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Cary says that Track and Field, in essence, is all about angles and levers, proper body position, stretch reflexes, force application and rotational forces.
From the very basics of proper running mechanics, to the most complex technical aspects of a double pendulum in the pole vault, Cary takes us through Track and Field through the eye of a coach. Coaching Tip: Cary and his coaching staff use Coach’s Eye to draw lines to show proper foot alignment when hitting the power position in the middle of the circle, or angles of release.
Cary says this tool reminds him of a TV sports announcers reviewing a play and drawing the lines to show where the action is occurring.  The ability to draw these lines (in multiple colors) and immediately erase them is great for reviewing with athletes, said Cary. Yesterday, November 27 the Android version of Coach’s Eye cranked out its second release of the month with the headline features being Zoom and Direct Sharing to popular destinations. The Masters Golf Tournament brings people from all over the world together, to watch the best players in Golf compete for the prestigious Green Jacket. It’s easy to give on the spot analysis, but creating engaging analysis video is difficult.

Louis, a 3-time Coach of the Year, and a current and former mentor to countless All-State, Division I and All-American athletes.
Cary says that one of the most crucial parts of providing feedback to his athletes is to visually show them their point of error. With Side-by-Side video comparison on a mobile device, athletes can receive instant feedback and get better, faster. To keep the video both engaging and helpful, it’s import to make your feedback direct. If you are training in a facility with low light, consider bumping up the lighting conditions or recording outside.
A self-admitted “non-computer whiz,” he appreciates the user-friendly Coach’s Eye app, with a little help of his coaching assistants. You may even be wondering how amateurs like 14 year old Tianlang Guan can compete with these big names in 2013.

In fact, we’ve found the most engaging and beneficial content, comes from video that is five minutes or less.
Sports videos always look better in their natural setting, so if you have an opportunity to film outdoors take advantage of it! Combining old and new, he uses the basics of the sport along with new technology to enhance his athlete’s ability.

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coachs eye ios 7

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