowskiThrough their respective coaching educations, Budenholzer and Koeman never learned how to lose. Far too many coaches with tremendous potential leave the game before they even have an opportunity to become good. I believe we are starting to see that trend reverse a bit and coaches are realizing that helping others is a noble thing to do. People entering the coaching profession should not only seek the older, wiser coaches to soak up some knowledge from, but also have some peer mentors. Other times it's some help with some real issues and not always is another coach, who may be your superior, the easiest one to go to. Mentors who provide a safe place for young coaches to come to for guidance are golden to the next generation. The most effective and long-lasting solution is to guide them down the path of discovering the answer to their own problem.  It is important to be honest and to try to stretch the individual to be better and solve problems on their own, as opposed to just giving some laundry list of potential answers.
Prior to that season I had the typical “Coach-Dad” we see in most youth sports organizations. I’m pretty fortunate to have a tree I am thankful for, I coached fro a great Division III coach at Pomona-Pitzer name “Charlie Kat’.
In Atlanta, the likes of Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, and Marvin Williams were all either traded for things that teams actually wanted (like draft picks and expiring contracts) or allowed to walk. I had a few coaches that were coming up at around the same time and we would bounce ideas around all the time or assist each other with the same kind of growing pains we were having ourselves..
Southampton, with 14 wins in 26 EPL matches, sit in fifth place, just one point behind Manchester United for fourth place and its Champions League riches.

After starting the season 1-3, the Hawks lost only twice in December and went undefeated in January, winning a franchise record 19-straight during the stretch. In their place are 2015 All-Stars Paul Millsap and Kyle Korver, along with floor-spacing swingman DeMarre Carroll—all picked up at a total cost of $18 million this season. Snagging the Conference’s top seed and making a formidable playoff run could make Atlanta an alluring destination to top free agents and trade targets, or at the very least, a place to think about.
At Southampton, a Barcelona pedigree and La Masia-level of sophistication is being whipped up by manager Ronald Koeman and director of football Les Reed.
Often times, when coaches who have premature exits to their careers they say it was because they just did not have someone to turn to in times of need. I remember a fairly wise and worldly English teacher  who used to help me with issues all the time.
Part of my job was to spell it phonetically for the game announcer prior to pre-game introductions.
These two teams have taken full advantage of the ineptitude of their rivals, making shrewd and subversive trades, hires, signings, and philosophical decisions to set themselves up for success.
Southampton beat Sunderland 8-0 early on, went through a rough patch of five straight losses, then immediately rebounded by taking 16 of their next 18 points, beating Arsenal and Manchester United, and drawing against league leaders Chelsea in the process. A once-young core of Al Horford and Jeff Teague are only on their second contracts and are now entering their primes. They’ll have cap space for a max contract this summer, and unlike previous years, they stand to be in a more attractive position than they were when Dwight Howard and Chris Paul each delivered the fade. Dutch totaalvoetbal and Popovich-ball both value positional fluidity, ball movement, and efficient shots. He was also a lower level high school coach at the time, later became a local head coach, and to this day is a Junior College Head Coach - so he was in it for the long haul. These can be radical concepts to teams that rely on hero ball, but the Hawks and Southampton aren’t about any one individual.
I realized he just may have planted the seed that this coaching thing may be a pretty decent thing to get into. Popo coached with Larry Brown in San Antonio after spending time with him at Kansas, while Brown played and coached for Dean Smith of North Carolina.

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