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Founded by Susan Hobson, A Princeton Graduate and former National Women’s Hockey League player, Elite High Performance Coaching is not your typical coaching service.  Committed to achieving excellence, Susan will stop at nothing to help you achieve your performance outcomes. Coach Susan Hobson has helped hundreds of clients like you achieve great results like these. She has extensive Caribbean research, consulting and teaching experience, having been at UWI since 1980.
Her research is focused on genetic population structuring and biological assessment of oceanic pelagic and coral reef species in the Caribbean, and their implications for management. She has undergraduate and postgraduate teaching experience in a broad range of marine biology, biodiversity and management courses and wide experience in supervision of postgraduate students.

Sales Coaching for Managers is sales management training specifically designed for team leaders who want to take their organization’s performance to The Next Level. The best salespeople already know all the tricks of the trade, and the best organizations are shifting their focus from the art of selling to the art of training and coaching their sales teams.
Of special interest are the ecological, social and economic impacts of different fishery management options including the use of marine protected areas. The Next Level’s sales management training program gives sales managers and sales leaders specific tactics, step-by-step guidance, and cutting-edge insight on leading their teams to a higher level of performance. Discover the freedom to master the choices you make every single day which bring you closer to personal and professional success.  Susan’s explosive and energetic hybrid-style of mental strength coaching will help you condition your mind, training you how to access up to 90% more resources than you can on your own.

Her considerable consulting experience is in technical fisheries project reviews and tropical marine environmental monitoring and impact assessment.

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coaching your team performance to the next level

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