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I am seeking opportunities that maximize my strategic thinking, leadership skills, collaborative technology, and entrepreneurial experience. Finance and Business Development Professional Resume ExampleThe following professionally written Finance and Business Development Professional Resume Example is free to download.
Finance and Business Development Professional and related jobs around Hurry, hiring immediately! When you include a standalone skills section on your resume, your readers see claims for your skills and experience, but no context. They might even wonder if you just pulled keywords out of their job posting and plopped them into your resume. Do you really want to waste above-the-jump resume space on information your readers (a) doubt or (b) don’t bother to read? It sounds as though the companies that develop resume parsing software are on to this sham and have moved ahead with more sophisticated algorithms to identify top candidates.

Instead of a skills section, use that valuable resume page space to tell recruiters and the ATS what they want to know, in a manner they find believable.
You can also look at this infographic of resume power words that have produced terrific results for my resume clients. Beyond keywords, check out this peer-reviewed research on what recruiters do and don’t like on your resume. Use your resume to tell your story, not to dump a long list of unsubstantiated, marginally believable keywords on skeptical recruiters and their applicant tracking systems.
After two months of rejection letters on my own, I received three offers within weeks of working with Donna.
Perform comprehensive analysis of company financials, technology roadmaps, competitive positioning, and market share dynamics of potential investments.
You know, the resume section some people carefully craft to include every keyword on the posting for their dream job.

Lack of context causes all but the most naive reader to feel skeptical about what you have written. Thus, from an ATS perspective, the skills section is a weak, outdated strategy that turns you into that person.
They looked at data from millions of job postings to identify the keywords currently in highest demand around the world. Rather, embed them in your narrative summary, job titles, job descriptions, accomplishment statements, descriptions of volunteer work, etc. They will be more believable when you place them in the context of your jobs and other activities.

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collaboration skills resume phrases

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