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So, without waiting any longer, enjoy our interview with Mookie and have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving! The opportunity of connecting passionate athletes with one of life’s most invaluable educators — coaches. When I first visited CoachUp, I was immediately overtaken by the positive atmosphere and having the opportunity to work with selfless individuals who take pride in their service seemed like an obvious choice for me. MN: The first sport that I ever played was basketball, I enjoyed that and still do to this day. MN: Probably would have to say the one time I made it into The Boston Globe for hitting a walk-off home run in high school in the first round of the playoffs. MN: Well, the first time that I learned how to ride a bike was with a girl’s bike and the tires were flat. Ben NadeauSomehow, Ben is a Red Sox, Nets, Packers, Avalanche, and Arsenal supporter -- yeah, it doesn't make any sense to him either.
We’re well-overdue for a new Coach Spotlight in 2016, so we’re excited to add another entry with Coach Jared from New York!
After having a conversation with my mother about it, she suggested going to Yoga classes again. I attended a workshop that Roberta offered for Breast Cancer Survivors and hearing these women speak at the workshop was very enlightening as they had incredible strength and positivity. JP: As an instructor, I give my students stretches and postures they can immediately incorporate into their lives. JP: I specialize in teaching Restorative Yoga to people with life-challenging conditions and injuries.
Oh, and don’t forget to send Jared a message if you’re interested in finding out more about his style and lessons! Boston-based CoachUp makes it easy to find coaches who can offer private coaching for young athletes. CoachUp founder Jordan Fliegel, who played professional basketball in Israel, met Curry a few years ago, and the two connected over their strong belief in the importance of individualized coaching.
CoachUp has signed up more than 13,000 coaches across a variety of sports, such as basketball, soccer, general fitness, and dance.
Fliegel said that his life was changed when his father enlisted the help of a private coach to help him improve in basketball as a teenager. It’s free for athletes to join and free for coaches to apply to join CoachUp (they are then vetted before they can officially join). Mookie is the newest member of the CoachUp Team, but it honestly feels like he’s been here forever. I grew up in Cambridge, MA, went to college at Loyola University in New Orleans and received my BA in International Business.

I remember learning as an athlete how valuable coaches were outside the realm of sports for me. Notorious for injuries, I have to continuously remind myself that I am not competing for an NBA championship. I remember riding up and down the sidewalk in my neighborhood, frustrated that I couldn’t stay balanced. So, if you have a moment, tweet at him, send him a message, or congratulate him the next time you call our support team!
I started taking classes in a beautiful, quiet Yoga studio at the base of a mountain outside of New Paltz. Roberta taught with a great sense of compassion and awareness and I couldn’t get enough.
I encourage my students to apply these techniques to other aspects of their lives, like when they’re at work, waiting for a subway, or in a park. It takes a lot of patience to listen to somebody and it took me many years to learn that people need their time and space to express themselves.
A leading Most Valuable Player candidate, he has also become a part-owner of CoachUp, which operates a website that links a network of athletes and coaches across the U.S.
He wants to help everyone get access to good mentors, and joining CoachUp is part of doing that.
Fliegel credits private coaching for his successful academic and eventual professional basketball career. After getting private coaching, he changed from a mediocre athlete to one that eventually had a successful academic and basketball career at Bowdoin College, and for his professional basketball career that followed.
I enjoy all types of music such as Motown, Reggae, and House to name a few, but I’m a true Hip-Hop head at heart. I remember when I was a kid, on the weekends, me and my next door neighbor would wake up early and have 1-on-1 tournaments at a local playground.
In the spring, I’m still defrosting from the winter, but I love nature walks, mixed in alongside a little golf. Happy Thanksgiving to our whole CoachUp network — our coaches, athletes, and parents are all family members to us, so take a day off from training to spend time with those most important to you!
But, as always, we try to ask questions that will provide background, advice, and potential wisdoms worth taking with you. Taking Yoga classes surrounded by the sounds of nature in this serene setting was very calming and grounding. Then, after one of my classes, I had an incredible feeling come over me, one that told me I needed to become a Yoga Instructor — that Fall I would apply for my 200-hour training and the rest is history. So, harness the courage to change any situation you don’t like in your life — this is where transformation will begin!

There is some really fantastic stuff in there, but how will you use it to motivate your own story or journey?
The site and the iOS and Android apps help coaches manage every aspect of their business, from marketing to scheduling, payment processing, session tracking, feedback, insurance, liability waivers, collection, and alerts. Fliegel later became a private coach to have a similar impact on young athletes, and founded CoachUp to bring high-quality coaching to athletes across the country. The friendships that I built and the lessons that I learned have stayed with me, even after all this time. There are a significant amount of young athletes in the world who only need that extra push to take their game to the next level. During the summer, you can find me at the beach, traveling around the country, or tossing a frisbee at a local park.
At the end of the game I know that this dude left everything on the court and I can respect that in any ball player. Eventually, I took took classes with Roberta Schine, a Breast Cancer Survivor + Kripalu Yoga Instructor.
There’s also a common misconception about Yoga, but, the truth is, everybody could use some in their life. CoachUp also raised a $6.7 million in a Series A round co-led by General Catalyst and Point Judith Capital in 2013. She wasn’t amazed at my flashy, pink bike, but of how passionate I was to learn how to ride. So, without further ado, check out our great interview with Coach Jared and, if you’re in his area, shoot him a message! Roberta focused on teaching Yoga in hospitals to Cancer Survivors and people with life-challenging conditions. Whether you’re old or young, new or an expert, practicing Yoga can be beneficial for everyone. So for those who don’t have access to training wheels, try taking out a little air in the tires and ride on the frames. So, finally, I leave you with this — use this as motivation to get better in whatever you do.

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